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Welcome To Our Scalp Micropigmentation Information Blog

This extensive scalp micropigmentation information blog collection will provide a wealth of useful information for the potential client that you will find through no other provider. Also known as tattoo for hair loss, hair replication, hair pigmentation, scalp or micro hair tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is quickly becoming the most sought-after form of hair restoration in the hair loss industry. This highly specialized field has caused an escalation in the number of companies now offering scalp micropigmentation (and training). Unfortunately, many of those seeking to cash in are hiring new technicians without the proper training, knowledge, supplies or equipment.

The articles in this blog will assist in educating the reader through many of the industry’s questions, facts and fallacies. These will assist you in sorting out providers’ claims and real facts. We encourage everyone to do their own research before undergoing this type of procedure.

06 May

Understanding The Scalp Micropigmentation Healing Process

No matter what it is called, the scalp micropigmentation healing process still must be treated as a tattoo.  It is considered an injury to the skin and is a complicated inflammatory process.   Every time the needle penetrates, it causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process.   Your body’s immune system has […]

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26 Apr

What is Really in That Scalp Micropigmentation Pigment?

Scalp micropigmentation providers claim that their pigments/inks are natural, organic, hypo-allergenic, specially made, etc.  But the truth is that these companies don't really have a clue what is in the pigments they are putting under your scalp skin.  This article will tell you what they don't tell you. NOTE:  Weston developed his vegan pigments in […]

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05 Nov

Scalp Micropigmentation Multi-Sessions Scarring

Scalp Micropigmentation Multi-Sessions (SMP-MS) Will Cause Scarring Regardless of the type of tattoo, tattooing over and over in the same area of the skin will eventually cause scarring.  And this certainly applies to scalp-micropigmentation multi-sessions (SMP-MS).  I never refer to my System as "SMP," as I do not offer SMP.  I researched, developed and patented […]

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