The Weston System® Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Center Locations

Weston Center Corporate headquarters

Our mission of providing the highest quality scalp micropigmentation is paramount while also offering integrity and honesty.  We presently have two full-time centers open for M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration.  Our corporate center and training facility is located in LaBelle, Florida where Mark Weston still offers his personal services of the application of The Weston System.

Unlike some other providers who list erroneous locations on their websites, our actual operating center locations are in Southern California in addition to our corporate location in Florida.  Our licensed center artists here have been specifically and thoroughly trained in The Weston System at our formal training facility.

Each location is properly licensed as is each individual licensed center artist.

A location in Illinois will be opening in 2018 upon this artist’s completion of his apprenticeship under Mr. Weston.

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