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Welcome To Our Scalp Micropigmentation Information Blog

This extensive scalp micropigmentation information blog collection will provide a wealth of useful information for the potential client that you will find through no other provider. Also known as tattoo for hair loss, hair replication, hair pigmentation, scalp or micro hair tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is quickly becoming the most sought-after form of hair restoration in the hair loss industry. This highly specialized field has caused an escalation in the number of companies now offering scalp micropigmentation (and training). Unfortunately, many of those seeking to cash in are hiring new technicians without the proper training, knowledge, supplies or equipment.

The articles in this blog will assist in educating the reader through many of the industry’s questions, facts and fallacies. These will assist you in sorting out providers’ claims and real facts. We encourage everyone to do their own research before undergoing this type of procedure.

08 Mar

M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Centers Offer a Permanent One Day Remedy for Hair Loss

Approximately 56 million men suffer from male pattern baldness as well as women suffering from some type of hair loss. Medications, potions, topicals and even invasive hair transplant surgeries have been only a temporary solution. But now, The Weston System®, offers the world's only patented, one-day, permanent scalp tattooing method for hair loss. M. Weston […]

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06 Dec

The New Weston Centers

Mark Weston has long been known in the scalp pigmentation industry since early 2009.  Weston is now offering Licenses to pre-screened applicants only.  The new M. Weston Centers will become the flagship of this industry. The overwhelming success and demand for Mark Weston's patented scalp pigmentation application method has prompted the parent company of Artistry […]

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06 Dec

Mark Weston Interview

INTERVIEWER:  Artistry Concepts® was the first scalp pigmentation company in the USA in 2009.  Why the change in name to “M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration®” (The Weston Centers) after being so successful under the name of Artistry Concepts®? WESTON:  The Mark Weston name is synonymous with the actual research and development of equipment and application […]

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