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The Weston System is happy to supply the following FAQs for prospective clients. Here you will find the answers to a number of questions that occasionally pop up. Our answers may differ from those of our competitors’, however our answers are based on research and Mark Weston’s experience. We encourage anyone interested in scalp tattooing for hair loss, head tattooing or scalp micropigmentation to fully read these FAQs in order to better understand the process.

Is The Weston System permanent?

Yes. There are several factors contributing to the permanency of this system. Some providers label their procedures “permanent,” but effect actually lasts only 3 to 7 years. The main contributing factors in The Weston System are specially designed proprietary equipment, pigment used, patented needles and application method.

Companies that require numerous session treatments utilize cosmetic pigments that are derived from plants and plant-based dyes. These dyes are naturally absorbed by the human body over a short period of time, causing fading. However, the color never entirely fades; typically an unfavorable shadow remains in blue or green tone.

How many sessions do I need?

The Weston System is a one-time, permanent application applied consecutively over one to two days. Our procedure is typically completed in one day, but in some cases two days for extensive hair loss or clients suffering from Alopecia. Most providers utilize a method requiring your initial application be done in the first appointment, then returning every week to ten days for three sessions for full completion. In some cases, there have been reports of up to nine sessions. You will need to endure travel and lodging expenses each time. For more information, please read Scalp Micropigmentation Multi-Session Facts.

Why is The Weston System a one appointment only application when all other scalp pigmentations are numerous sessions?

Mark Weston has developed a unique application method as well as a needle that implants sufficient pigment into the scalp for longevity. This application method is patented. Please view our video demonstration entitled “Beware of Multi-Session Scalp Micropigmentation” on our Home Page specifically explaining the difference between our one-session and others’ multi-sessions. The Weston System combines a patented application method and proprietary equipment and specially developed permanent pigments that result in a one-time application. More information is available HERE.

I have undergone numerous sessions from an SMP-MS (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) company with nothing to show for it.  Each session fades and is gone by the time I am scheduled to return for another session.  I have had six sessions.  What is the problem?

This is a question that we routinely receive. The reason is scarring. Here is a detailed explanation. This is the very reason Mark Weston developed his one-session, permanent method.

Is the Weston System 3D?

To alleviate any confusion, 3D is strictly an illusion, based on a 2D application. There is no such thing as a physical 3-D scalp pigmentation. The 3D illusion look was originally developed by Mark Weston in November of 2009 with the creation of his patented needles and application method. This natural look is accomplished by specific placement of replicated follicular hair units with shades of color, creating an illusion of 3D hair growth. These exclusive shades of pigments are applied in a proprietary technique to mimic the natural light and dark areas of naturally buzzed hair. The Weston System’s scalp micropigmentation method transitions what essentially is two-dimensional into what the human eye depicts as three-dimensional.

Do I have to blade shave my head?

No. You never have to blade shave your head. The Weston System was designed to blend with your remaining natural hair buzz cut at a length of 1/16th of an inch and designed for you to buzz every few days or as needed. This alleviates every man with a cloned look of a uniform gray scalp.

Do I have to wear my hair buzzed or can I grow it out?

This would depend entirely on your hair loss. While everyone is required to buzz (not blade shave) their hair for The Weston System application, some men that are adding a thickening effect can grow their hair back out. Those men with considerable loss with no hair on top or crown must wear their hair buzzed. If you have hair that will cover the pigmentation, then you can grow your hair out. Hairlines can never be dropped down below any remaining hair on your hairline unless you buzz your hair.

What kind of pigments do you use?

Our proprietary colored SMART Pigments® are far superior to anything else in the marketplace and. These pigments are organic and completely vegan, containing no animal by-products either in the carriers or the base pigment.

All custom hair colors are individually mixed from base colors to match your own existing hair color and to compliment your natural skin undertone. These unique scalp micropigmentation pigments are permanent lasting a lifetime, but were engineered to continually blend in a natural way, should your own hair start to gray in later years.

For our clients requiring gray tones (less than 5% of our clientele), we have modified a commercially available base pigment to use in these cases. For the majority of our clients, we use Weston’s uniquely developed colored base pigments. You can see some examples of these pigments on the Weston Difference page. Our pigments also contain an anti-shine component that results in a natural-looking matte finish that reduces unwanted scalp shine.

Do your pigments fade or change color?

No. Weston’s SMART Pigments® contain only carbon-based vegan pigments. Unlike commercially-purchased pigments, off colors such as blue, green and red have been omitted from his unique formulas. There is no danger of color change or premature fading.

As your pigments are permanent, I am concerned about when and if I gray. How does your method accommodate for this factor?

While the pigments do not prematurely fade, after decades they will mellow and soften (not to be confused with fading) to a gray tone. The SMART Pigments® are engineered to age with you and they will always blend in with your natural hair color.

Who in fact was the first to develop the scalp pigmentation concept?

While a British company claims to be the first, Mark Weston actually performed his first informal scalp pigmentation in 1989. This was long before the British company was even developed and years before they made their way to the United States. Weston was the first known person in the United States, in early 2009, to offer this concept on a full-time basis. Weston was the first and only person in the world to research and develop a specific needle and application method for scalp pigmentation. He is also the only person on the planet with a patented method. For more information, please read Who Started Scalp Micropigmentation in the USA?

Do you have the smallest needles to accurately replicate a hair follicle?

Yes. We have the smallest needles and the most advanced application method in the industry. You can see the difference between the Weston patented needle and other companies’ single needles on the Weston Difference page.

Will I need a touchup?

No. The Weston System was developed as a permanent application. Only extremely scarred hair transplant recipients may sometimes need a reapplication within a donor area.

Are there cost savings with The Weston System?

Yes. Since this is a one-time, permanent procedure, you do not have to return for additional sessions over a period of many weeks to complete your scalp micropigmentation. Nor are scheduled touchups required. You will not have to bear travel and lodging expenses each time, and your cost savings can be as high as $3000.

If you are considering any of the multi-session methods, be sure to get the full finished price, as each additional session can cost between $500 to $800 for as many as 6 sessions or even more. This coupled with numerous trips and time off work will result in a considerably higher price. You may get the real facts on multi-session methods HERE.

Do you provide anesthesia?

No, and we certainly do not recommend this. Many other providers do utilize a numbing cream because of their required multi-session methods. Weston does not use numbing creams. These creams alter the cellular structure of the skin, resulting in skin that can readily reject pigment and even cause migration of the pigment. There are also warnings from the FDA regarding some of these creams. Some hair transplant doctors that now offer scalp pigmentation utilize anesthesia injections, but this also changes the cell structure of the scalp during a procedure.

Unlike other scalp pigmentation procedures that require multiple sessions, The Weston System is applied using a patented method and needles which do not cause that type of extensive trauma to the scalp, resulting in less irritation and pain. The scalp is healed over within a few days of our one-time application. Most clients report no pain at all, others about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Can I talk/meet with someone who has had The Weston System applied?

Yes, provided there is someone in your local area. We can arrange for you to also correspond through email with a client. You are also welcome to come in for a personal consultation at which time you may be able to see the patented application being performed at any of our locations.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. The Weston System is a permanent procedure and does not fade like the SMP-MS (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) applications, therefore does not require touchups nor a lengthy guarantee. The Weston System cures to its final color within 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks, your scalp pigmentation will look the same for many years to come. At that time, if a touch up is warranted, there is no charge. It must be understood, however, some outside sources may affect the pigment such as sun, medications, stress and even diet.


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