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As The Weston System is a one-session appointment only, all these photos were taken immediately after the completion of the pigmentation and hairlines may appear hard until redness subsides within 24 to 48 hours.  The final blending, curing of the color and softening of the hairlines can be seen as early as one week to 4 weeks depending on the man’s individual skin type and condition.  To view final results, please see our long-term results gallery. *”Results may vary from person to person.”

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Weston’s extensive experience in all areas of custom tattooing, permanent cosmetics, scar camouflage and scalp micropigmentation are evident in the unique cases below.  A small showcase of Weston’s talents.  Please visit regularly for more cases to be posted.

Correction Cases

The first set of photos show corrections done with The Weston System to some other providers multi-session scalp micropigmentations.  These are both well-known providers and some not so well known; both by experienced and non-experienced artists.  The Weston Center continues to accommodate men whom have made an error in their decision to a provider they chose.  These men cannot be blamed for making bad decisions, they simply fell for many of these company’ s high-ressure sales pitches.  In the end, they have been corrected as much as possible.  These SMP “malfunctions” are  only a handful of the worse cases Weston has dealt with.

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
Before The Weston System correction and immediately after.

CASE 1: This 34 year-old man came for a correction  to his previously applied SMP-MS (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) application.  The hairline was off almost 1/2 inch on his right side and the technician did not blend down into his temple/sideburn area and the crown area was left unaddressed completely.  The previous provider’s 4 multi-sessions resulted in the front inch of the hairline being almost a solid fill.  In time, the multi-session pigment should fade away enough to make The Weston System apear more natural with individual replicated follicles

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
Before The Weston System correction and immediately after.

Case 2:  An example of what the multi-session providers claim as “permanent.”  The hairline and temple area faded extensively after only 3 months.  They also made the hairline too-rounded for this man’s face and did not replicate his natural hairline.

Unfortunately, the previous hairline had to be duplicated because of the SMP-MS discoloration remaining.

Inexperience shows with pigmentation attempted by a permanent cosmetics technician.
Man after Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation and text
Another provider falsely claimed he ran a “test” product on this man.

Case 3: A very interesting case here where a gentleman came all the way from Malta for this correction. The technician in Malta applied pigmentation in rows and did not follow the natural growth pattern of the man’s hair. In addition, she used commercial cosmetic pigment that turned blue on the scalp. This is the ultimate case of inexperience.

What’s even more interesting, another US provider received a request from this same gentleman to view his photos for a correction, but ultimately the gentleman decided to go to Weston for the correction because of his experience.  The other provider then used this man’s photos (without his permission) for the false claim that he “tested” an NPM product per their request on this man’s scalp and that the blue rows were a result of his “test.”  There was no “test” ever done and this man never spoke to nor went to the provider claiming that he worked on him.

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation Long Term Results
A multi-session “permanent SMP” that faded with 10 months. The Weston System (right) post 8 months.

Case 4:  Another example of a pre-mature fading of a multi-session provider’s “permanent” scalp micropigmentation.  The photo to the left is post 10 months of the previous provider’s application where all the pigment had faded.  The right photo shows The Weston System correction post 8 months.

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation Long Term Results

Case 5:  Before, immediately after and post 3 months after the Weston correction. “Permanent SMP”  once again faded prematurely and the technician did not even blend the new pigmentation into the mans’s remaining hair.

This man contacted the company numerous times about his fading and poor application, but his phone calls were blocked.

As can be seen, the man’s Weston application is stellar post three months.

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
The blue pigment is evident on the attempted camouflaging of the transplant scars.

Case 6:  Yet another example of the intolerable lack of experience on the part of an “SMP-MS” (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) technician.  This inferior work is very much in line with the gentleman from Malta above.

The technician created a “tongue” look in the middlle of this man’s frontal hairline.  She then moved to attempting to camouflage the man’s hair transplant scars.  It is hard to understand why she kept proceeding when she saw the pigment was turning blue.  While it was suggested that the work be lasered off, the gentleman did not wish to go throught the pain of lasering.  Weston was able to camouflage most of the blue pigment with the permanent SMART Pigments.

Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
“Permanent SMP” was attempted to be removed by laser. Blue/green undertones remained.

Case 7:  This set of photos demonstrates the result of removal of “permanent SMP”  by laser.  As can be seen, the off-colors added to typical scalp micropigmentation pigments resulted in a residue color of blue/green.

Weston’s SMART Pigments once again were able to camouflage most of the off-color residue.  SMP-MS (multi-session scalp micropigmentation) while claimed as permanent, typically needs to be reapplied 5-7 years later.  But many only lasted a few months or year.  The only permanent pigment is the off-color shadows that remain which is common with multi-session applications.

Unique Cases

These photos are a small sampling of unique cases that showcase Weston’s experience and extensive talent.

Woman Before and After Weston System Patented Micropigmentation

Weston first applied eyeliner before camouflaging the scarring from the facial reconstruction. The after photo is without any makeup.

Case 1:  After a horrific motorcycle accident, the cosmetic surgeon had to reconstruct most of this woman’s face, including re-aligning her lips.  With extensive scarring still remaining from the reconstruction, she was left with purple scars under her left eye, chin and around her mouth.  The surgeon was aware of Weston’s capabilities and referred this woman to Weston for scar camouflaging.

Weston’s first decision was to apply permanent eyeliner (left) in an attempt to draw attention away from the scarring on the rest of her face.  Weston then proceeded to match her natural skin tone into the surgical scarring area.  These areas included under her left eye, above her lip on the right side and left lower chin area.

To further correct the misalignment of her reconstructed lips, Weston applied a permanent lip color in a very subtle shade to match her natural color.  She could then further enhance her lips with any lipstick color she chose.

severely scarred scalp
beard before weston system
beard reproduction after weston system

Case 2:  This man suffered severe burns to his scalp and face after he accidentally rolled onto an open fireplace as an infant.  Weston reproduced the missing and damaged follicles on the right side of his scalp, frontal hairline and around the ear area.  Also camouflaged were the scars from the grafts on the left rear of his scalp.  As the man’s beard on the right side of his face also was burned and unable to grow, Weston reproduced the beard to replicate a day’s growth look that the man requested.  Outstanding work from only someone with Weston’s experience.

Flowers tattoo

Case 3:  Displaying more of Weston’s talents, this young lady was also burned, but from a spilled hot cup of coffee as child.  However, Weston was only performing scalp micropigmentation at this time in 2011.  But with Weston’s reputation as an extraordinary custom tattoo artist and extensive experience in scar camouflage for severe cosmetic defects, Weston was specially commissioned to design the custom art to cover the burned area.

The actual scarring of the skin contributed to the realistic effect of these Hibiscus flowers.  Weston used stronger colors and where the burn was less prominent and softer tones on the heavy scarring to further mimic the naturally rumpled pedals of the flower.  Not only did this yound lady receive a beautiful and natural-looking tattoo, but she was no longerself-conscious about the burn and was overjoyed with the new artwork.

weston system alopecia eyebrows
Weston used his patented needles to design eyebrows for this Alopecia client. Photo was taken immediately after procedure.

Case 4:  Weston’s artistic talents extends to individual hair-stroke eyebrows.  This client whom suffered from Alopecia also had his eyebrows reproduced by Weston.  The needles used for this man’s eyebrows were Weston’s patented needles.  Weston believes that the popular microblading results in too heavy a look, too uniform for too many variety of faces (cloned look) and scars the delicate facial skin for future applications.

Weston had offered permanent cosmetics (not semi-permanent) for women prior to concentrating on scalp micropigmention full-time.  Weston now routinely replicates natural hairstroke eyebrows for his male clients.

Extensive Hair Transplant Scarring

While other providers do not have the experience, method and equipment to even consider accepting clients like these, Weston again can produce results that no other provider can match.  To see more hair transplant repairs, please see this Gallery.

Man with Hair Transplant Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
Man Before and After Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation


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