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Scalp Micropigmentation Reviews

Our scalp micropigmentation reviews are all written by actual clients accompanied by their after photo. These clients are not paid endorsers, nor were they offered a complementary procedure in exchange for their review. Please enjoy reading through our clients’ numerous stories and their path to Mark Weston and his patented system. You are sure to find someone’s story that will identify with your own hair loss situation.

These reviews for Artistry Concepts date back to 2009 and all these clients have received Weston’s one appointment, one session, and one-time-only application. The Weston System® (formerly known as the ACHM2®) is, in fact, a superior method and these reviews prove that Weston’s method stands the test of time.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

P. K. IRELAND March 2016

I hope you’re both well. I thought perhaps people interested in the procedure you offer might appreciate seeing some photos of the results five years down the line. I’m very pleased with Mark’s work and I can personally vouch for its longevity – I had the procedure done in February 2011 and, as you can see, it hasn’t faded at all since. I continue to follow Mark’s after-care instructions to the letter; I apply a good-quality moisturizer twice a day and I am never in direct sunlight without a hat. All the best, Patrick.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

October 2015 Buzz Strickland

Mark’s work looks real and is undetectable. That is why I chose him to do my pigmentation work.

I had some work done by Mark two years ago on the top of my head. Liked it so much that I recently went back to have my sides done. Everything matched perfectly even after two years with pigment he blended to match my skin and hair color.

Saw an old friend over Labor Day weekend. He did not recognize me at first glance. He said you look a lot younger….like you are in your 30s and not your middle 40s. I smiled. I am in my 50’s.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. M. October 2015

I would like to start by saying that this procedure has been life-changing. I am not being overly dramatic when I say that because it has literally changed my everyday life. Prior to the procedure, I would stress over my hair or lack thereof on a daily basis (multiple times a day really) and now every day I wake up totally satisfied with the way my hair looks.

I have read every other testimony and have researched the web site and many others before deciding to actually have this done and what a wonderful decision it has been. I, like many others, have been through so much to combat hair loss like Propecia, Rogaine, 3 hair transplants and multiple concealers. As a 40-year-old, man I have struggled with this issue for nearly 20 years. I only wish Mark was doing the procedure back then so I could have done this sooner. I have spent thousands of dollars on prior treatments and nothing delivered the results like this has. I went from being totally paranoid about my head to totally confident. I would in the past adjust my daily activities around what might or might not affect my hair or affect the concealer in it. Now I have no reservations about anything that I’m doing. Even amongst “friends” and co-workers the ridicule and teasing has completely stopped. I now get so many compliments and feel like I look so much better.

As for my experience with Mark and Gale, it really couldn’t have been much better. Gale never once tried to convince or try to sell me on the procedure. She is all business and knows if you’re ready then this is the place to come. Mark is a true artist and more importantly a real gentleman with a huge heart. He really cares about making a positive impact on people’s lives and he absolutely has on mine. He follows up and makes sure you are totally satisfied. He is as honest as it comes and I consider him more than just the man who performs the procedure, I consider him a friend. I really cannot say enough about Mark and this procedure. It was the best decision I have ever made regarding my hair loss. Thanks again and God Bless you.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. B. October 2015

In 2010, I began reading about hair follicle replication through a tattoo process. The pictures looked great, but naturally I was extremely skeptical. Since I was already having to wear a hat everyday due to the scarring left by surgeries, I convinced myself to go and have a look.

So after many phone calls, studying pictures, and feeling hopeless that were any solutions, I decided to put my faith in the hands of Good Look Ink that claimed they had done many procedures and were having tremendous success with guys that had a lot of scarring. The whole experience was surreal and just seemed so bizarre. At times, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it.

After two procedures, it was obviously not working. My greatest fears were being realized. The pigments were bleeding together under the surface of the skin and the color was turning blueish with some green splotchy areas. It was a disaster.

I kept researching, reading, and making calls. There had to be someone who knew how to do this and make it look good.

Ultimately, I ended up having laser surgery on my scalp to remove all of the poor work that was done. I was desperate. I just wanted to try and camouflage the scarring and look as normal as possible. I didn’t want to keep spending money and having painful procedures.

About a year earlier, I had begun reading about Mark Weston. I read every article I could find about him. He’s a pioneer, has more experience, and through his own R&D, has his own proprietary patents. By the time I finished laser surgery, I had decided, if anyone could help me, it was Mark.

When I met Mark for the first time, I found him genuine and passionate about what he does. He and Gale immediately put me at ease about Mark’s qualifications, experience, and compassion for his clients. I knew I was in the right place.

Mark listened to my concerns and together we mapped out a plan. The procedure was relatively painless and done in a day. It was amazing and just as he described. The points looked like hair follicles and they blended my scars with healthy scalp better than I could have ever imagined. His technique created a perfect blend in my hairline and temple area that is undetectable and totally natural looking.

It has been 6 months now and I am still just as happy as I was on day one. The color is awesome and blends with my natural hair color.

If you are thinning and considering this procedure or if you were left with severe scarring from a previous surgery or an accident, it could dramatically change your life. However, I urge anyone considering such a procedure to tread cautiously. Don’t believe everything you see and read. I fell victim to flashy marketing and broken promises. Don’t make the same mistake.

There is no blurring of the lines when it comes to success or failure with a procedure like this. It will either be a total disaster or an experience that changes you forever. Do not make a decision without talking with Mark Weston.

My deepest gratitude and thanks to Mark and Gale.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. H. October 2015

I had initially gone to Scalp Aesthetics …where they sell you the world and tell you what you want to hear just to take your money. That is what happened to me and initially, I thought it looked good when I left after the 2 sessions they said I needed to complete the look. But after about 10 days…yes, 10 days…the pigment was barely noticeable and by the end of the month, it had totally disappeared. I felt so stupid that I had been taken. When I called and emailed to discuss the issue, I received no responses. They had gotten their money and they apparently had no desire to care about me and my appearance any further. I am a very intelligent guy and I know I am not the only one that has been “taken” in this industry. So to my fellow men out there…do not beat yourselves up for being lied to…that is the provider’s fault and not yours.

The best thing you can do, if you have not already, is find Mark at Artistry Concepts. Mark and Gale are very honest people and they will not pressure you into choosing them. They will simply give you the facts about their process and what Mark can do for you. I urge everyone to review the Artistry Concepts website. There is a mountain of information on the site that does a fantastic job of spelling out everything…from what to look for in a provider, to the process and pigments that Mark uses, etc. Mark is an artist by nature and what I loved most about Mark is that he is a perfectionist when it comes to his art. With Mark, you do not have to worry about a “random” technician doing a half-ass job on your SMP and then sending you out the door. Mark cares about helping people and he does the entire SMP process from start to finish. There are not multiple technicians and there are no return visits to “complete” the process…it is ONE session…not two, not three.

There is always some anxiety when getting SMP done, especially if you have had a bad experience with a previous provider such as myself, but meeting Mark and Gale was a terrific experience. They are very humble and down to earth and talking to Mark felt like reconnecting with a friend…a true friend that really cares about helping you. I cannot thank Mark and Gale enough and I love reading about all of the other stories from the men that they have helped as well. In my honest opinion, Mark is the “Gold Standard” of what this industry should all be about…helping others restore their confidence. Mark does this with dignity and integrity from start to finish.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

P. D. September 2015

I had my first SMP procedure done not at Artistry Concepts but at a different provider which turned out to be a total mess of blue points. Subsequently, when I learned on the internet of Mark Weston at Artistry Concepts with years of professional experience and artistry capabilities, and also that I would be dealing with the very same person performing the procedure, I knew I had made the right choice.

When I arrived at the studio, I found both Mark and Gale to be two very down-to-earth and welcoming people who made me feel at home right away. The sincerity of these genuine individuals towards helping other people to get their appearance right and regain their confidence back was readily noticeable and truly appreciated.

During the procedure, I felt so relaxed and to my surprise, I really enjoyed the genre of music played by Mark, track after track, which set the ambiance in the studio just perfect for me. Moreover, the pain of the ACHM2.5 procedure was a walk in the park when compared to the level of excruciating pain that I had to endure during my previous procedure sessions at the other SMP provider. Moreover, both Mark and Gale are also very sociable people for conversation.

The end result for me was overwhelming and my first reaction was a heartfelt joy and praise for Mark’s artistry because it was just amazing – it exceeds my expectations and anything I had imagined. I was even more astonished by the fact that Mark did it in his own cool natural manner to correct it in just one session. Contrarily, my previous SMP provider had told me that it required a lot of hard work and numerous sessions to get it done when previously performed on a clean scalp canvas.

Indeed, Mark is truly gifted with a natural talent and in my opinion, the outstanding results achieved from my ACHM2.5 procedure (as well as those of the countless others) done by him are real-life exhibits thereof. This is even more so when one considers the increasing number of people that have suffered an incorrect SMP procedure elsewhere and subsequently go to Mark for his expertise and experience because they know that they want only the best in order to get it right at Artistry Concepts when correcting the blunders of another SMP provider.

After such an experience, I really feel privileged for the awesome results attained at Artistry Concepts by Mark and also for all the continuous supportive help from Gale from start to finish.

Many sincere thanks from my heart – Artistry Concepts is simply the best!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. B. May 2015

I am 29 years old and have had an FUE and FUT procedure, as well as SMP with Scalp Aesthetics in 2013. I had done enough research to know that SMP was definitely the way to go, but unfortunately, I fell victim to the contrived marketing and false credentials of Scalp Aesthetics. It is just one of many flourishing SMP clinics whose sole purpose is to make money off of people who don’t know any better, and who blindly trust that everything they are told is true. These clinics are NOT world leaders, first innovators, patent holders, in multiple locations, etc. They say that to get people to fork over thousands in exchange for a subpar SMP procedure that hardly lasts or needs repair. It happened to me and I’m sure too many others.

After booking my procedure with Mr. Weston, I knew that I made the right choice. Once I met him in his office I learned that I am not the only one who has come to him after having the procedure once before somewhere else. However, how can we as customers be sure that these SMP technicians are putting their 100% effort into what they’re doing? That is what truly makes the difference.

After having my procedure done at the end of April, I was floored by the results, and after each day it seems to look better and better. The job that Mr. Weston did actually exceeded my hopes and expectations. He is the true master of this field, a brilliant artist, and genuinely wants to help people. I am so thankful for the job he did, it is literally priceless.

Thank you so much, Mark and Gale!!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

K.S. June 2015

I had the micro scalp pigmentation done a few months ago. I went from having a bald shiny head, to head that looks like it has hair. The color was initially a little light, but I asked if they could darken my head. They did it without giving me a problem. I give them five stars for their work.

If you’re thinking of going to another company to get the procedure done, don’t bother. This guy is the best in the business. The other companies are douches, trying to screw people out of money and make their heads look like shit. Sorry if I hurt some feelings, but I’m just telling it like it is. So leave the rest and go with the best.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. H. June 2015

I am totally amazed at the results I’m walking around without a hat and no more hairpieces thanks to you guys. I appreciate how much you made me feel so much at ease and how you were so understanding of my problem. You are two of the nicest people I have ever met and words can’t express how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Mark, you are the best and have an amazing gift thanks for making me feel so special and all you did for me can’t thank you enough may God sincerely continue to bless you both.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

R.G. April 2015

I am a 50-year-old male who started losing his hair in his early twenties. I pretty much expected it, since my dad was about a 6 on the Norwood (NW) scale. Expecting it and accepting it are two different things, though.

I never accepted it and tried many, many things over the years towards gaining acceptance of it. Those things included having surgeries (i.e., scalp reductions, strip & later follicular unit extractions), applying medicinal topicals, taking pills, using hair replacement systems (an embarrassing chapter in my life), and lastly applying spray-on concealers, which work somewhat effectively, but make a horrible mess of things.

I do have to give credit to my surgeons, particularly the last one who reduced the width and height of existing strip scars and added considerable density to my scalp using FUE techniques not available when I was younger. There was only so much he could do, though. At some point, a person heading hereditarily towards NW6 will exhaust their donor's hair. That eventually happened to me and led to using messy spray concealers for several years.

During a recent follow-up visit with my surgeon after the last of my surgeries, he made me aware of SMP. I had not heard of it before. It caused me to do a lot of research that intrigued me. The research showed that there were only two companies that offered such a service in my area. To make a long story short, I visited one and had them perform SMP on a small area (strip scar) of my scalp as a test to see how well it would hold pigment, etc.

To be fair, it seemed to hold okay for a short test period. I later had FUE grafts placed into the same strip scar area, though, which didn’t let me see how well their pigment would have held up for a longer period. The thing that bothered me about this particular UK franchise company, though, was the technician, although a very nice guy, had SMP applied to his entire scalp that carried a blueish hue, like what you would expect from a body tattoo. It didn’t look real. It didn’t look like hair follicles. It looked like tattoo work, which is probably why he often wore a ball cap, which doesn’t seem appropriate if you are trying to be a model and expand your clientele.

I did not visit the other company based in my area but asked my surgeon for his opinion on them. In short, we shared the same opinion that their website was more cheesy than professional. My surgeon ended up pointing me towards the Artistry Concepts website.

I found the Artistry Concepts website to be very informative and professional. It was laden with very detailed information on the pigments, the process, and the whole experience. It looked like the place to go. Did I really want to go all the way across the nation to have SMP performed, though? Did I really want to buzz cut my hair, something I have never done before? The answer to both questions was, “yes”.

The reasons it is worthwhile to travel so far to have SMP performed include Mark’s vast experience with personally applying the SMP and with developing long-lasting pigments that last for decades. Other places will have technicians with considerably less training and experience perform the work. Their pigment has also not proven to last as long as Mark’s. The other companys' customers will also either experience premature pigment fading and/or pigmentation expansion/spreading, meaning what was originally applied as a relatively small diameter dot, expands to a much larger diameter, fuzzy dot, much like the blot a black marker leaves on a paper towel. You won’t have either problem with Artistry Concepts pigments.

With regard to the need to buzz cut your hair prior to undergoing SMP application, it is necessary. There will be those of you who are apprehensive towards doing it, much like I was initially. However, it needs to be done in order for Mark to get a clear, unobstructed view of your scalp, hair restoration scars (if applicable), etc. You can wear a hat while your hair grows back out to a length Mark recommends will suit you best.

The actual SMP experience at Artistry Concepts was fantastic all the way from initially meeting both Gale and Mark up until after the last dot was applied and I was headed out the door. Both are very personable and make you feel extremely welcome and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, there is some degree of discomfort with having SMP applied. However, it is minimal and was more than off-set with breaks and good conversation. There was never a dull moment during the entire procedure.

Mark is a very interesting person and an exceptionally talented artist. Be sure to ask to see his art (e.g., paintings, etching, and carving) and tattoo portfolios, or some examples of his art work (carvings) displayed in his office. You will be in awe at the intricate detail that goes into his work. He applies that same attention to detail when applying SMP to your scalp, paying close attention when blending into your existing hairline so that there will be a seamless, unnoticeable transition. Nobody will notice where the real follicles stop and the replicated ones begin. I am very happy with the outcome of my experience with Artistry Concepts. I find myself satisfied with my appearance for the first time in many years. Mark & Gale, you are the best and have my sincere thanks.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

A. D. March 2015

First, I want to tell anyone out there thinking about getting SMP done…Mark Weston is the man…why? Because I got my procedures done twice by two different companies, one based in Rochester, New York with a franchise in Atlanta and the other one from Atlanta which it was a hair restoration place that performs SMP. The first company goes by the name of Scalp Aesthetics. SA was the company that performed my first SMP procedure which actually looked good for the first 8 days, then they also told me I had to buy their after care products to use with my SMP. By the 9th day, my SMP just completely faded away to the point where there was no SMP on my head. I almost gave up on SMP but then I tried the second company that goes by the name of Evolve Hair Clinic. These guys said they had to do some correction from my first SA procedure so they charged me extra money, but when Evolve Hair Clinic finished with my procedure, it looked like they just did a retouch on what the first company SA did to me. But after 10 days, it faded the same way as the first one. To make my story short, I did a little more research about SMP pigment that really lasts and that’s when I saw Artistry Concepts’ ACHM2.5. What really convinced me about these people it was that their website answered all my doubt and questions so I went ahead and gave it a try. These people did the ACHM2.5 on my head and I look 10 years younger and it hasn’t faded away and in over three months.

Oh and if you did not know me, you would not even know that I had the ACHM2.5 SMP done on my head. What threw me off is that my SMP procedure from Evolve looked like they just put permanent makeup on top of my skin. But Mark and Artistry Concepts, it looks like little micro hair follicles. That is one of the reasons I’m so happy with Mark’s job on me. Thank you for helping people boost their confidence.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. R. February 2015

Words can’t truly describe the work that Mark Weston has done to restore my confidence in my appearance with my hair. Before I went to Artistry Concepts, I had an FUE transplant done and the outcome from that procedure was a nightmare. I got my FUE procedure done prior to joining the US Army and to endure the amount of embarrassment from my overall appearance from the FUE transplant was something that damaged my confidence and my self-esteem.

After doing months of research on ways to restore my hair, I came across the SMP procedure. The concept of creating the illusion of hair was more feasible, cost efficient and more reliable than any FUE or FUT transplant out in the market. With so many companies talking about how they were the best at performing an SMP procedure, it was difficult for me to determine which was the company to go to. I then I came across a YouTube video of the work from Artistry Concepts. The video displayed amazing results from the ACHM2.5 procedure that I was in awe as to how well the individuals’ appearance was after the procedure. I went to the Artistry Concepts’ website to see further information as to what they had to offer and it was by far the most informative and convincing information hands down. Between the Smart Pigments, using the ACHM 2.5 and even the fact that the very founder himself, Mark Weston, was the person performing all of the procedures, convinced me more than enough.

It’s easy to put out false information on the internet especially when it comes to marketing products or advertising work, but Mark and Gale can easily put any other place that claims to be a better SMP pro to shame. Even if you doubt Artistry Concepts’ ability to provide the best work when it comes to doing an SMP procedure, they put up all the necessary information, paperwork and questions on their website which you can use to ask other SMP clinics about their work. One of the biggest things I look for when it comes to most marketing schemes is to see how much they dog each other out using slanderous tactics, yet throughout Artistry Concepts’ entire website I couldn’t find one negative statement, whereas the other providers I could.

Trust me, research all the SMP clinics that claim to be the first and the best, then use the questions and chart that Mark provides on the Artistry Concepts website and see how well they can answer them. Thanks to Mark and Gale, my confidence is boosted and I feel amazing even my battle buddies in my unit are amazed at my appearance and can’t tell that I got a procedure done.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

T. F. February 2015

I am typing up this testimony to be a witness and offer help to those men who have undergone hair transplant surgery and achieved less than desirable results. In 1993, I began hair transplant plastic surgery. Between 1993 and 1999, I had a total of five procedures costing about $30,000. The results were traumatic. I had unnatural hair that looked like a “chia pet.” It grew straight up and looked like corn rows. It was humiliating to say the least. It caused me issues at work, in my community, and definitely with dating and relationships. I was often the brunt of jokes and ridicule. I eventually gave up and began shaving my head. However, I also had multiple horrific scars on the back of my head that took four plastic surgeries to improve. I had to shave my hair plugs daily. Regarding my scar: at least once a day people would say things like, “My God, what happened to your head?” It never failed, whether on a date or with my daughter or friends. My privacy was invaded constantly to discuss my scars, my bad hair plugs, and to re-live my trauma.

In 2014, one of the most respected plastic surgeons in hair transplantation and restoration in the country referred me to look into scalp micropigmentation. Mark Weston was highly recommended, and I trusted this surgeon when he said that this was the future of hair restoration. However, he told me to be very, very, careful on whom I select, and he would only recommend Mark Weston. After doing my research, Mark Weston was the obvious choice for me.

In August of 2014, I underwent scalp micropigmentation with Mark Weston at Artistry Concepts. The results have been life changing. He not only repaired my hairline, but he significantly improved my scar appearance as well. Now, I am no longer ridiculed for my hair line. I get regular compliments. Rather than daily, I can count on one hand the number times people have even asked about my scars in the last six months. I asked my wife if she thought I looked better now. She said, “No, ten times better, you look amazing.”

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. M. February 2015

Let me start by saying from the bottom of my heart thank you. My name is Monroe and I’ve been battling hair loss since I was 18 years old. It was very life changing. My father was in the hair piece biz so I started wearing hair pieces. They were ok at the time and I wore it well and nobody would notice except yourself. I could not swim or do activities where you would sweat. You were limited on what you could do and I felt like a prisoner in my own head. Anyway I did this for 30 years and the quality of the hair pieces got worse and one that was supposed to last two years only lasted four months.

So one day on the net looking for hair pieces I came across scalp pigmentation. I’ve never even heard of this before and got very excited. The company was **** **** ***, but after researching the company I found a lot of bad reviews and the same with all the other clinics out there. I just felt something shady about them and I’ve always had that internal instinct when something just doesn’t feel right. Anyway I went back to work as I am a US Merchant Marine. I work on commercial ships as an electrician and I do 3 months on 3 months off rotation. After my last rotation, I came home and looked for better hair pieces on the net again.

Then I saw Artistry Concepts. I did not see this the last time I was investigating so I opened their web site and it sounded good. I like that Mr. Weston has been doing this longer than anybody out there and he does the procedure himself. So I started investigating it sounded so good the way he developed the needles himself how they resemble hair follicles. Then all the good reviews one after other I could not find any junk on them and then when I heard he does this procedure for wounded war vets at no cost so it sold me and I just got a good feeling. So I emailed Artistry Concepts and sent my photos in they emailed back with an estimate and said hope we can help with your hair loss. Well, two weeks went by and I heard nothing from them asking me to make an appointment. The other companies would hound me constantly. Anyway I just decided I want to do this with Artistry Concepts so I emailed them back and told them to call me, which they did. I said I’m due back on my ship in about a month can you get me in before this. They were very accommodating. I live in Pennsylvania and I drove down to Key West and made a vacation out of it. When I got there I was greeted byGale. I was very nervous and that’s when Mark came out and assured me everything would be alright and he put me at ease. I just felt I could trust him so away we went he started with my hairline. The pain level is really not that bad as he goes you get used to it, plus talking to Mark as he has a great sense of humor. Me working on ships and Mark being in the Navy we had a lot to talk about.

Anyway, when he finished my hairline he let me take a look I was very excited at what I saw…. a hairline are you kidding me it looked great! We then took a break and walked down the street to the Cuban Restaurant and got some coffee. We came back and started back up he then did my sides and created a whole new side look for me and it looked amazing. By the way I am almost totally bald. Then he filled in the rest of my head, the ACHM2.5 procedure took six hours. When we were finished I was amazed at the results. I said my good bys, and started on my way home. On my way home I sent pictures too my family members. They were also amazed by the results. I finally got home three days later and my wife and daughter were astonished at the results. They said it looked so natural it blew their mind. The next day I went to my sister’s and parents’, they were also astonished at the results. If anybody out there is considering this, I highly recommend Mark at Artistry Concepts. He is a genius. You will not be disappointed. Once again I am truly grateful I am free now!!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

K. W. January 2015

I am writing this almost 4 months post procedure, and remain extremely happy with the results, which continue to be positively life-changing. I am very grateful for Mark Weston’s skill, talent, and painstaking attention to detail. I found Artistry Concepts to be very forthcoming with any information I wanted, and there was absolutely no pressure by them or any sales tactics made other than providing me with the education and information I wanted. I researched SMP online for well over a year before my decision to go to Artistry Concepts. What I found was that no other provider exhibited detailed high-resolution pictures nor accurate and honest information as Artistry Concepts does.

I have to say that I was initially delayed in my decision to do the procedure at all because of the feeling of being misled in the past by a HT clinic. Being a NW6-7 and having 2 (in my opinion unsuccessful) transplants before provided me with really nothing of value; only a hideous scar on the back of my head and a lot of trepidation to try something else; this shook my confidence in my ability to make a decision based upon research I did. I discovered a number of online shills on various online forums providing bad information, which did the entire SMP industry a lot of damage in my opinion, and also served to postpone my decision. The advent of Artistry Concepts’ ACHM 2.5, and my realization that I had to do something to look and feel normal, motivated me to finally take the next step. First, to make a comparison, I did make contact with two other providers, and was not impressed at all with their responses. In contrast, I was invited to Artistry Concepts to meet an actual client who was in the middle of having the procedure done while I was present. I returned and had the procedure performed by Mark in about 4 or 5 hours, if memory serves me on the time.

Over the following 30 days, I kept track of the progress by taking selfies every day, and it was amazing. The transformation was absolutely astounding. I did need to return to have the scar touched up. Now, here is the life transformation part I didn’t expect. My own Mother couldn’t tell I had anything done, even with me standing in front of a prior photo she had of me with my head shaved bare. I could tell she knew something was perhaps different, but it never came up in conversation. I got very slight, perhaps second-long looks of wonderment from my sister and my best friend from college, both who see me regularly, and there was nothing beyond that since. With people I work with it was the same anti-climactic reaction, and then life went on as it had before, except with a “new” me.

A girlfriend, the only person I confided in, looked at me and was instantly all-smiles and wonderment. As I became confident no one could tell the difference between the ACHM2.5 and my hair, I became more confident, and my psychological adaptation became ever-present, dynamic if you will. Getting used to no longer being the bald guy everyone dismisses as inferior, I found, is not something one can do overnight. The first thing I noticed was that the bald jokes stopped cold. One person who was used to making my life rather miserable started in on me one time about 2 weeks ago, looked at me, then abruptly stopped, as it clearly didn’t apply. I have slowly become more and more outgoing, and I have noticed people are much more accepting of me. I am regularly approached by women, which after decades of being bald was very surprising. This made me uncomfortable at first, as I really didn’t know how to respond with interest because I was afraid of rejection. All I can say is I am getting better at it. I no longer feel limited, unattractive, or unwanted. It’s a lot to digest, really it is. The last 4 months have been quite a journey, and I owe it all to Mark and Gale. Mark Weston is a true artist and an American success story, and I am excited and glad to be part of it. He provides an absolutely invaluable service that no other company can. The Artistry Concepts ACHM2.5 procedure is innovative, of the highest possible quality, and I highly recommend Mark Weston’s ACHM2.5 to anyone considering scalp pigmentation.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. P. October 2014

Again I can’t thank you enough for you expertise and artistry as even my family members and friends do not know anything was done and just think I buzzedmy hair and say I look good and they like the haircut…LOL. I feel like I have a full head of hair again and the color match is magnificent – not one person has questioned my new look. Several love the new haircut…I pray I can hang in a few years to enjoy the new younger, confident look.

Again, my sincere note of gratitude to you for your service of Artistry and what a concept. Just a testimony to your excellence in artistry and technique that no one else can duplicate.

My sincere appreciation of your expertise in realism and professionalism. Love you both and will keep in touch.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

I. R. September 2014

I am really excited to bring this update and photos for your review. It has been an awesome experience after I had the procedure done. I have done my best to follow the post-procedure directions. I had told my siblings and parents only. They were amazed at how natural it looked. I most excited about what happened with my interactions with friends and co-workers. I belong to a Mexican folklorico group and when I went back to practice no one noticed anything out of the ordinary. They seemed to notice the fact that I was no longer wearing a hat, but that was it. No comments, or weird stares came from them. I finally felt free of always covering my head during practice even though I would be sweating like crazy.

Another great experience happened at work. If you recall, I work in a school district environment, in a middle school to be exact. At first it was nerve wrecking because one day before I even knew about this kind of procedure, I decided to be brave and take off the hat with a very short haircut. A lady co-worker saw me and replied “what happened to you? What have you done to yourself? I felt embarrassed and did not say anything. I just went back to my office and put my hat back on. Once back at work, I purposely decided to retry going around that same lady’s work area without a hat. Indeed she saw me and made a comment. She said “Oh you look really different without a hat! I couldn’t recognize you!” I thought to myself, wow! It really works!

There is a teacher on campus that is also suffering from hair loss. Long before my procedure, he had politely asked me how I was dealing with my hair loss. I just told him that it had been a hard and slow process toward acceptance. We just talked about all the procedures from topical, transplants, hair pieces, etc. We agreed that none of the offerings seemed like a good fit for either of us. Then, we left for the summer vacation last June. Well, this same individual could not believe his eyes when he saw me back during a professional development meeting, nearly a month ago. Of course he greeted me, but instead of having eye contact, he could not stop staring at my head. Then, I thought to myself, “shoot, here it goes. It was good while it lasted! It was just too good to be true!” He could not resist to pull me aside. He anxiously asked: Wow, what did you do? We’re starting the meeting but you gotta tell me what you did! He was getting more excited by the minute. Later, he saw me again and we started talking. He asked: was it Scalped or something like that? You look amazing! I said no, then I explained the procedure to him. He just replied: Wow it looks so good on you and so natural. You did it on the perfect age. He goes do not worry. I will not tell anybody. People will probably not believe me anyways because it is so natural looking.

Other comments from co-workers have been: “You look younger, “Nice buzz,” What happened to the gangster look? “You look so different without a hat on,” A teacher asked me: Where did you cut your hair? Your line looks so good? In conclusion, I am very happy with this procedure. It is an amazing feeling to at least have the option of not wearing a hat all the time. Now, I feel comfortable to take it off inside buildings or even at church. I can even go outside during heavy overcast. The maintenance is a breeze as well. I just use a body hair trimmer to cut my hair every three days. It feels more comfortable than my hair clipper and the resulting length seems to match well.

I would like to express my gratitude to you for providing this opportunity to guys like me. Thank you.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. H. August 2014

I really appreciate the work you did on my transplant scar and hair line. I originally had my transplant scar and hair line done at **** **** ***. Unfortunately within a year the ink had faded. I am pleased with your work and I appreciate you helping to fix my hair line and scar. Thanks again. Mark

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

T. H. August 2014

My name is Tom, I am 40 years old and have been struggling with the unending battle/nightmare of hair loss since my early 20 s. To date, I have had 3 hair transplants, as well as an FUE procedure to help conceal the giant, ear to ear scar that resulted from the multiple procedures. These procedures have cost me well over $15,000 and in the end, they bought me a little bit more time but only delayed the inevitable……more hair loss and more agony. A little over a year ago, I began shaving my head with a #2 clipper, then eventually switched to a # 1. I don t mind the short, buzzed look at all. However, I very much minded the giant, ear to ear scar on the back of my head that I could not conceal.

About a month ago, I started researching any alternative procedures that could potentially help conceal my scar. To say the least, I was beyond desperate! I stumbled across the SMP procedure and began researching it intensely. After narrowing down my search to a few clinics, as well as receiving feedback from the SMP community, blogs, forums, etc., I decided to contact Artistry Concepts. Without making a long story even longer, after an initial consultation with Mark and Gale, I decided to go ahead with the scar camouflage procedure. Let’s just say that I was so impressed with what Mark was able to do, that I decided to let him perform the rest of the procedure to fill in the top of my head that very same day! It has been 10 days since my procedure and I am thrilled with the results! It has given me a renewed sense of confidence that I have not experienced in a very long time! Many, many thanks to Mark Weston/Artistry Concepts… are undoubtedly the REAL DEAL!!!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J.C. July 2014

I started to lose my hair when I was 26 years old. I started using Minoxidil, but the hair continued to fall in great numbers. I spent a lot of time reading in forums about other people’s experiences and results. I tried Finasteride (gave me some sides effects and stopped it), different shampoos, other topicals such as Eucapil, Minoxidil (15% with DHT blockers), etc. Besides becoming a slave of these products (have to use it every day; some twice a day), it was a lot of money involved. I decided then to go with the hair transplant (HT). I undergone two, one in the crown area and one in the front hair line (around $7,000). The transplanted hairs do not provide the density your original hair has, and therefore, it doesn’t look good. The other backward is that if you buzz your head, the scar will show up, and in my case was huge (ear to ear).

I kept reading online and in forums and found the scalp micro-pigmentation techniques. After reviewing many feedbacks and before and after pics from different companies, I decided to contact Artistry Concepts. Something that called my attention (and that made this place unique) is that the owner was the only one doing the procedure (38 years of experience in the art of tattooing). Also, the price was lower than most of the other companies. When I contacted them, communication was fast and accurate. They also are flexible in the dates of appointments (had to change the day and with no problem or extra-charges, they did it).

Once you get to their office, Mark and Gale (owners) personally take care of you and answer any questions you have (which makes you feel more comfortable with the process). The procedure room looks very clean and organized. The procedure is done with no anesthesia (It hearts a little but I did not squeal; they charge for that; internal joke). Mark allows you to see the process at different stages, so you can see how is looking. He also camouflaged the scar and in my case it disappeared about 60%. Right after the scalp pigmentation is done, the head looked reddish and the hair replication units not fully defined. As soon as I got home, I washed my head with baby shampoo per aftercare instructions (to remove excess pigment) and put some ice and in the next morning you can clearly see the difference. It looked like when I use to buzz my head when I was younger and had actually hair. None of my friends nor family have been able to tell. I feel very pleased and satisfied with the work of Artistry Concepts did with me. I truly recommended.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

G. Y. June 2014

For all you people out there with a hair loss problem, Mark Weston is the only answer. Believe me, I’m 65 years old and have tried or considered just about everything. Then I found Mark and Gale at Artistry Concepts. I love it, my family and friends love it. Go for it, it’s worth every penny. And like everyone else that has had it done, you feel like you always knew Mark and Gale, great people, who really want to help.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

S. B. April 2014

I was skeptical as I was not the best candidate for micro pigmentation. I had a very white head with greying hair and lots of scars. But Artistry Concepts gave me great results.

After visiting several scalp micro pigmentation offices in different states, I chose Artistry Concepts. AC is very different from other practices. Mark hand-makes his precision needles so that they are small, exact and produce a natural result. His “smart pigment” colors look 100 percent natural and LAST LONGER than the standard cosmetic pigments that are sold commercially. That’s right. Many offices use pigments that disappear over time and must be reapplied. Mark also does all the work himself. There is no franchise and no technicians. There is no comparison between Mark’s years of experience (he was one of the first to do pigmentation work back in the day). Mark was able to tell me about the different pressure and depths of penetration he uses on different parts of the scalp, etc. And the price? Exactly the same. Every office quoted me a similar price. My results from Mark looked natural in just three days. Even my mother, who has permanent make-up herself, could not tell. “That new buzz cut looks great on you,” she told me. Even my ex-lover told me that I was looking “extra fine” with my new haircut. No lie.

Why I am writing this? Because the other offices had amazing building lay-outs, great marketing and a very nurturing customer environment. They made me feel good. But do your research. No office or franchise knows more about scalp micro pigmentation (the needles, the pigments, and the application) than Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

R. T. March 2014

Mark Weston is the best. When someone can make such a difference in so many lives as he has done, it is simply, beyond words. He just doesn’t quit. He has heart. The fact is….he is GOOD.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

ACTOR March 2014

I’d been looking for a way to camouflage my thinning hair and HT scars for years when I discovered Artistry Concepts. I’m a film and television actor, and explaining my scars had unfortunately become part of my routine every time I started a new job. Where did I get them? Can they be covered up by makeup? I became obsessed with finding a solution and researched every company that offered a scalp micro-pigmentation process. But when I finally made the call and spoke to Gale, I knew Artistry Concepts was different. They never tried to pressure me or convince me to commit to anything. They simply spoke confidently about their procedure and patiently answered all my questions. If I was nervous when I arrived at the studio, it all disappeared as soon as I met Gale and Mark. From the minute I walked in, it was clear they understood how big a deal this was to me and they put me right at ease.

The ACHM2 procedure itself was virtually painless and I can’t explain how happy I am with the results. No one can tell it’s not my own hair or even that I’ve had anything done. Even the few people I’ve told can’t always tell what’s been done. Everyone just keeps asking me if I’ve lost weight. One day I was sitting down when a friend came over and stood right next to me, a foot or two from my head. I was self- conscious, since it had only been a week or two since I’d had the procedure done. But all he said was that my hair “looks good these days” – something I haven’t heard in ten years! Even my extremely skeptical wife was blown away when she saw it for the first time. Mark cares deeply about his work and about his clients’ satisfaction, and he’s a great guy too. I’m so pleased with my new head of hair. Mark is the best, end of story. Call them. You’ll be happy you did.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

A. V. March 2014 (UPDATE)

It’s been a couple of years since I had my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have any more worries about my lack of hair. Everybody loves my “Buzz Cut.” I’ve had people ask me that since have a full head of hair, why do I curt it so short! When in reality, I don’t have much hair, especially in the front hairline, but your ACHM2 procedure gives me that look. Just the other day, one of my buddies wanted to know who buzz cuts my hair because it comes out so clean and neatly trimmed. You should be pleased to know that you are helping a lot of people enjoy their lives and be more outgoing instead of restricted because of their baldness. Again, thanks.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

G. S. March 2014

89I am a 28 year old male who started to lose his hair as early as 18 but wasn’t truly noticeable until about 24. Needless to say I was devastated by the rapid hair loss. My confidence was crushed. Everything from socializing to job interviews, I just couldn’t be myself. I simply felt old, so I decides to do something about it.

I did tons of research only to find high prices, and often painful scars, accompanied hair transplant surgeries which were not attractive and I already attempted taking pills and using topical creams with no success. Then the inevitable, my hair looked horrible and I just gave up. OFF WITH THE HAIR. Although I got a great response to the look, I honestly couldn’t stand the maintenance. Literally an hour ever two days, if that, not to mention so many razors and annoying nicks and cuts.

Still not comfortable with my hair loss I continued research to and stumbled on this “hair tattoo” idea. Skeptical, I continued researching until I found the place I felt comfortable with, Artistry Concepts. They are a great friendly couple who will work with you every step of the way to insure you are satisfied with the outcome of your procedure. I recommend to anyone considering the procedure, stop thinking about and just do it. It was by far the best money I’ve ever spent!!! I feel like myself again!!!It looks so natural that I’ve even told people and they can’t tell what has been done. I visited family and everyone asked why I look so much younger. Best part is I take my clippers with no guard, a quick ten minute buzz, and I’m in the shower and out the door. Also the fact that there is stubble, when people feel your head, they feel the stubble so they just think your head is just buzzed.

I could literally go on and on about how much the ACHM2®procedure has truly changed my life. But in conclusion, all I have left to say is if you’re looking for an alternative solution to your hair loss with great results and no down time, look no further than Artistry Concepts! Seriously you won’t regret it!!

Pleased client, G. Stage

A. D. December 2013

After a month or two of research this summer, I made the decision to get the ACHM2® procedure with Mark at Artistry Concepts and boy am I glad I did. It is a night and day difference to me but natural to the point where no one has noticed, even my mother was amazed when I told her. I used to have to shave every two days or so with no guard before my balding became glaringly noticeable, but now I can go almost two weeks as the ACHM2® and my own hair blend together. I wish I would have done this a few years ago and as a single guy I noticed right away that the positive reaction I was getting from the ladies was noticeably increased. I have received comments the last couple months since the procedure on how good I look but no one has been able to pin point what’s different. Thanks again Mark and Gale!


A. F. December 2013

It has been a couple of months since my procedure, and my own mother does not know I had anything done…..I think she just thinks I’m growing my hair out a little but she has not commented! The same thing at work….some of the ladies in the office touch my head and say “I didn’t ever remember seeing you with a hairline before!” One lady said she preferred my head being completely clean shaven, but she does not know that I had any procedure done at all, again she just assumes I’m not using a razor anymore. This is more than I could have hoped for, I never knew it could look this natural (I hoped it would). Mr. Weston delivered big time. He and Gale made me feel completely comfortable with their courtesy and knowledge and confidence…..the whole process was truly a pleasure. This has been one of the most important and one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my own appearance. I have become so much less self-conscious now with my balding image now a thing of the past; and every now and then as I pass a mirror I have to pinch myself to really get used to the handsome young 42 year old stud looking back at me. From the bottom of my heart thank you two!!!!

K.F. July 2013

I’ve been researching hair loss treatments for a long time now… well over a decade. The conclusion to all of this investigation is the simple truth that no one has discovered a cure for hair loss. There are some decent results with the Rogaine family of meds, but only on the back of some people’s heads and nothing for the front. The hair transplant idea was put to rest for me when with just a little bit of research you find some horrific results with scars and very small sprigs of hair growth (for some, not for others). Personally, I would rather be bald than go through that procedure.

Then, about a year ago, I saw where some folks were doing a procedure where they were replicating the look of a ‘buzz’ cut by tattooing tiny hair-like follicles on the head of a bald person. My wife actually saw it before me and said you’ve got to see the results of this procedure. As I examined it, I couldn’t believe how much it looked like hair. I’d been buzzing my head with a 1 guard for well over a decade and thought to myself, “This is kind of how I look anyway, just without much hair.” So I began doing research on the procedure. After many months of painstaking investigation, I decided on Artistry Concepts and Mark Weston. After traveling through the “muddy” waters of blogs, forums, websites, and looking deeply into other folks doing this procedure, I came out on the other side confident that Mark was the “real deal” when it came to this hair replication.

He doesn’t have a huge staff that attempts to do what he does. He does the procedure himself, one client at a time, because at the end of the day, the tiny details of what he does really is a unique work of art. His needles are unique because of how much smaller they are compared to the thinnest commercial needles. He makes sure that every hair-like mark is individual and has the look of what an actual buzzed head looks like. He talked to me about the specialized pigment he makes and his many years of experience as an artist in this field. If one takes the time to do all the necessary research, what he or she will find is that Mark is the pioneer of this type of work. He’s also awesome to talk with and I consider him a friend after sitting with him for about eight hours over two days. He and Gale and are a great team. I enjoyed my time with them. My results speak for itself. Next to finding a cure for baldness, this is the best procedure out there for bald men. I was confident going in I had located the right person to do the procedure, but now more than ever I know I made the right decision. Mark, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life for the better. God bless you and Gale. I wish the very best to both of you. (I still want to get on that boat!) – Keith

S.P. July 2013

It has been about a month and a half since the ACHM2 procedure and I had time to style and cut my hair to my liking and I am happy to say it looks completely natural. The procedure was a success, I just have to maintain the correct hair length, which for me is between 2 and 3 millimeters. No more messing around with it for about a week. I encourage anyone looking for a permanent solution regarding their bold spots and /or enhancing or defining their hairline to visit Artistry Concepts.

I am afraid of needles and wouldn’t think of getting a tattoo, but after talking to Gale, I convinced myself to give it a try. I was greeted by Mark at the center and the guy is friendly, professional and funny!! I listened to him and trusted his advice. After the procedure Mark showed me the difference between his custom made needles and the commercial variety and believe me, the commercial ones are gigantic compared to Mark’s custom made. Ok, most of the procedure felt like less than mosquito bites, some of them felt a little more than that, depending of the area of the scalp and the amount needed, so each case is unique. My procedure required more than 60,000 micro tattoos and I would do it again as long as is Mark was behind the machine, even though I’m still terrified of needles.

We were together about 6 hours the first day and about 2 1/2 hours the following day and it was a blast, we were talking about boats, music, politics, fishing. Mark told me some funny stuff and I recommend to any of you guys to check this procedure out, is unique in terms of technique, experience, artistry and professionalism.

Thank you guys for what you do. Hope to see you again sometime in the future. My very best to you.

T.M. June 2013

It has been about two months since the ACHM2®procedure, and I am loving the results. It is much easier to maintain a buzz cut look than my prior look that I had with the use of Toppik. I feel great and I don’t have to worry about getting smears on my car’s headrests and on my wife’s clothing. My confidence is up and it shows throughout my life entirely. When I buzz my hair, it looks like when I used to buzz it in my early 20’s. It doesn’t look like a bald head. It is easily one of the best returns on investment I have ever made. One’s confidence is of course not based on appearance alone; that would be very shallow. But because I know I look my best, I tend to start my day with a positive attitude that is evident to my coworkers and makes my value on the job greater because of it. Therefore, a great return on investment!!!! I would do it all over again for sure. Thanks Mark and Gale, I wish you greater success in the future.

J.L. May 2013

WOW! I was one of the lucky guys that got to be able to go out on the Artistry Concepts yacht in February. Mark and Gale are gracious hosts, down-to-earth people but also treat their future customers (and existing) like family. I felt more at home with them than much of my own family…LOL. I was able to meet two other men who had the ACHM2 done, AND believe me, the ACHM2 looks better in person than even the fabulous pics on their website. Meeting and talking with other new customers was great.

Mark answered all my questions and it was great to speak directly with the owner of AC, not some salesman or secretary. Mark knows his stuff, is confident and professional, but not smug. And he kept everyone laughing with his great sense of humor. Gale made sure everyone always had a cold beverage and plenty to eat while out on the trip. A few of us even got to take yacht’s tender to a small island to go swimming.

When it came to return to the marina, Mark flabbergasted everyone with docking skills that matched (even surpassed) some of the finest commercial captains. (It was an extremely windy day).The yacht is beautiful, I have never been on a boat so large. I live in Miami so I see them all the time, but to actually be able to board one and be a guest, it was an experience I will never forget.

Now I just have to wait for my ACHM2 appointment in late July. It can’t come fast enough and I will be glad to have the appearance of hair again. Something I have not had in over twenty years. I would sure like to be one of the customers invited back to speak with new customers on the next trip……hint, hint, Mark and Gale. Hope you like the photo from the top.

C.R. March 2013

I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to all the amazing and talented staff at Artistry Concepts. Not only am I overjoyed at the results, but you have given me back my self confidence.

I did extensive research before contacting Artistry Concepts as I didn’t even know such a procedure existed. After contacting Gale, sharing dialogue & discussing my personal needs I made the earliest possible appointment. I would stress to any potential clients that I was nervous and almost apprehensive until our consult but after the meeting I made the decision & there was no going back in my mind.

The staff were extremely understanding and made me very comfortable. We talked through the procedure, discussed and marked out my natural/original hairline and within 30 minutes Mark showed me my new hairline and put me at total ease.

I cannot stress how happy I am and what a release this is to me. I feel a freedom that I hadn’t had for a couple of years. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and walk you through every step.

I used the local lodging that they recommend and the whole procedure was extremely easy.

I have the utmost confidence and respect for Mark’s artistic integrity and you will too. Do not procrastinate; you will not regret this decision.

S.H. April 2013

I had a 2500 graft hair transplant in my early twenties which only benefited me for about a year. What they don’t tell you is your remaining hair will fall out and you will be left wanting to shave or buzz your head to compensate. If you have a major scar going across the back of your head like I do, this can be a serious issue.

I contacted Artistry Concepts a year and a half ago and have been corresponding with Gale since then. She was very informative and did not hype the procedure up like the hair transplant company I used. I felt this was a trustworthy business after watching their work for a long time and doing diligent research so I finally made an appointment.

Mark followed the hairline that the hair transplant doctor had created and filled in all of the gaps to make my hair look dense and natural. He camouflaged my scar as well making a buzzed look much more comfortable for me. Everything described through their work and website was exactly what I experienced in the office. It was a professional and relaxed environment and I never felt a degree of regret during or after the procedure. Mark is truly an artist with a high attention to detail and it is reflected in his work. After about 10 days of curing, I can honestly not tell that there is a tattoo on my head, it really looks that natural. My best friend inspected it up close and could not figure out which were hair follicles and which were the ACHM2®!

Mark and Gale, I want to thank you for running an honest and effective business. It’s not easy entrusting your physical appearance to someone else, but I’m glad I took some initiative and chose you to do this work.

E.S. April 2013

Hello Mark and Gale. Everything good with you? As you guys do not get long-term returns, I am sending you photos taken in April 2013. I’m the guy from Brazil (September 2010) and I am very pleased with Mark’s result. If you guys want to publicize please put black strip in eyes. Thanks for doing a good job again. Hope everything is fine. Health and happiness for you all. Cheers.

L.A. April 2013

I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to all the amazing and talented staff at Artistry Concepts. Not only am I overjoyed at the results, but you have given me back my self confidence.

I did extensive research before contacting Artistry Concepts as I didn’t even know such a procedure existed. After contacting Gale, sharing dialogue & discussing my personal needs I made the earliest possible appointment. I would stress to any potential clients that I was nervous and almost apprehensive until our consult but after the meeting I made the decision & there was no going back in my mind.

The staff were extremely understanding and made me very comfortable. We talked through the procedure, discussed and marked out my natural/original hairline and within 30 minutes Mark showed me my new hairline and put me at total ease.

I cannot stress how happy I am and what a release this is to me. I feel a freedom that I hadn’t had for a couple of years. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and walk you through every step.

I used the local lodging that they recommend and the whole procedure was extremely easy.

I have the utmost confidence and respect for Mark’s artistic integrity and you will too. Do not procrastinate; you will not regret this decision.

N.K. November 2012

My Name is Rafael from South Florida. To begin let me just say that I’m extremely happy with Artistry Concepts. Their work is truly incredible. Having said that, let me first tell you about a previous experience. For years I wore a popular, nationally advertised, “hair system.” The hair system did the job of covering my head but it had several drawbacks. It had a very expensive start cost (for me it was over two thousand dollars) and required a monthly service fee (from $90 to thousands depending on service options). It was also very difficult to style correctly. It really took one of their in-house professional hair stylists to blend my natural hair with the system and make it look good. The hair system was also very itchy and actually damaged my scalp. Lastly, the glue they use is greatly affected by regular sweet and water. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible to perform any kind of athletic activity wearing a hair system.

In short, Artistry Concepts made all my hair problems go away. Their hair replication method looks 100% natural and is simple to maintain. The Artistry Concepts hairstyle also restored my youthful appearance and, most importantly, I’m now able to go about my day without worrying about my hair. It is now possible and comfortable to exercise, play sports, swim and ride motorcycles without any issue. I would point out that Artistry Concepts makes these great results possible through great artistic skill. Mark Weston is truly a master of this technique. There are other companies that offer a similar service but please don’t be fooled by them. If you do the research and evaluate all the pictures carefully, you will find that Artistic Concepts is the best. To anyone considering a nationally advertised hair system, I strongly recommend that you consider the Artistry Concepts method first. Lastly it is important to note that both Mark and Gale are great people and will treat you right. Just give them a call find out for yourself.

A.S. November 2012

Like many men who suffer from male pattern baldness, I first started to notice my hair loss at an early age. By the age of 22 years old I was completely bald in the crown area. At first I was not too distraught at losing my hair because I still had a bald head shadow throughout my entire head when I would shave with clippers; and I rather liked that look. But as I lost more and more hair the contrast between the sides of my head and the crown became increasingly apparent. I was so bald that even when I shaved with a straight razor the male pattern baldness rim of shadow around my head was still very visible. This was something that I greatly disliked; sometimes to the point of depression.

In effort to conceal my male pattern baldness, I would wear hats everywhere I could and when I could not wear a hat I resorted to using makeup to conceal that rim of shadow around my head because I disliked it that much. Also, whenever I would sweat, especially in hot temperatures, the makeup would run and stain my clothing. I was so psychologically limited by my baldness that I would never go swimming and I even stopped playing basketball, which is my favorite sport, because I couldn’t wear a hat or makeup on the basketball court. I was truly limited by my baldness to the point that I would avoid going certain places where I could not wear a hat or makeup. I missed out on a lot during those years. Because of my great disdain of my male pattern baldness shadow, I even tried to remove my existing hair with epilators and electrolysis hair removal but all methods were unsuccessful and the shadow rim around my head still remained. My logic was that if I have to be bald I might as well be perfectly bald with no male pattern baldness shadow.

However, I still sought out other solutions for my baldness to include visiting Hair Club for Men for a consultation. By the time I visited Hair Club, I was significantly bald and I was advised that I had very little donor area. I was also advised that if I wanted to pursue the hair transplant option that the donor hair would need come from the back of my head, which would leave a long scar there. I remember during the consultation asking the doctor if there was a procedure that would give me the shadow look because “long” hair was not what I was looking for. I told them that I wanted follicular transplants that I could shave for the “shaved head look.” His reply was that hair transplants are designed for those who have the desire to grow their hair out and the shaved option would not be feasible due to the long scar on the back of the head.

Despite this news, I still continued to relentlessly research options in achieving the shaved look that I desired. But in the meantime I continued to wear hats and makeup. Until one day I stumbled across the micro-pigmentation procedure, which is a head tattoo which resembles individual hair follicles giving the appearance of a shaved head. First I looked at HIS Hair then Good Look Ink but both options proved to be scams. I actually visited Good Look Ink to receive a consultation and I had an opportunity to view one of their customers who had the procedure done and I was very disappointed because his head looked like someone painted a black helmet on it. The appearance of individual hair follicles was non-existent.

Still not giving up on finding a solution for my male pattern baldness, I almost accidentally stumbled across Artistry Concepts! Upon review of the photos displayed on their professionally organized web site, my thought was this is exactly what I’m looking for!! From the high quality photos to the thorough details on the methodology and procedure, I was sold. My eyes could not tell the difference between the actual hairline and the pigment follicles. I immediately contacted Artistry Concepts to speak with someone and Gale was the first person that I spoke to. She was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions. She even directed me to speak with a client, who had the procedure done to answer the more detailed questions that I had. The photos displayed actual follicles that looked amazingly real.

My visit to Artistry Concepts was equally impressive. During that visit I met Gale and a former client who took the time to speak with me in person to answer any questions that I had; and he even let me touch his head. I was in awe at how realistic his bald head shadow looked. I couldn’t believe that what I was actually looking at was not actual hair follicles but perfectly matched pigment which replicated actual hair follicles. Then I met Mark Weston, the genius behind it all. He was everything that I expected. Confident and knowledgeable on all aspects of the procedure; and he also took the time to explain the methodology and process behind the blending of his “smart pigments” and the intricacies of his special needle that he personally created. My impression then and remains today is that he is a true genius whose invention changed my life and the lives of other men suffering from male pattern baldness for the better.

When I got my procedure done, I was overcome with emotion because I couldn’t believe how realistic it looked. I looked in the mirror and I for the first time in twenty years had the appearance of a head full of hair that was merely shaved. My family, friends and co-workers did not know what I had done. I remember my sister saying “Oh you finally letting your hair grow out!” It is virtually undetectable and amazingly realistic. One year later, my head still looks as authentic and as realistic as it did after the first week. Words cannot express how Artistry Concepts has changed my life for the better and given me back a freedom that I had been without for twenty years. I hope that those reading this testimony can relate to my story and please trust me when I say that Mark and Artistry Concepts are the real deal. Thank you Mark and God bless!

R.S. November 2012

My Name is Rafael from South Florida. To begin let me just say that I’m extremely happy with Artistry Concepts. Their work is truly incredible. Having said that, let me first tell you about a previous experience. For years I wore a popular, nationally advertised, “hair system.” The hair system did the job of covering my head but it had several drawbacks. It had a very expensive start cost (for me it was over two thousand dollars) and required a monthly service fee (from $90 to thousands depending on service options). It was also very difficult to style correctly. It really took one of their in-house professional hair stylists to blend my natural hair with the system and make it look good. The hair system was also very itchy and actually damaged my scalp. Lastly, the glue they use is greatly affected by regular sweet and water. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible to perform any kind of athletic activity wearing a hair system.

In short, Artistry Concepts made all my hair problems go away. Their hair replication method looks 100% natural and is simple to maintain. The Artistry Concepts hairstyle also restored my youthful appearance and, most importantly, I’m now able to go about my day without worrying about my hair. It is now possible and comfortable to exercise, play sports, swim and ride motorcycles without any issue. I would point out that Artistry Concepts makes these great results possible through great artistic skill. Mark Weston is truly a master of this technique. There are other companies that offer a similar service but please don’t be fooled by them. If you do the research and evaluate all the pictures carefully, you will find that Artistic Concepts is the best. To anyone considering a nationally advertised hair system, I strongly recommend that you consider the Artistry Concepts method first. Lastly it is important to note that both Mark and Gale are great people and will treat you right. Just give them a call find out for yourself.

B.C. August 2012

Yes it’s me the guy from the video a lot of you all probably hit repeat to wondering if this procedure is the cure for male pattern baldness. I am here today over a year later to tell you look no further this is your solution. I sent Artistry Concepts pictures from my iPhone the other day showing off the fantastic results of how my head looks now at 18 months. The staff at Artistry Concepts is truly amazing and have helped give me something back that I lost so long ago my… self confidence. I’m 24 now and started balding at a very young age. When I reached the age of 20, my hair at the top of my head was nearly gone. I’ve known Mark and Gale coming up on 3 years now. They worked with me and waited for me for a year so I could save up the money to get the procedure corrected and done right. If that isn’t showing care and concern for your customers, I don’t know what is. Now coming up on my second year since I’ve had the procedure done which will be in December. Life has been great! I get all the ladies, don’t wear a hat, and I’m highly confident in myself. I have never met a group of people so dedicated to their customers than the staff at Artistry Concepts. They have created something that will help guys like me for generations to come. The ACHM2 method cannot be duplicated and I advise you to come here get your money’s worth and the procedure done the right way. I still stand by the statement I made over a year ago Mark is truly the Michael Jordan of this industry and no one can match him.

B.M. August 2012

I am not sure how to begin, but here it goes. My name is Bruce and I am 43 years old. I have been losing my hair since I was in my early 20’s. I served in the Army so I was use to having a short haircut. After I got out of the Army I wanted to do something about my hair loss so I joined hair club for men. Big mistake, one of the worst. I was in the club about 4 years and thousands of dollars later just decided one day to take it off and shave my head. I loved the feeling of no sticky stuff on my head. I kept my head shaved for the past 5 years until I found Artistry Concepts online. I read their website and all about them about 20 times. Let me start by saying Mark and Gale are the real deal. The ACHM2 looks amazing. 5 days after having this done I was standing in front of my Pastor of over 10 years and he did not know anything. My wife assured me that it wouldn’t be a big deal because I kept my head shaved. Even my sister in law didn’t notice until I told her. I was nervous right up until I walked in the door, but the moment I met Gale at the office, I was fine. Mark is a genius, I could not be happier with the results. I finally found my solution. I would recommend Artistry Concepts to anyone who wants to do something that looks real, and build their confidence. It has boosted mine, and their isn’t enough words to describe how I feel now. My wife told me it was my decision, and I can tell you, one of the best decisions of my life. I feel like I have my life back and don’t have to worry about someone staring at my head anymore. Truly remarkable is all I can say. This was the perfect solution for me, thank you Mark and Gale for making me feel welcome and changing my life. Bruce M

D.M. April 2012

My name is Dimitris, I’m from Greece and I had an ACHM2® June 2010 and here is my little story of what happened the last 15 months.

The ACHM2® cured up to the point that it looked exactly the same as when I shave my head (looked like as if I had asked the “shaved look” from you). And stayed that way till now. That to me was perfect!!!. At the beginning I clipped my hair I had to do daily to match the look and most important it was a mess, all that little hair all over the sink and my sensitive skin didn’t appreciate the continuous back and forth of the clipper with the applied pressure by trying to cut the hair as short as possible.

So the shaving was perfect. I can do it literally in a minute, no hair mess as it stays on the foam and washed down the sink, no irritation whatsoever, no need for back mirrors like the clipper to check if I have cut it all smoothly because I can feel with my fingers if there’s some hair left in a spot and shave it, it gives my 2-3 days before I have to do it again since it starts from zero down, plus I really love the feeling of the shaved head (it literally arouses me to touch my scalp, better yet from women, it’s superb!) In a word, beautiful, no minuses only pluses more I could have asked for.

Then I focused on my scar. Shaving my head made it look great but the scar was still there and with the shaved head it showed even more (it was raised and all if you can recall). I had therapies (silicon etc.) and a procedure to stretch it to make it as flat as possible. After that (it took several months) I evaluated my options and I ended up at a tattoo artist here in Greece, the best possibly as he does all the celebrities here.

We concluded to have a tattoo at the back. Also, at our first couple of meetings I didn’t tell him about my ACHM2® to see if he can detect it as a tattoo artist himself. He couldn’t, even though he examined my head closely and as you can assume, if he couldn’t no one else can and that’s correct till this day. Only when he asked me ”why don’t you grow some hair to cover the scar, you seem to have plenty and a nice hairline” I told him the truth and he couldn’t believe it, he said the ACHM2® looked perfect, real.

All in all, I love it all, I only get compliments both for my hair and tattoo (you see everyone sees it as a head full of hair with a tattoo in the back, not as 2 different tattoos, haha). My inner circle of people who know find the whole result amazing and my outer circle who they don’t know they just see a guy with shaved head and a tattoo. The ACHM2® ON MY HEAD HAS STAYED THE SAME FOR MORE THAN A YEAR. NOW, SO IT’S SAFE TO SAY ITS GONNA BE THERE FOR GOOD. And I still sweat a lot, exercise at the gym a lot, shave it a lot and its pretty hot here, but with little care, sunscreen or a hat if necessary, it hasn’t changed a bit.

I just want to finally say a big “THANK YOU” to you guys, not one of these thank yous we say every day but one you say to someone who did good to you that is life changing!!! So I thought you should know.

A.V. March 2012

I just wanted to share a “confidence building” experience that happened to me a few days ago. Last week I had my yearly Dermatologist appointment where he always checks my skin for cancer spots since I am a light skinned person living in Florida. He checked my body, including the top of my head, because since I have a “buzz” cut, my head would get more exposure. When he has completed his observation he asks me why I cut my hair so short because it looked like I would get great coverage from the transplants I had done years ago. At that moment, all I could do was smile and tell him I had something to share with him. It wasn’t the transplants. As I told him that I had performed your ACHM2® procedure, his mouth was wide open and all he said was that I had completely fooled him… even under the bright lights. It made my day, even after the high co-payment for the visit! Well, I just wanted to share a great experience and it just continues to show that you guys do great work.

R.J. March 2012

Artistry Concepts may very well have the best tattooing hair artists in the world! I am very pleased with Artistry Concepts’ work and them after speaking with them about my situation… no sales pitch, just the truth. With empathy and accuracy, Artistry Concepts implements the ACHM2 procedure that Mark Weston pioneered.

Artistry Concepts has changed my life in several ways… after more than 20 years – no more hairpieces… and… the freedom to take a hot shower anytime without worrying about the heat causing the glue under the hairpiece to come loose or causing the glue to infiltrate the hairpiece, greatly shorting its useful life… the freedom to go outside without being concerned about the wind displacing the hair on the hair piece and making it look unnatural – even though the hairpiece never really looked natural in the first place… the freedom to work outside or go to the gym, workout and sweat, and not be concerned about the hairpiece smelling bad, coming loose, or the “hair” getting out of place… the freedom to live a heather, cleaner, and more active lifestyle! I now look and feel younger.

My scalp was not a clean canvas when I showed up to begin the procedure. More than 20 years before the ACHM2 procedure, my scalp had endured several scalp reductions and several plug style, cornrow hair transplants that established a hairline in the top front of my head. My head had a seven inch scalp reduction scar running down the middle from front to back, two six inch donor scars in the back of my head, and scaring around the transplanted hair plugs in the front… and a big bald area on top of my head… overall, not a pretty sight. Until I discovered Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure, I considered the hairpiece to be the best option to cover up the mess left behind by the surgeon.

Artistry Concepts used the established hairline on the top front of my head where the coarse hair plugs were located and he filled in the large balding area behind the hairline. They also filled in the scars and blended all the tattooed “new hair” with the existing hair on the sides of my head. The scalp reduction scar is now nearly undetectable and the donor scars are camouflaged. Artistry Concepts does amazing work with their steady hands and sharp eyes. I am most pleased with the color of the “new hair”… kind of a gray salt and pepper. The smallness of the new tattooed hair points, the color of the new tattooed hair, and their ability to correctly place and blend the new tattooed hair sets Artistry Concepts apart.

I now keep my hair shaved or cut close and definitely enjoy a more active lifestyle since having the procedure. Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure may have well added many worry free years to my life. Needless to say, if you were concerned about hair loss, I would recommend you avoid scalp reductions, hair transplants, and hairpieces. The hairpieces will actually accelerate you hair loss, as your scalp cannot breathe. Knowing what I know now, I would personally choose Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure. Thanks to the professional staff at Artistry Concepts!

G.P. February 2012

It has been one week since I had the hair replication procedure and I can say that the ACHM2® has exceeded my expectations. The result is fantastic and the professionalism extended to me by your artist was supreme. He explained to me what the process was and was very meticulous in the details. He made sure I understood what needed to be done after the procedure and was an overall pleasure to be around. In all, the experience was very well coordinated much like a doctor’s practice. I must admit that I was initially skeptical but now my only regret is that I did not do this sooner. My only qualm with your business is that you are vastly under marketed, as it was by mistake that I found out about Artistry Concepts and there is very little information on the web. I believe that everybody who has had a hair transplant should go to your office afterwards to further volumize their hair and cover their scar. Once again, thank you for your outstanding professionalism and overall great work! A very satisfied customer.

P.K. February 2012

Hi all – It’s been just about a year since I got my hairline tattooed with the ACHM2®, so I thought I’d send you some updated photos I took last week. Occasionally I check hair loss forums and it seems like a lot of people are worried about the pigment used in an ACHM2® treatment fading over time. As you can see, my ACHM2® hasn’t faded at all. Mark did a superb job of matching the pigment on the top of my head with the colour of the remaining hair on my temples. I’m 100% satisfied – although I should reiterate that I’ve been absolutely diligent in following the ACHM2® after-care instructions. I moisturise at least twice a day, I apply factor 50 sunblock every morning regardless of the season or how sunny it is, and I never go outside without wearing a hat or cap.

A.V. February 2012

What can I say that probably hasn’t already been said? This procedure was one of the better decisions that I have made in my entire life. My hat collection has gone from 8 to one…and only when I “want” to wear it, not because I “have” to wear it to cover up my baldness.

My friends and family love the short hair and even say that it makes me look younger. All I can say is that Artistry Concepts is the one! Their artists have some crazy skills and have the gift to give a guy back his confidence. Of course, they were taught by the ACHM2® Developer, Mark Weston. Now I don’t worry about who is sitting behind me or if there is too much light that will show the shine off my bald spot. I give Artistry Concepts extra credit because my head looked like a battleground because of two HT’s and a scalp reduction, yet it looks fantastic. They were even able to give me a hairline on the back of my head where hair had stopped growing. Bottom line is that you should not be afraid of this procedure. It looks natural. I work under some bright lights and NOBODY has said anything that hasn’t been positive. It just looks like a buzz cut. In closure, I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you have done and I wish you many good things for the future.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

N. T. February 2012

Hi everyone! I want to begin saying that I am a 28 year old male, I am from Mexico, living in Houston Texas since 2008.

When I had the procedure done by Artistry Concepts I was a Norwood 4, and I think that all who suffer from Alopecia know what I have gone through, especially those who have gone to the University or College because that was my case.

Well to keep the story short, I found this type of solution for hair loss in early 2011. I did my research for months and finally I took the decision to go with Artistry Concepts for my procedure. My journey with AC started requesting a quote, and I have to say there was no sales pressure at all! I got my quote, and to be honest, I was going to pay less than I was expecting, because I had received a quote from a doctor in Los Angeles who was starting this type of solution. There was a huge difference between the two prices.

A few days later I made my deposit and booked and appointment for my ACHM2®. I flew to Fort Myers, Florida, got a rental car and drove for about one hour to Englewood. Finally the day of my procedure, September 13th 2011. I got to Artistry Concepts Center and there was another young man that sat on the couch, we greeted each other and just a few seconds later Mark and his artist came and introduced themselves. I have to say that they are very nice persons. After that I went with Mark’s artist, he shaved my head with clippers and the other man went with Mark. After shaving my head we started the ACHM2. After just the first day of work I knew that I had made the right decision. Next day I went to finish my procedure and then the next day I flew back to Houston.

After a month of my procedure a friend of mine who was a Norwood 7 saw me with my new stubble look and he said he thought I was bald. I told him the truth and he had his procedure done in November 2011 by Artistry Concepts too. On the dates of his ACHM2 I went with him, just taking advantage that he was going to have his procedure also he was going to pay the hotel and the rental car. Artistry Concepts saw me and he did a little touch up on me.

Almost five months have passed since my first procedure and I am very happy with it. With my experience so far I can say this about Artistry Concepts:

(1). They are great persons. Artistry Concepts, thank you for giving me my life back. (2). There is no sales pressure at all. (3). Five months after my ACHM2 you can see the little dots that match perfectly with my real hair. (4). Every time I have had a question, they always have answered very politely, so you are not alone on this.

And finally I really recommend Artistry Concepts for this type of procedure, because with only two days with them you are able to go outside and nobody can tell that you did something. And very important if you think you need a little touch up after your procedure just contact them and they really take care of their customers.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

A. O. February 2012

Artistry Concepts SAVED my life. They offer the best service and product that exists for hair loss, and I’m forever grateful for the work they did for me, their honesty from day one, and the level of professionalism, skill and support they provided.

Started balding at 17 and fell for the transplant gimmick at 19, worst mistake ever. I was left with giant scars from ear to ear; with thin hair on top; a need to continue going back for more and more to add density. All the while all it keeps receding; so you end up living like a dog chasing its own tail. And all to have thin hair sprouts. Then tried the hair system route. AWFUL. Not wanting to further butcher my head, I shaved my head at 28. But I was a bald guy that looked like a lobotomy victim. Hats were a must. Dating became obsolete. Without a hat the first thing I heard was OMG! What happened to your poor head? Humiliating, and worst of all: I’d done it all to myself!

Then through a random Google search, I came across Artistry Concepts and several others claiming to offer similar. I contacted all 3 companies. But I discovered the others offered products that were temporary; so in a few years, your new hair turns blue, fades, and really is no better than the transplant lie as it involves flying there forever. Only Artistry Concepts offers a permanent fix. And a result that nobody will know isn’t real hair.

The others lied to me, promising perfection; I still get emails and never-ending voicemails soliciting business from Good Look Ink. Initially they said their product was permanent, then later told me I would likely have to return in 10 years for a touch up. HIS Hair Clinic did a consult via phone and photo, had me select dates, and then never returned a single email thereafter (I just wanted my scar done then, and that clearly would not make them the $$ they wanted).

Very interesting that the HIS site repeatedly bashes Artistry Concepts. When you find someone bashing another like that it’s because they have problems and are insecure about their inferiority. HIS sure has a high tech website. But when you offer a phenomenal product, word spreads quickly, and such advertising gimmicks are not necessary. AC was the opposite. They told me the truth, that in covering a HT scar, or any scar tissue, perfection cannot be guaranteed. Nothing involving human skin and tissue, and I’m a RN, can claim to provide perfection. Never did AC call or email me asking when can we set this up. They only contacted me to reply to questions I had. NO PRESSURE. I remember calling Gale with a huge list of questions, and she said to me, “If you have any doubts at all I recommend that you do not do this.” Clearly AC does not believe they need to lie or pressure you because they know their product is the best; they know their customers leave happy, and word of mouth (and vision) is better than advertising lies. They did not need my $$. Just wanted was to ensure I had realistic expectations. I decided to go with them, and THANK GOD.

My scar is now invisible. My mom forbid me to fly to Florida to have this done, as everything I’d done prior to my head was a disaster. When she saw me after, her jaw dropped in amazement. Their prices were ironically much lower than the others. Just take one look at the staff there that’s had it done: undetectable and flawless. AC treated me like family. We still keep in touch via email. Robert, the artist, was more of a therapist and a friend, and in no way a salesman. I was greeted with a handshake and a hug. Very ma and pa style, unlike the others with big business pressure and lies. When your work speaks for itself, no need to try and sales pitch it.

I work part time for a plastic surgeon. He can’t believe the result! Don’t be fooled by the others. This procedure may seem strange, a hair-like tattoo, or too good to be true: but it’s not. They saved my life; they gave me a future to look forward to. I’m 33 now, and feel like I’m18 all over again… except no longer depressed, and now with !!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. B. August 2011

After falling prey to the HIS Hair Clinic promotion machine, I took them up on their consultation to find myself in their office being the victim of a predatory sales pitch. It was all business and they had no concern for my condition or how embarrassing it was for me. I left the HIS office knowing that I could never subject myself to them or put the “Helmet” looking tattoo on my head that they were trying to sell me as natural looking. After feeling I had been lied to by HIS, I decided to look into the company that they had gone out of their way to bash on their own site and all over the internet. I figured if they had lied about things in their sales pitch, then they had lied about their competitor. I went to the Artistry Concepts website and after going there once I found myself returning daily and scouring the internet to try and find someone that had the procedure done and didn’t like it. After weeks of looking everything had come up positive on all the reviews I had read. So I called and talked to Gale and got a price quote a few days later and made my deposit. The atmosphere in AC is way different than at HIS. When I came in they greeted me and allowed me to check out the ACHM2® up close because he has had the procedure done as well. And to me that is a huge relief having someone that knows what I am going through having previously gone through it himself. It took 2 days to do my procedure and I am very happy with it. The follicles are TINY!! Not like the bulbous follicles HIS was trying to pass off as natural looking. The staff had been kind and courteous and keep you in a private room so no one can look on and see who is in there or how the procedure is coming. Which is a huge deal to me because I am a very private person. If you are considering a long term solution to your balding areas look no further, you have found what you have been searching day and night on the internet for… It’s Artistry Concepts. I left there knowing that I will never visit those same hair loss forums and websites that I spent hours and hours on every night trying to find information. Because now I WAS bald but I’m not any longer.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. M. July 2011

Hi everyone! My name is Jose and I’m 22 years old. Unfortunately, I started losing my hair at a very young age “20”. My hair loss progressed real fast that I just couldn’t believe it. This was a traumatic experience for me. I would have understood maybe if I was a lot older but not at this age. So I knew I had to do something about my hair loss. I first considered to start saving money for a hair transplant. I didn’t know anything about hair replication until I myself went into a lot of research on the internet. Thanks to all the research I’ve done, I found out about hair replication. I found out about many providers doing micropigmentation, hair simulation etc. Honestly at first I was very confused and Ii didn’t know who to chose. So I decided to take the time to read everyones’ webpages because this was a lifetime decision. Well to make this story short, I want to thank Artistry Concepts so much for being professional and taking the time to do the ACHM2® procedure and getting my hopes up high in life. YOU’RE AWESOME! Also I’m very grateful that I got to meet Mark and Gale. ALL you guys made my life change completely! THANK YOU! God bless you!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

S. A. September 2011

It’s been 10 days since I had the ACHM2® done by Artistry Concepts and the curing process is looking great! Today was the first day I went all day without a hat and no one even looked up at my head. They simply didn’t know that I had the procedure done. I was so scared when I got on a plane and flew to Florida. I was praying that everything would go well and that I would like the look. Honestly, after the first day I was still wondering if I made the right decision. After the second day, I was feeling better, but still wondering if I made the right decision. I can say that as of today, I am so glad I took a chance. It was more expensive than what I had anticipated, however, I believe you get what you pay for. So far so good. Just wanted to tell them thank you for being so patient and diligent. May God Bless You.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

E. S. October 2011

I’m 58 years old and began losing my hair while I was still in high school. When I was 20, I got a hair transplant, which bought me some time, until further hair loss made it necessary to take further action. So in 1983, I turned to a hairpiece. I wore several different hairpieces over the next 28 years. I always purchased top of the line pieces and they were very natural looking under ideal conditions. The problem is, conditions are not ideal all that often. You end up making lifestyle changes because of the hairpiece. Why not just throw away the hairpiece and go natural? Well in my case it was because of the scarring I was left with from the early punch style hair transplants.

Then in February of 2011, I stumbled across a website that talked about a tattoo that mimicked a buzz cut and could make someone who is bald appear to have hair. After months of research, I decided on Artistry Concepts. After looking at my scalp, Artistry Concepts decided that my entire scalp had to be done to achieve the best results. The results are fantastic. The scars in the transplant recipient area are nearly undetectable. The donor scars are slightly more noticeable but are well camouflaged. I am pleased with the results and have received only positive comments. People who knew I was bald ask “Are you growing hair?” I just smile and say “It’s a tattoo.” Their look of disbelief is priceless.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. G. October 2011

I just want to update you guys about me since I left Artistry Concepts five months ago. I just want you to know that I am still very pleased with my decision to have the ACHM2 done. Before I decided to go through with this, one of my biggest fears is that my friends would know I had something done but that has not been the case. Not even my family or even my brother has noticed I had anything done and they saw me a couple of days after I got home from Florida. Even all the guys at the fire station that I work with didn’t even scrutinize it. Since I have had this done my life has been so much simpler and easier because I’m not having to conceal my hair loss every morning. Finding out about your ACHM2® procedure couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I was fighting a losing battle and I was about to throw in the towel. I wish I would have known about it sooner. Thanks again Mark for the great work that you guys do. I hope you enjoy the hats and t-shirts.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. E. July 2011

I would like to begin by reiterating by statements of some months ago about the type of people Gale, Mark, and the artists are. They are genuinely great people. They are honest, caring, kind, and they are without doubt consummate professionals. They also change people’s lives. Mark is a modern day Leonardo da Vinci, except for the fact that Leonardo was not a humble man. Despite being endowed with so great a gift Mark is as humble, soft spoken, and laid back a man as you will ever find. He is also a great guy to talk to. Talking to him made the procedure fly by. His work speaks for itself. It is simply unreal.

My life has changed so profoundly since ACHM2® that it is hard to know where to begin. My self confidence went from virtually zero to through the roof. I have started going out in the evenings again for the first time in years, and my fortunates with the fairer sex have gone from non-existent to dating again regularly. My life has been given back to me. I look exactly like I did 10 years ago when I was in the army and kept my then full head of hair cropped really short. I have gone from NEVER wanting to look in the mirror because I was so miserable with the face looking back at me to looking in the mirror more than a man should. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The man upstairs won’t give you your hair back, but Artistry Concepts can make it look like he did.

If you are considering other providers, please think it over really, really carefully. Artistry Concepts isn’t a travel agency that will put you up in some luxury hotel so that they can get you in that chair as other unscrupulous providers do. At Artistry Concepts they are about one thing – giving you the appearance of a full head of hair. They are consummate professionals, great people, and you will find nobody like them in the hair restoration industry. They are not sleazy rug salesman. They are not totally amoral transplant butchers.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon for a routine shoulder checkup today, and he said “Damn! Those plastic surgeons are performing miracles these days, ha? You were seriously balding the last time I saw you, and now you’ve got your hair back.” I told him the truth, and after poking and prodding my head under one of those HORRIBLE fluorescent lights for 2 minutes he said “I don’t see it. That’s a tattoo?”

Anyway, the compliments have just not stopped coming. I feel better about my appearance than I have in 10 years. When the US beat the USSR at Lake Placid in 1980 Al Michaels yelled out in joy “Do you believe in miracles?” That’s how I feel every morning when I look in the mirror. Mark and Gale, you guys are the best. I can never fully thank you for giving me my life back. God bless you.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

G. G. March 2011

I am a 31 year old male who has struggled with thinning hair/hair loss since I was 16. I used hats to hide my receding hair line from my friends and family. I started researching different solutions in my early 20’s and even though I hid my hair loss from everyone, I didn’t want to trade that problem for scars from a transplant. I have spent countless hours researching all my options but I couldn’t make myself commit to a plan until I was 100 percent satisfied with the outcome, that was until I found Artistry Concepts and I knew just by looking at the web site that I had finally found the right place because unlike the others that either left scars or wouldn’t let you see their work up close Artistry Concepts would.

I have to be completely honest with you now because I know how much I struggled with this and the road I had to travel down to get here. I have family that hasn’t seen my head without a hat on since I was 15 and when they see it now the only way they know something is different is if I choose to tell them. I can’t tell you enough how much Artistry Concepts has changed my life and the only regrets I have is not finding you guys sooner. I spent years letting this hold me back from going to places that I couldn’t wear my hat. I can’t thank Mark and Gale enough because from the minute I walked in the door they put me right at ease, not because they sold me on the idea of appearing to have hair, but because they listen to what I wanted and expected and spent the most time during the whole procedure making sure I was completely satisfied but at the same time keeping the replication natural looking.

I felt that the staff at Artistry Concepts was more concerned with me getting the look I wanted than with just taking my money. It only takes one conversation with Mark to hear the pride he has for his work and because of that pride he would never let a client walk out of his office knowing the client’s hair replication looked anything less than natural. His work truly does speak for itself.

UPDATE July 2011 I continue to be amazed every time I look in the mirror at how natural my hair replication looks, even months later. I would recommend Artistry Concepts to anyone who wants the natural appearance of hair and professional caring staff to provide that look. It has truly changed my life. Thanks Mark and Gale.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

N. B. July 2011

My name is Nathan. I am 27 years of age. My whole life I had hair! I started noticing that my hairline was thinning at the age of 24. My barber pointed it out to me. Eventually about a year later I was forced to sport a bald head, due to the uneven loss of my hair. My confidence went along with it. Every time I would go out, I would wear a hat. Unless I was going to church! This really made me uncomfortable with my appearance. I started to consider a hair transplant. I found a surgeon in Florida. He said I could only have a facial hair transplant, because my donor area would not yield enough hair for a low style. I booked a flight. The day before I flew down, I looked on the internet to find other hair loss methods. DON’T ASK ME WHY!!! And I found ARTISTRY CONCEPTS! I started to see numerous hair replication reviews and testimonials of having a full set of hair. I saw that Artistry Concepts had a lot of experience and I started to get interested. But I was looking for a reason to say no. I looked for hours on different forums and blogs. And I could not find any dissatisfied customers. At this point I was completely sold. I called and despite their busy schedule, Gale told me that they could fit me in. One of Mark’s artists, handled my procedure. He was very personable. I felt like I knew him longer. It was a two day procedure. And they now have restored my confidence. And I feel like I did in high school! I am getting married on August 12th. So this took a lot of convincing to get my fiancé to understand. I simply could not make a mistake. I CAN TRULY SAY WITH ALL OF MY HEART, THAT I AM SO FORTUNATE TO MAKE THIS DECISION. This experience has changed my life.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

R. S. April 2011

I am so impressed with Artistry Concepts! Mark and Gale were all very professional and made me feel at ease as soon as I walked through the door. I have finally found what I have been searching for in hair simulation. Mark possesses the knowledge, skill, and equipment to complete a successful hair simulation.

My journey has been a long one. I have traveled more than 10,000 miles and spent a lot of money on gimmicks, failed products, and under “qualified” simulation artists. I have tried every hair product on the market including Rogaine, Remox, Scalpmed, Courve, Toppick, and Lasercomb. In addition to these products I have also tried Hair Club for men and have been to three hair transplant doctors. None of these products worked as claimed and will only benefit those with little hair loss. Basically, they are hair maintainers and if started early enough they may prolong the inevitable.

I stumbled across hair simulation and thought I had finally found the answer and so in November of 2009, I had my first hair simulation procedure done. What a disaster! My scalp was covered with huge dark spots. I was embarrassed to go anywhere so I have spent the last two years between laser tattoo removal treatments and four other so-called hair simulation artists. None of which performed work anywhere close to what I would expect. The artists were not professional and were just looking to make a quick buck. Luckily during the process I learned to only allow those artists to do a small portion of my scalp at a time. That way I could check their work out and if I had to have it removed it wouldn’t be my entire scalp. During the process I would wake up every morning and have to spend about an hour covering up the mess on my head with makeup and concealers.

I was just about ready to give up and just go natural when I heard about Weston’s ACHM2® procedure in a hair loss forum. I was floored when I saw the close-up photos and read the reviews, all of which gave Artistry Concepts five stars. I finally decided to check it out for myself and see if they really were as good as what I had read and seen in the photos.

When I arrived at Artistry Concepts, I was introduced to one of the artists who had the ACHM2® procedure done by Mark over a year ago. I said, “Do you mind if I take a closer look?” He bent over to show me his scalp so I was less than one foot away. I couldn’t believe it! I could not tell where or how evasive the procedure was. It was impressive! After Mark had laid down my hairline and insisted I take a look, I was amazed. What I saw were perfectly sized and uniform replicas of hair follicles. In addition to that, Mark was also able to mask any remnants I had from my other botched jobs. It is such a relief to know that I no longer have to worry about my head when I wake up in the morning. Save yourself the time and money I wasted and get the real deal at Artistry Concepts.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. C. June 2011

spent nearly two years reading everything I could about hair tattoo replication and after all the reviews and speaking with Gale at Artistry Concepts I was a hundred percent sure that this was not only the best but the most professional company out there.

From the start, Mark and Gale were warm and friendly. Everything was so clean, it reminded me of a doctor’s office. I now leave a different person than the one that walked through the door two days ago. I’m blown away when I look in the mirror. Where I use to not look at myself because I was totally bald, I now have to pull myself away from the mirror.

If you’ve been looking for a solution, whether bald or partially bald, don’t think twice about having this procedure done by Mark or one of the artists. It will change your attitude about yourself and give you the confidence that, if like me, has been missing for a very long time. Thanks so much Mark and Gale…all of you are amazing and wonderful. Best, James.

UPDATE: July 2011 Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing, new look! Everyone is blown away and can’t believe it’s not my real hair (even inches from my head, no one can tell) and considering how bald I was, it’s a testament to your talent and expertise…a true work of art. Great story, upon arriving back…I went to have lunch and the waitress kept saying, each time she came to the table, how much she loved my hair and how she wished her boyfriend would shave his head. The only problem was that he didn’t have the great hairline like mine – I was laughing inside and thinking, if you only knew, I had no hairline before Artistry Concepts did their did their phenomenal work. Regarding all the other companies out there who keep slandering Artistry Concepts, just remember, Mark, that your hard work, honesty, care and above all else, talent, for those like me, will always “win out” over the false verbal and written words that are circulating on the Internet. Again, thanks so much for changing my life! I send you all the blessings that this beautiful world has to offer. Peace and happiness to all of you. James.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

B. S. April 2011

The people at Artistry Concepts are wonderful. Mark is an amazing artist and person. If you’re checking out the testimonials, they are all very true! Nobody will know, that’s how awesome Mark’s work is. I wouldn’t trust no one else, except for Artistry Concepts. They show on their website all there is to know.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

P.D. April 2011

Before I found Artistry Concepts, I first went to a consultation with a UK provider clinic in California. It seemed as if a salesman was trying to sell me a vacuum cleaner. They never explained the procedure. I got a strong impression that they were more interested in my money than wanting to help me. They told me I would have to stay on location for 10 days if I was to get the procedure done. They also told me that I MIGHT need a touchup in 1 1/2 to 2 years. (Through my own research I later found that a reapplication is essential for every client as the ink they use is only temporary). At the consultation at the UK provider’s clinic, they showed me a client in person who’s head looked bluish-gray. I asked why the “dots” looked so much larger than natural hair follicles; to which the Doctor replied “It will look good, but not perfect.” I noticed the client’s whose head I was examining was in a state of shock after hearing that remark and I knew right then that this was not the right place for me. This place also had women there taking a two-hour class to apparently learn how to do this UK method. That’s the difference between them and Artistry Concepts. At Artistry Concepts, you can’t tell the difference between the ACHM2® and real hair follicles. At the UK provider, the difference between their work and real hair follicles is very apparent. The other major difference is that Artistry Concepts was outright honest from first contact to the second I left a very happy man. The UK provider was willing to be untruthful so that they could collect my money and leave me to deal with the harsh realities later down the road.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

CANADA March 2011

I’m just so relieved and thrilled at the results. Mark Weston and the Artistry Concepts staff have changed my life and corrected what was a nightmare from a certain UK provider. It’s nice to see such compassion, honesty and integrity practiced at Artistry Concepts. The end result was amazing and truly realistic. I would encourage anyone thinking of getting this procedure done, to do their research and be cautious of hype and slick advertising that all the other providers are doing, these other companies will tell you anything you want to hear to get you in their chair, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!! This is not something you want to take lightly. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This is not a tattoo, this is not a cosmetic procedure, it is a medical procedure, and should be treated as such. Don’t be foolish and think otherwise. Artistry Concepts is the only solution, period! I had read in the website that Mark made all his own equipment, I really was not sure if that was hype, but Mark showed me his lab, all I can say is they are not kidding, he has a lab that would make any science class teacher envious. Mark and Gale are the real deal. Guy’s, look… this is your appearance, and first impressions are still it. Don’t let slick talking sales people talk you into something you will regret the rest of your life. THANK GOD the other company’s work faded away for the most part, or I would look like a side show freak.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

F. C. June 2011

I had the procedure done awhile back, about eight months ago. I am deeply thankful and I’d like you guys to know that it’s been great since. Friends and co-workers haven’t noticed a thing other than telling me that I don’t wear caps anymore (I still do, just not as much as I did). Again I thank you guys a bunch and wish you guys nothing but the best, it’s life changing and I’m sure no one regrets it. Summer time is getting closer here in NY and I know I gotta be bit more careful under the sun but I’ve made my mental notes and know pretty much what I’ve gotta do.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

A. F. April 2011

Mark and Gale make an absolutely perfect team, three of the best people I have met. The last two days here have been more than expected. If I had one complaint at all, it would be that they are here in Florida and not in Texas and I am about as picky as they come and everything has been nothing less than flawless. Mark is a true perfectionist and in this type of procedure it can only be that way, but he truly is one in all aspects and seems to care about my head and the quality more than I do. And again coming from me, that is saying A LOT! To meet my expectations is difficult, and to literally blow my expectations out of the water is near impossible, but that is what Artistry Concepts did. I truly can’t appropriately put my appreciation in words or describe accurately how amazing it truly is , but let me tell you from personal experience this week there are pretty women in Florida and without going into details, IT WORKS! Stop hiding and do something amazing for yourself, get the ACHM2™ done; it will change you for the better. I look better and I am a better person now for knowing Mark and Gale!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. G. March 2011

I look in the mirror now, I can’t believe my eyes. If you are reading this, you are probably in the same miserable hair loss situation I was in. I looked into everything and I even wore a hair “system” as they call it for several years. Sometimes it looked good and most of the time it didn’t. The maintenance was just ridiculous and I wore a hat most of the time just to keep people from noticing. I was online one day just browsing for anything new in hair replacement when I found Artistry Concepts Reviews and a few other companies that were doing this type of procedure. I researched them for a while and it even took me a couple months before I finally made the call to Artistry Concepts. That call changed my life. Gale was so patient over the phone and answered all my questions and gave me great information. As for the procedure itself, Artistry Concepts are true professionals. Before they even started, I felt like I knew it was going to look great. It was great meeting all of you and consider all three of you my friend. What you guys are doing for people is truly amazing. Take care. UPDATE 04/14/2011 Well its been a month now and just like you guys said, it looks great. It matches perfect! Thank you again and keep up the great work.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. C. March 2011

It has been a little over a month since my procedure. I just wanted to say how happy and thankful I am for your help. You should be very proud for what you do. The ACHM2™ has cured a little bit lighter as told, but perfectly evenly. The color match is perfect. My friends are amazed. I was very afraid of making a second mistake and now I am so grateful I found you. Please keep in touch if you ever move. Many, many thanks again and one million times.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. E. March 2011

The photographs of the ACHM2™ that are posted on the website are in such high resolution and there are so many of them, I thought that after my months of research I had a reasonably good idea as to what the finished product would look like. Upon arriving at the Center for a consultation, I had the opportunity of seeing and meeting two men who had undergone the ACHM2™ procedure. One man was Mr. Weston’s artists, who was one year post procedure and the second gentleman was just having his procedure finished up. The results far exceeded my highest expectations that I was quite literally dumbstruck. I could not stop staring at him. I even said, “I’m sorry. I’ve never asked a man this before, but can I touch your head?” It was unreal. I was millimeters away from the poor guy’s head staring at what I would have sworn were closely cropped hairs. On a boat the following day, there was a man who must have been in his late 20’s or early 30’s with his hair cut identically to the gentleman I had seen at Artistry Concepts. I kept staring at his head to try and determine if he, too, had undergone the ACHM2™ or if he was just a man with a very closely cropped thick head of hair. I couldn’t tell. I honestly could not tell the difference. The man upstairs cannot give you your hair back, but the ACHM2™ procedure can make a man look like he did. The second man I saw was a client “on the table” having his procedure finished up. He was smiling, shook my hand. I asked him how much hair he had had before. He said that he was “bald.” Figuring that he must have had some hair of his own (a horseshoe), I looked at the sides to try and determine where his naturally growing hair ended and the ACMH2™ follicles began. You must remember that this man was still in the process of having his procedure done and not a month or a year post-procedure (i.e. his pigment was fresh and yet to cure of course). Even so it looked absolutely fantastic, and in a million years I would never have believed that what I was looking at was the work of human hands and not nature. In the case of the artist who was one year post-procedure even though I knew that I was looking at a head that had been worked on, my mind would not let me process it. Suffice it to say that if I end up looking half as good as either of those gentleman I imagine that I would be just about the happiest man alive. After years of being lied to by unscrupulous butchers, rug purveyors, and the like who want nothing but your money and care nothing for you as a person, meeting Mark and Gale was a positive in and of itself. I told them (and I mean it from the bottom of my heart) that they are the first people that I have encountered in this long miserable ordeal (that saw me go from concealers to transplants to a hair piece and finally to a shaved, not so pretty scalp) who are of upstanding moral character and possess true integrity. They care. They don’t lie. They offer a service that changes peoples’ lives. One last thing to anyone who has any doubts because they believe that there are not enough guys who have come back and posted on forums after the ACHM2™ – people who are happy with their procedures don’t go back to hair loss forums. They go on with their lives. The results of my last shoulder surgery were excellent (after a series of not so excellent jobs). I used to spend hours and hours on forums talking about my shoulder issues. Since the successful surgery I have never gone back. I used to be at the surgeon’s office twice a month. I haven’t been to see the last surgeon since he gave me the green light to go ahead with full contact sports. That was almost 2 years ago. You get my point. Satisfied customers don’t complain. They drop a quick line to say thank you and then go out and get on with their lives.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. A. B. April 2011

I’ve been there, right where you are now. Feeling the hopelessness and desperation of losing your hair. It affected my confidence, my career and my social life heavily. I contemplated surgery, wigs, toupees, you name it. I tried many “snake oils” as well. It was a hopeless and desperate feeling. I’ve been following micro hair pigmentation for over three years now and contacted every company that performs the procedure. After years of research I decided to go with the best… Artistry Concepts. I won’t lie, when I first stepped into their office I was VERY nervous, even though Gale was very gracious and reassuring. I was thinking, “What are you doing here, are you crazy?” That was until I saw on of the artists. I was floored by how real it looked. There is no way I would have known if I wasn’t aware before hand. After seeing his results I was pumped and ready to get started. My procedure was performed by this artist. He really loves what he does and it shows. He has compassion for other men with hair loss as he was in our shoes before he had the ACHM2™ procedure done himself. Who else could understand what we’re going through? My results are amazing… just mind blowing. He was meticulous, professional, easy going, easy to talk to and just an all around good person. He was more concerned by how I looked than I was. I just can’t say enough good things about him. Hell, about the entire crew of Artistry Concepts. You’re in the best hands with either Mark or their artists. These men have a passion for this, they’re not trying to set you up in fancy hotels, limousine rides, champagne while robbing you blind. They really do care for every person that walks through their doors. Artistry Concepts are hands down the best in this industry. If you want your head screwed up, go to ANY of the other providers. People I know just look at me in amazement now. My mother was just dumbfounded and after a few hours of gazing at my head, asked “How did you grow your hair back?” That was a great feeling! This is without a doubt the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. Would I do it again? Hell yea! Maintenance is buzzing my head every few days, that’s it! I look in the mirror in amazement everyday now. I no longer browse hair loss forums, search the web for cures or latest news in hair loss. I’m free! I’ve moved on and no longer think about my bald head. What an amazing feeling to have too. I have that same carefree, confident attitude I had before I started losing my hair. Artistry Concepts has changed my life forever and it has been a fantastic change! Thank you Artistry Concepts!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

P. K. REPUBLIC OF KOREA February 2011

I started going bald at the age of 19. I’ve never used hair systems or any hair restoring drugs, but I certainly always felt that I preferred myself with hair. Now aged 28, I was certain that Artistry Concepts could offer me a treatment which would give me a good result. I was considering a transplant when I came across Artistry Concepts’ work; I was attracted by the very quick turnaround time of the ACHM2 procedure, the permanence of the results, and the fact that I could achieve the appearance of a full head of hair. After a very long journey – all the way from Korea, nearly 11,000 miles – I was looking forward to beginning treatment at Artistry Concepts. I was given a warm welcome from Gale and Mark’s artist. I was also pleased to see that one of their artists had undergone the ACHM2 treatment himself – meeting him was my first opportunity to see the ACHM2 in the flesh and I was very impressed with the results. I had originally chosen Artistry Concepts on the strength of the numerous photos and testimonials on the website; although I was confident they were all fair representations of Artistry Concepts’ work and it was reassuring to finally see a procedure up close before beginning my own treatment. Mark immediately struck me as a dedicated craftsman who was determined to do an impeccable job; he spent over half an hour using his own pigments to make a custom shade matching my remaining hair. (In fact, he used several different shades of pigment to accurately blend with the various different tones in my hair.) I was also impressed by the lack of hard-sell tactics; in fact Mark offered me the chance to take my deposit back and leave with no strings attached if I wanted to. The actual procedure was fine, and was much quicker than I expected. I’ve had several tattoos before and didn’t find the procedure too painful although some parts of my head were more sensitive than others – particularly the front of my head where the skin is very thin. Altogether I was in the chair for around six hours, spread over two days – four hours or so on the first day and two hours on the second day. The Center is extremely modern and clean. I feel that ACHM2 compares extremely favourably with other hair restoration options – clinics offering semi-permanent tattoo treatments were barely any cheaper and the cost was much cheaper than a hair transplant, which takes at least a year to grow in properly and wouldn’t have provided the appearance of a full head of hair. A huge thank-you to Artistry Conceptst. UPDATE 03/27/2011: Just thought I’d give you an update for the site. It’s been just over four weeks now and I remain thrilled with the results of the ACHM2 procedure. Close friends who knew I was having it done have been amazed – they’ve been examining my head from millimeters away trying to spot where the tattooed follicles end and the real hairs begin, without success! One friend who has had several tattoos himself said “There is no ****ing way that is a tattoo.” A lot of friends have said they were skeptical about the procedure before hand – that, frankly, it sounded like a crazy idea – but they’ve all said they’re extremely impressed by the high quality of the results. Colleagues and acquaintances who don’t know I’ve had anything done have given me lots of different comments such as “You look a bit different,” “You look very neat and tidy,” and even “Have you cut your hair or something?” There was some slight blotchiness for the first couple of weeks but it has settled down now. I’ve been diligently applying moisturizer and sunscreen twice a day, too. I’m very happy with the results and glad I made the effort to travel to Artistry Concepts. Thanks again.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

L. S. January 2011

I started thinning at 17. I hated every bit of it. Some guys handle it well, but I didn’t. I couldn’t afford Rogaine or Propecia when I was in high school, so I just wore every hat imaginable. When I was 19, I somehow managed to get a loan for hair transplants. The donor hair did very well and my scalp accepted it. However, I kept thinning as I couldn’t maintain my monthly loan payments AND Propecia/Rogaine. I thinned more and more, but it looked odd because I did have my real hair growing throughout the top of my head from the transplants. When I was 23, I went to Hair Club and started wearing a piece. It was expensive, but it worked. No one knew I wore one because I had always worn a hat in the past. I did this until I was 26. I began getting tired of the maintenance, the itch, the heat, the monthly visits, and the monthly cost. I began searching for something else. I wanted something permanent, but I wasn’t going to do transplants again, and I was too far gone for Rogaine or Propecia. I would have just shaved my head, but I had a 7 inch scar on the back of my head from the hair transplants. I was in my room one day thinking about my next tattoo. I then started wondering if there was a way to tattoo the head so that it appeared to be shaved. I searched online and found three places. There was a woman on the East Coast I talked to, but she wouldn’t put up or send any hi-res photos, and that was enough for me to say no. There was a place in the UK but their work is not permanent, and I didn’t want to have to temporarily tattoo my entire head every two years for that amount of expense, plus the travel costs to the UK. There was a new place in Minnesota, but their work was too fake looking. When I came across Artistry Concepts, I noticed they had TONS of pictures, and very clear pictures. I liked the fact that the owner, Mark, was an artist. I didn’t want someone to “hurry”. I wanted someone who would take the time to see what the best options for me were. I eventually decided on Artistry Concepts. After I made my appointment, I flew into Tampa, drove down to Englewood. Mark and Gale were very nice and we spent a lot of time going over what hairline would look best on me. Mark set aside two days to make sure he got everything right. In the middle of the procedure, Mark told me that I had very tight skin, and he was concerned about the pigment not settling in. His words were, “I’m not sure if your skin is going to take this pigment, so I’m going a little lighter, this way, if it doesn’t, I can reapply it.” About six weeks after my procedure, I contacted Mark and Gale. I told them that my hairline looked great, but that the back of my head, as well as my scar didn’t seem to have taken the pigment as well as the front of my head. We immediately rescheduled another appointment. In 3 hours, Mark touched everything up. My entire head and my scar looked as if I had just cut my hair with a “0” guard. I left Florida a new person.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

T. B. February 2011

I like to start off by saying Mark and Gale don’t meet any strangers. You couldn’t have asked for better hospitality. They are very friendly and informative about the procedure and your hair loss situation. I started losing my hair in my early 20’s and with that went my self confidence. I had heard about the tattoo hair procedure through a friend of mine so I decided to do some research on my own. I came across a few other providers through my research which did sound kind of promising until I came across Artistry Concepts. Their work is impeccable and the work actually looks like real hair follicles. During the procedure Mark made sure I know what was going on. He answered all my questions very thoroughly. When I arrived home the only compliments I kept getting were nice haircut and I started to get “carded” again! I’m truly amazed with the final result. My self confidence definitely has improved since I had the ACHM2™ procedure done, wished I hadn’t waited so long. I was very pleased with the work and glad I chose Artistry Concepts. I would definitely recommend Artistry Concepts they are an A plus service.

Archived Testimonials

R. B. February 2011

First let me say, Mark and Gale are superb people – the kind you would have to your house for dinner. They are very welcoming and understanding of the sensitivity of your hair loss, as well as, the decision you made to have this procedure done. The procedure itself is painless and the transformation you will see in a few short hours is nothing short of amazing! Mark possesses a unique skill set, with an expertise in tattooing (medical and commercial), an in depth knowledge of hair(hairlines, density, color, etc) and an incredible amount of patience. Before endorsing Artistry Concepts, I wanted to wait until my work fully cured so that I could give an objective assessment. After one week now, I want to say that I am very satisfied with the results. Never has making a huge improvement in my appearance been so easy! I honestly feel like I cheated nature by turning back the biological clock and taking back the appearance genetics stole from me! The ultimate compliment came from my teenage son who after seeing the finished results said he was jealous! Obviously, you the reader are considering this procedure. Let me say, do it without regret and get it done by Artistry Concepts! I would not trust anyone else in the world to do this procedure on me! Best of luck!

Archived Testimonials

M. B. January 2011

Upon my arrival at Artistry Concepts, when I arrived I was greeted with open arms and which made me feel very comfortable. After searching for a year for the right treatment, and hoping to find the answer for something that can help me. Talking to doctors across the continent we came up with the perfect solution, it was concurred and confirmed that Artistry Concepts was the only way to go. Looking at the pics on the website I was skeptical how they can really change a person image with the artistic skill that Mark has. Today I can tell you after yesterday having my first appointment I left the office without my hat, and confidence with a big smile on my face, I felt like myself again, I am truly happy to experience this feeling again it like turning the clock back, it is evident that Mark’s work should go in the museum so that the public can see real art! Guys, I hope you all had a great holiday season and new year. First, thanks so much. Mark, you are truly the man and have given me back so much. I can’t thank you all enough and hope the best for you guys. A. B. UNITED KINGDOM After my son was going bald at a young age, I took him to have a hair transplant, professionally which was very costly and unsatisfactory results, which ended with thin hair and big scar which looked like he had brain surgery. This was worst than his baldness, and wished I could have reversed the situation. My son continued to wear his hat and not wanting to go anywhere without his hat. One day my son called to say he had the answer, to fix his hair problem. He had researched and found Artistry Concepts by Mark A Weston. Being a medical professional I went through and researched, and asked one of my doctors I work with to check the website for some input, he came back and stated “It is good and people get good results from it and highly recommend it and will be good for your son.” After my son having the procedure the first day, you couldn’t tell he had any baldness or the scars at the back of the head. Being In medicine 20 years plus, I never thought or had seen anything like this before. Now I can help anyone suffering from this problem.

Archived Testimonials

Brandon Carter, GEORGIA December 2010

Mark is truly the “Michael Jordan” of this industry! I say this speaking off of experience of having used another provider and then coming to Artistry Concepts to get the procedure done right. I know it was a challenge for Mark but he took the time to measure and restructure my hairline to where it was supposed to be. The environment in which he works in is very sanitary and very professional. You truly get that family environment feel when you walk in and meet Mark and Gale. I admit that I was very nervous upon entering because the work that had been done on me by another provider really shot down my confidence. Mark reassured me that everything would be fine and his confidence in himself and his work led me to trust him. All I can say is “THE GUY DELIVERS RESULTS!!!” His hair follicle replacement method is truly unique and can’t be replicated by another provider. My confidence has skyrocketed and he gave that back to me and I can’t thank him enough for taking a chance on me. I’m only 22 now and I started balding at 17 a very young age so I know how much losing your hair can affect your confidence, demeanor, and how you carry yourself. I want to educate men not to make the same mistake I made because you WILL NOT get the same results anywhere else “POINT, BLANK, PERIOD.” This procedure takes precision, time, and accuracy and Mark gives you all of that with a very effective method. I urge any man out there who is considering getting this procedure done by another provider to think very carefully before they make this mistake. All the discount prices and offers these other companies give you will not give you the results that Mark is going to give you. I am MORE than satisfied with the work that was done; this procedure “done the right way” was worth every cent. UPDATE 02/10/11 Things are going great for me and my new look!!!! My confidence is up and the ladies love my new look. I can’t thank you guys enough for taking a chance on me and helping me out.

Archived Testimonials

C. C. December 2010

Hey guys! So it’s been about a month and I have to say, I am very pleased with the outcome of the ACHM2™ replication! My confidence is as stout as a Guinness! The hat’s gone and I’ve been getting plenty of compliments! I am so satisfied with the way I was treated from the beginning! Mark and Gale are truly professional people and made be feel welcome from the start. Mark’s used his skill and pleasantly witty attitude to make the whole experiences everything I hoped it would be and much more! I truly believe Mark is on the way to something big in this area of expertise with his ACHM2™. As a man that has exhausted every avenue for a fix to the hairloss issue, this is exactly what I needed. From the first day I could already see the final outcome was going to be nice. It seems to have actually gotten even more defined over the past month! It’s a new “me” and I thank Mark and Gale for the chance to have that back…..’ME!” I friggin love it mannnnnnn! Thank you so much you guys!!!!!

Archived Testimonials

J. R. December 2010

I went to Artistry Concepts back in June and I had a great time while there. Gale and Mark are two of the nicest people you were ever meet! I was very nervous when I first showed up but soon after Mark made me feel comfortable. As for the work Mark did, no one can tell that I even had any work done and I had pretty most my entire head done! It took almost two days but felt like 2 hours. The procedure didn’t hurt at all. I personally recommend Mark over any other person for this kind of procedure. I am so happy with the results and am very glad I had it done. Thanks again to Gale and Mark.

Archived Testimonials

N. A. October 2010

I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life applying makeup to my head to mask my hair loss, it took 15 minutes every morning and I had to make sure nobody ever touched my head in fear it would smudge the makeup. I could not have had a more pleasant experience when visiting Mark and Gale at Artistry Concepts; I was immediately put at ease by the friendly and professional atmosphere and was guided through the entire process. It’s been 2 months now since I’ve had the procedure and I feel like I`ve been given a new lease on life, the only thing I have to do now is trim my hair every 4 days, no more fear of makeup smudging or having someone find out my secret. The work Mark has done is completely undetectable and I could not be more satisfied. Thanks to Mark and Gale for exceeding my every expectation.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

D. M. October 2010

This is for all of the people that are looking at this site that are skeptical and have been reading the forums and investigating this as an option. Hi! You are me 1 week ago and 4 months before that. I, too, read all the forums, and some nights after reading I got a bad feeling about this procedure and other nights I got a good feeling about it. But the more and more I read I started to realize that most of the negative comments and opinions were simply that. I realized that nobody posting negative comments on those forums really had any ground to stand on. They were merely giving their opinion on the idea of having it done and how they thought it might look. Anybody who had it done that was posting had nothing but good to say about it. The worst thing about these forums is that there are not many people posting that have had the procedure done and if they do, they don’t do it for long.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

E. M. September 2010

With having to wait nearly three months to get into Artistry Concepts, I was anxious and excited to get the ACHM2 done. However, when it got closer to my appointment I started to become very nervous. Was I making the right choice? What will it look like? Will people be able to tell? I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Upon meeting Gale and Mark, they were very easy going and non-chalant because they see how many men come through with the same questions and the nervous look that I had. They tried their best to put me at ease, but I wasn’t completely sold. I even contemplated canceling right before the procedure was to begin. I decided to just suck it up and do it.

During the procedure I was thinking to myself………what the hell am I doing? Why am I doing this? At first glimpse of the started procedure I didn’t know what to think. It all looked so new and different. I went back to my hotel that night and was upset on what I had done. I went back the second day for the finishing touches and could not wait to get home. For the first four or five days I thought that I had made a huge mistake. But as time went on everything started to fall into place. The curing process was starting to take effect and I was starting to look like a new person. Gale and Mark were absolutely right! You just need to be patient. I am glad I decided on getting it done. No more hair loss concealers, no more wearing hats, no more worrying about who’s going to touch my head, etc. You will be nervous (as you should be), but just be patient and take heed on Mark and Gale’s advice.

C. J.

I just had the ACHM2™ procedure done a few days ago and it has blended in quite nicely. I had grown somewhat self conscious over the past few years about my hairline’s appearance and how it made me look older than I actually was. I am glad I found out about this solution and went through with the ACHM2 procedure. It really made me look much younger, improved my appearance and with my buzzed haircut goes virtually undetectable. Thanks Mark for the outstanding job! You truly are a miracle worker and I truly appreciate what you are doing.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. R. September 2010

WOW I am so happy that I came to Florida to see Mark, the work that he did to me was great, my hat days are over!!! If you have any problems with hair loss this is the place to come to, after the first day all I could say was dam….thanks to Artistry Concepts.

Just a hint to you guys thinking of any other places that try to do what Mark does….DON’T DO IT. Mark is the man, a true blue man, and a true artist. All the others are copycats and after talking with Good Look Ink and HIS, I got no answers, nothing but sales hype. Want it done right, go to the man that knows his stuff. You won’t be sorry… go else where, YOU WILL BE SORRY…think about it, this is forever. Me, there was no contest, I wanted it done right the first time, didn’t need wine and five star hotels, just wanted my head done right. It’s done, and its RIGHT!!! THANK YOU MARK.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. D. August 2010

I had contacted a new company in Minnesota about hair tattoo replacement. During my conversation with them, I was offered a stay at a 5 star hotel, a $200 voucher, champagne in my room, and a limo ride from the airport. While this sounded very appealing, I was confused as to why they would be offering me all of these unnecessary gifts. I was only looking for a good quality job and not to be on a recruitment trip. I began to research that company and I was also concerned that this other company did not disclose to me several very important issues that would of impacted my decision on whether or not to have the procedure performed on me or not by them. My continued research of this procedure had led me to Artistry Concepts.

The services I received there were impeccable and they treated me with great care and much respect. Mark Weston is a brilliant artist and a lot can be learned from this man as to delivering on great quality service as opposed to “used car salesman gimmicks.” With Artistry Concepts all of my questions were answered and I was told the good and the bad in reference to having the procedure done.

They made me feel totally at ease with my decision. I’m extremely glad that I made the decision to go with Artistry Concepts and I owe that other company a big thanks for leading me straight to them. GO ARTISTRY CONCEPTS!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

E. A. July 2010

The Artistry Concept’s procedure is the best thing that I came across in the hair business. I had a hair transplant 3 years ago. The transplant procedure left me with a scar behind my head and less hair density on top, from the forehead to the crown. Mark at Artistry Concepts fixed the problems and restored my look. He took the time to measure and calculate every angle of my head to accomplish an amazing outcome. Mark does a work of excellence. He is truly an artist, and the best in the industry.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

E. G. P. July 2010

The Artistry Concept’s procedure is the best thing that I came across in the hair business. I had a hair transplant 3 years ago. The transplant procedure left me with a scar behind my head and less hair density on top, from the forehead to the crown. Mark at Artistry Concepts fixed the problems and restored my look. He took the time to measure and calculate every angle of my head to accomplish an amazing outcome. Mark does a work of excellence. He is truly an artist, and the best in the industry.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

P. B. July 2010

I’m very happy and excited with my new hair! Mark did excellent work on me and made me feel at home. Making my appointment was easy, Gale worked with my schedule to make my trip to Florida fun. I took my wife and kids here for vacation without them knowing about my procedure. It took only about four hours, now I’m off to Disney World. Thank you Mark and Gale!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. H. June 2010

All I can say is WOW! It’s crazy that 20 years of insecurities can be swept away in hours. Mark really is an artist and he got it right in one try. One try! All I had to do is sit back and trust the man who performs these procedures day in and day out to make the most realistic decision for me but still getting my approval all the way. It’s gonna be a struggle to learn to leave the hat off because I’ve been wearing for so many years but just having it off here at the studio is like therapy. I passed up the studio on my way in for the follow-up because I was looking in the mirror all the way here. The scary part is gonna be the ride back to Tampa…. I hope I make it without flying off the road. Gale is a genuine sweetheart and Mark is just plain and simply cool. The studio looks like you are at a doctor’s office. Very professional. Every dollar I spent here was worth it, but it doesn’t seem to describe how I feel. Something like a credit card commercial…PRICELESS. After the procedure settles I’ll send some more pics with a quality camera and not a camera phone. Now I gotta go out and adjust all the mirrors back on the car because I was out there looking at myself for five minutes before I came in. Thanks Mark. And yes…..they should erect a statue of you somewhere.

UPDATE August 2010: Haven’t been on the forums and Bald Truth Talk won’t even let me post. Go figure. You guys must be the cure-for-all of baldness. I’d kinda be afraid of Propecia and Rogaine suppliers putting a hit out on you guys. Haha. It’s been over a month now and it feels great. I jumped off a cliff at my family’s cabin that I haven’t done since I was a teen, took my hat off in front of everyone, first one to jump in, and no one said anything. Not even the little kids and you know they are your worst critics cuz they are the most honest. If you look weird or something they are gonna exploit it and rag on you. Not a word.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

K. S. JAPAN June 2010

It was a big decision for me to fly all the way from Japan to come here for this procedure. It would be a lie if I said it was painless, but I can say that I’m already very pleased with the outcome. I’m told that it’ll get even better in two weeks after the color settles. I cannot wait to see it! Thank you Mark!!

The above was translated by his interpreter, and this is what she also had to say about the ACHM2™: I came along as his interpreter. I had no prior knowledge about this type of procedure, but I learned how this technique has been perfected. I was impressed just how much thoughts and technique have been put into in developing the ACHM2™. Though my client had to communicate with Mr. Weston through me, he was very happy with the outcome as well as the entire experience.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation


WOW! Something that you worry about so much, looking in the mirror day after day, GONE! Just like that, the ACHM2™ is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and done for myself, Mark is a true artist and perfectionist who made me not look “as good as I used to” but so much better! I have to admit I was very nervous and skeptical when I first walked in, not knowing what I got myself into. But after just the first hour I was blown away by what Mark and Gale are doing here. Lastly I just want to address some of the forums posted on the internet by “HIS Hair Studio” and “Good Look Ink,” one word “BS” after reading some of the slander about Artistry Concepts. Those companies are boy scouts compared to the skills of Mark Weston and Artistry Concepts, and have no other choice but to swing cheap shots because their abilities and techniques don’t even come close. Leaving Englewood today, just have to go home and post my Propecia, Rogaine, and Hairmax laser comb on eBay, I found the right solution.

E. L.

I just wanted you both to know how elated I am that I came across your website. It has changed my life! Between Gale’s professionalism and the artistic works of Mark, I am a new man. The job you did, Mark, has saved me from using cover ups to hide my thinning and is so undetectable I still sit and stare in the mirror trying to see if I can detect anything. I can’t! Thanks again to you both for changing the way I live for the better!

R. L. February 2010

I really enjoyed talking and spending time with you both. Like we talked about, it is very sad that we live in a world where someone like Mark can pursue his passion and spend the time developing a skill and creating specific tools/instruments to help people feel better about themselves and yet he has to be so cautious and careful about talking about what he loves to do because there are people out there that want to take shortcuts and say anything to try and steal success rather than earn it.

You are an original. You put the time in to create a procedure, develop the equipment, and most importantly, you do the work yourself and take great pride in your results. All I can say is keep your head up and keep doing what you love to do. In my opinion you are absolutely doing it right. It is obvious that some of your competitors spend the majority of their days trying to badmouth you and your business (rather than actually working with clients). Keep doing your work and posting pictures of it along with the testimonials of your clients. In the end, any intelligent consumer doing the research will see through the B.S. and find their way to Artistry Concepts, just as I did. After doing my research, there was no doubt that I would come to have you do the work, and in hindsight, it sure is great to know you made the right decision the first time around.

J. C. (Liquidish) August 2009

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Artistry Concepts Hair Replication! The results have really changed my life for the better . As an artist myself , I find Mark to be a true genius at his craft. The care and preciseness he puts into it is astounding. One day after the procedure, I had someone look up close and couldn’t tell that it was a replication…ONE DAY AFTER! Besides the results they instantly made me feel right at home the second I got there. I met them for a only few hours and felt I left Florida with new friends. Thanks again Mark & Gale…You’re onto something truly special! Love you guys!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

L. P. May 2010

I am so happy with my new look, now I can see the world without a hat. I’d like to give a big thanks to Mark and Gale for helping me erase my HT scar of shame! The job looks great, my wife and kids can’t believe how natural it looks. I wish I could have found out about Artistry Concepts before I went and got my head hacked up and my bank account drained. I would recommend to anyone that’s unhappy with their look and thinking about having this procedure done…wait no more. You will love it.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

K. B. May 2010

Mark is amazing! He has given me back ten years of my life. His work is beyond any expectations. My hair follicles look so real, the only way anyone would know is if I was to tell them. It’s like having a fresh haircut everyday without going to the barber.

I would recommend the ACHM2™ procedure to anyone who is looking to improve their self-confidence. 100% satisfied!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

D. A. May 2010

I just want to thank you, Mark and Gale, so much for what you are doing to help balding and thinning hair men like myself. I flew into Florida looking 42, I’m flying out looking 22 and couldn’t be happier with my new look. Upon searching the Internet for help and/or a solution for my thinning hair (I was angling my search towards hair transplants), I came across a UK based company that offered tattoo hair replication. Upon deciding that this could be the solution for me, I broadened my search on this subject and came across Artistry Concepts.

The difference between Artistry Concepts and other hair replication providers was so clear upon further research (which, trust me, I did a ton of). Other providers had pretty and flashy websites with a lot of quick talk, but seemed to lack proof of good results. It was apparent that because AC does such an excellent job and is so proud of their work, they were the only company that allows a very close in zoom for inspection on their many before and after photos. Since so much information on the procedure was offered on their website, I knew that AC had nothing to hide behind and felt very comfortable choosing their ACHM2™ to solve my thinning hair problem.

I arrived at Artistry Concepts a bit nervous and apprehensive but was immediately put at ease by Mark and Gale’s friendliness and professionalism. Mark was adamant about not putting a needle to my head until he knew exactly how I wanted to wear my hair and what my desired outcome was. He then custom made a pigment for my unique shade of brown hair and went to work. When he finished, my highest expectations had been exceeded, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Artistry Concepts. The final product looks like a full, dense head of short hairs, perfectly shaded to match my existing hair. For those considering this unique solution for their thinning or balding heads, I cannot recommend Artistry Concepts Hair Replication enough. Trust me, you will be ecstatic with the outcome. Hiair Clinic ReviUPDATE June 2010: “Got it shaved down and it’s looks better than I could have possibly imagined.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. E. May 2010

I only wish someone had told me sooner before I went and had my head butchered by another company that really didn‘t know what they were doing. Mark saw my dilemma and even though I presented him with the challenge of painting a picture on a damaged canvas, he accepted the challenge and delivered perfection.

I am so grateful for Artistry Concepts accepting me as one of their clients and treating me with such care and respect. The professionalism of both Gale and Mark is second to none and I advise anyone who is considering having this procedure done to book an appointment with Artistry Concepts right now. Thank you again Gale and Mark. A very satisfied customer.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

R. S. April 2010

Before I begin my review I want to thank Mark and Gale for the excellent hospitality and service they provided to me. I was completely comfortable and felt confident that I was in good hands during the entire process.

I am a 24 year old male with diffuse pattern hair loss on the top of my scalp with the loss being most significant towards my hairline and then tapering off towards my crown. After a close examination of my scalp, Mark was able to determine where he felt the best placement of my new hairline would be, and once I agreed he painstakingly drew and re-drew the outline on my head with an erasable pen until he, Gale, and Myself all agreed it looked as good as it could possibly be.

After that he chose a pigment that would best match the color of my hair while also making sure to select a pigment that would not bring out the natural blue undertones of my scalp. The procedure itself was not very painful, and Mark took his time to make sure every area was well blended and sufficiently covered. I was then given clear and detailed instructions on how to properly care for my new “hair” while it heals and cures. The results exceeded my already high expectations, and I honestly can’t tell where the pigment follicles end and my real hair follicles begin. The size, placement, and color of the pigment follicles are perfect and blend into my real hair seamlessly.

Mark is an artist and completely unmatched in this field, and he genuinely cares about giving his clients the best experience and results possible.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

E. M. April 2010

I said many years ago that I wanted to do some type of tattooing on my head when I start to have hair loss. Friends thought I was crazy and said it wouldn’t look natural. Here I am years later, after a little bit of research, I came across Artistry Concepts. I was sold after looking at all the close ups. I said, “This is what I’m talking about. People are actually doing this!” I made my appointment with Gale, and Mark did all the work. The results were fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I knew it would look better, but I didn’t think I could still see my skin between all the “new” follicles. Do not hesitate to make an appointment if you are thinking about it. You will be greeted by a very friendly couple here that will give you the results that you want.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

J. C. IRELAND January 2010

I truly cannot put into words what hair replication has done for me, ye’ve given me my life back just to be able to walk down the street without a hat; for me that’s just unreal. All my life I’ve dreamed of having my own hair and now I’ve got the next best thing without having to cut it WOW. I truly just want to thank the both of ye for the way ye treated myself and Maura, ye couldn’t have been more friendlier to us thanks. Mark, you are a true artist and perfectionist at what you do, to anyone who is thinking about having hair replication treatment done, just go to Artistry Concepts they are the masters at this it does work and it is amazing, I was worried at first until I met Mark and straight away he put me at ease, If hair replication worked on me, it will work on anyone. Mark and Gale, again I cannot thank the both of ye enough for what ye have done for me the results are just amazing, if the world was filled with people like ye, what a wonderful place it would be. From the bottom of my heart, thanks. Kindest regards.

UPDATE: 12/24/2010: Mark & Gale hope this e-mail finds you both well I just want to wish you both a very Happy Christmas. And just to say thank you so much for what you’ve done for me, you’ve changed my life so much for the better I can’t really put it into words to be honest.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

ROBERT May 2010

“O.M.G!” I just got the ACHM2™ hair replication procedure done by Mark and I must say I am beyond thrilled about it. It looks better than I thought, no let me rephrase that, it looks 1 million times better! I was a bit skeptical about getting this done because I had previously gotten a cosmetic micro-pigmentation procedure done about a year ago that just ended looking horrible which caused me to doubt Mark’s unique procedure. With not much to lose I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did – is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!!! From the start Gale and Mark were very kind and helpful, and nothing was left answered. Mark has truly transformed my look and has given me a part of my life that was missing since I started balding. My hair is back! I feel as if I just lost 5, or if I grew a few more inches, I FEEL on top of the world.

There is about only one thing I regret – not doing this sooner! I can’t find the words to thank you Mark, but I must say this – Mark needs a statue built after him!”

UPDATE August 2010: I felt the need to write you and thank you once again for providing such great service and bringing myself back to life. Words can’t describe how happy I am with my “haircut.” I still wake up in the morning and feel as though a miracle was granted to me. Jackie and I got married on June 5th in los Cabos (Mexico) and I couldn’t have been any prouder of my look, we will be sending the pictures soon. Hope all is well, and that you guys put an end to the malicious act by that guy who was trying to ruin the great thing you guys have going.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. N. AUSTRALIA January 2010

The beginning of a totally worthwhile journey commenced with a 9,000 mile flight from the other side of the world. Prior to heading to a place I had never heard of before, known as Englewood, my friend and I undertook many months of research between Mark Weston’s procedure and that of the “shady UK competitor” that only provides a temporary solution. Not knowing exactly what to expect, or for that matter, the outcome, I had many doubts and was very skeptical about such a procedure (& also even almost backed off at one stage). What made matters worse was that I spoke with the competitor who advised me to stay away from the Artistry Centre as the procedure does not look natural. However, I am pleased to say that I went with our gut instinct and I can honestly say that it has paid off. Having undergone the permanent procedure, (along with months of research), I now know that the difference between Mark and his competitor is that Mark’s greatest reward is seeing the smile on the customer’s face, whereas, his competitor does it purely on a business level to get you to come back. I can’t reiterate enough that after taking the plunge, I have never once thought of looking back. It is astonishing as to how realistic his procedure looks. Each follicle has its own individual characteristics. To see the look on my girlfriend’s, family’s and friends’ face when I came back, they were left with their mouths open in pure amazement. Knowing the procedure I had undergone, they were surprised as to how realistic and natural the final result looks. My friend in particular, couldn’t believe that the it actually looked as good in real life as it does on the website. I can’t thank Mark or Gale enough for providing such a fantastic, friendly and professional experience with an outcome which couldn’t be any better. It has totally changed my life for the better PERMANENTLY.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

M. E. AUSTRALIA March 2010

Just wanted to send you a brief note letting you know how I am going with my “new” short hair. Frankly I think it is fantastic. It is such a relief from having to deal with stupid inflexible transplant hair. Rather than wanting to keep my hair longer I am keeping it as short as I can. I travelled by train to see my parents a few days ago and someone on the train actually said “I like your hair.” This is the first time somebody, anybody has told me that they like my hair – and they certainly would not have said that of my old transplant hair. Kind of weird in a way. Once things settle down I will shoot some pics off to you. As happy as ever with the “hair.”

UPDATE 12/25/2010: Just wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. My Artistry Concepts’ work is still looking good. I am a very happy client. I also mentioned and showed Mark’s work to a renowned dermatologist here in Australia and he was suitably amazed – he even took photos to show other dermatologists. I hope you are both weathering the people trying to rip off your work and cash in on it. That’s just poor form. Thanks again.

Jonathan Gerow After Scalp Micropigmentation

Jonathan Gerow July 2010

Just finished my ACHM2™ here in Englewood, Florida…words can’t describe how satisfied I am now that it is finished…I’ve gained confidence and self worth due to the genius of Mark’s talents. For people who are looking for that piece of a puzzle that is missing in your life, Mark and Gale are the ones who found it at Artistry Concepts. Thanks from the new me.

UPDATE August 2010: “I got my hair cut today and the hairdresser didn’t even know I had the ACHM2…as a matter of fact, she tried to get my number! I didn’t give it though, haha. Mark would be proud.”

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

C. C. January 2010

First off I would like to thank you, I am very, very, very pleased with my results, the only thing I would change is that I would have made my appointment sooner. For anyone having doubts about “tattooed” hair, please don’t. I am pretty much covered in tattoos and I know first hand how they can look year after year if you take care of them. Mark’s work is so realistic looking I’ve had people touch my head and not even notice anything. Three days after I had this done, I cut my hair (clippers, no guard) and was out and about with no hat on…3 DAYS!!! I know everyone is different and everyone heals and reacts to pain differently, I heal really fast (I have lots of tattoos, so I’m used to healing) as far as the pain goes, I’d say some of my tattoos were about an 8 on a scale of 1-10(10 being very painful) getting this done was about a “2”. I am extremely satisfied with the way Mark matched up my hair color, the way he did my hairline and the professionalism both he and Gale have. I had my 12 year son with me, he sat in the waiting area playing his PSP and talking with Gale and occasionally coming in to the room to see first hand how I was doing. Both Mark and Gale made my son and I feel very comfortable (even went and picked up lunch from a great little sports pub down the road). I’m not going to lie, I had a few doubts at first, but after that first day and I went back to the hotel, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. It was right then that I knew I had made the best decision when it came to my hair loss. Now here I am 3 months later . I look younger, I feel great , and I would absolutely recommend the ACHM procedure to anyone who is thinking about it. I still wake up everyday and spend about 5 minutes just looking in the mirror at how realistic it looks!!! It just looks like I shave my head, I’ve seen my pics on the ACHM website and it looks great, but I must say I think it looks much better in person. My life has changed for the better now and I’m glad I chose ACHM and Mark and Gale I can’t thank you enough. I was never ashamed of going bald or how I looked, I just felt like, if I can do something to make me feel better about myself…Why not?? Thanks again Mark & Gale and I will continue to keep in touch and send a few more photos as time goes on. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU !!!!!!!

UPDATE September 2010 Hey there Mark and Gale, hope all is well down there in Florida. Just wanted to thank you guys again for everything you’ve done for me. It’s been a long, hot summer up here in Pennsylvania and I’ve been enjoying every second of it. As I told you before, I’m always outside in the sun (yard work, swimming in my pool, etc.) and I always put SPF100 on my scalp beforehand. And I must say the ACHM2 still looks good as new!!! Just wanted to stay in touch and thank you guys again for the wonderful work you do….Semper Fi!!!

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

PAUL, January 2010

Just want to say a few words about Artistry Concepts. In sum, Mark and Gale solved my hair loss problems in a matter of hours. I have spent the last 20 years plus trying to do this. I began with multiple failed transplants that left severe scarring. Mark was able to conceal my scars and create a full “buzz cut” look which I been wanting for years but was very conscious of my ht scars. I can go on forever. These people are the real deal. Mark is not only a true artist but he actually cares and treats everyone like he has known them for years (as does Gale). The procedure was risky but the end result speaks for itself. Everyone I tell thinks I am lying and does not believe the procedure is tattooing. I wanted to keep it quiet but it looks so good I don’t care if anyone knows. I only wish that I had done this much earlier.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

W. E. February 2010

I want to thank Mark and Gale for all their excellent work and service. I am very happy and very impressed with my results and would highly recommend it to anyone. Mark and Gale make a great team, and made the entire process effortless and pleasant. I did my research in this field before taking the plunge, Mark is, by all means, in a league of his own and a pioneer in this craft. It is evident that Mark is very passionate and skilled at what he does. This is the type of person you want to have working on you. In fact, I will be returning to Mark for some other custom work in the near future.

PROS: (1) Very little discomfort, in fact I almost dozed-off a couple times. (2) Little redness, which mostly subsided by the next day. (3) Great communication and explanation throughout the entire process by both Mark and Gale. (4) No one could tell I had it done. They just thought I had stopped razoring my head. (5) Overall office was very well kept, clean and professional.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation


This definitely has been one of the best decisions I have made throughout my life. I have suffered hair loss from a very young age, but I never saw hair transplants as an option. This procedure makes Mark very innovative, comfortable and practical. In no time, healing was subtle and healed in a couple of days or so. He is a serious artist, talented and professional, and really knows his stuff. Three months ago I did the procedure and so far no one has noticed, only that “shaved” is my style. I am very happy and content with my new look and thank you very much to Mark and Gale for the quality of work they provide. (translated from Spanish).

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

Martin Poledna, SLOVAKIA, November 2009

My new hair healed very quickly, 2 or 3 days after the procedure. I didn’t even know I had done something on my head.. and I would like to thank you, I feel like a totally new person, one I like much better then the one before. So far no one has noticed I have tattooed hair, which is great.

Gale, you were right when you told me, I would never regret the decision to come and have it done. I look much younger and feel more enthusiastic now, I will recommend this to anyone, if in doubt.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

K. M. June 2009

I recently went down to Englewood, Florida and had some work performed by Mark with the help of his very pleasant partner Gale. The studio was extremely clean and had a great atmosphere and was not at all what I expected! Mark took great pride in his work and is extremely concerned with the satisfaction of his customers. I could tell that Mark takes every job very personal and is not finished until the customer has a smile on their face. After being there a short time it felt like I knew Mark and Gale for years! Thanks again for everything guys.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

B. A. March 2009

I’m still in awe from my appearance improving so drastically. The testimonial pictures tell the entire story. There is NO procedure that comes close to comparing. That’s factoring price and legitimacy. ACHM2® is easily the greatest investment I have ever made. Mark and Gale are experts and extremely professional. I knew exactly what to expect before I made my trip from Philadelphia. They were thorough in preparing me for the procedure, and best of all my hair looks completely REAL. This was the most important factor to me because I was skeptical that this procedure would produce 100 percent natural looking results. I am more than happy with the outcome! Thanks for everything Mark and Gale.

Man After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

L. S. March 2009

WOW!!!! I came here after hearing that this studio tattooed hair. I was partially bald coming in, and left with a head of hair that resembled a close “buzz” cut. Nobody can tell the difference between where my hair stops and where the tattooed “hair” starts unless they touch it. These people are really geniuses here and they recreated my front hairline, hid my birthmark and matched the color of my own hair (that was still there!). I feel twenty years younger and look really cool. I am thrilled with my new look. You’ve got that right when it’s called ARTISTRY CONCEPTS!!!


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