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Ernesto Lopez and Yesica Espino are a husband and wife team from our first international location. Yesica economics graduate who discovered that her true passion was to change people’s lives. She has a Hair Loss Consultant Certification by Hair Loss Control Clinic (HLCC).

Ernesto and Yesica previously had scalp micropigmentation experience, but Weston had to break them of incorrect habits learned from the previous company and retrain them in proper hairlines as well as the specific use of Weston’s patented needle and application method.

Ernest and Yesica are happy to share their story of their journey to operating a Weston Center:

“We have been in the hair loss business for some years now, but it was until 2014 that we ‘discovered’ scalp micropigmentation, we were amazed by the results and we loved the idea of helping people feel free again without having to use products, microfibers and a lot of other things that don’t let you live the life you want.

That’s when our research began! We wanted to partner with a company and found one that seemed great. We took our training and everything was fine until we started to realize that the pigments faded very quickly. (This company trained us in the multi-session method).  Our clients needed several touch-ups because of the single needle technique. I’m not going to lie, we felt frustrated and disappointed. This company said that their method should last for at least ten years.  If clients needed constant touch-ups,  that leads to a solid color look instead of tiny points that simulate follicles.

We still loved scalp micropigmentation but knew that we didn’t have the right tools. So the research began again, but this time we were more prepared and had more knowledge. That quest led to Mark Weston in Florida, USA.  As Mark Weston covered and demonstrated in detail in one of his videos, we related with everything he said like the fading, the multi session process, etc.  We saw tons of photos of his work and were really impressed. The Color was the same as day one even though years have passed by! He had a patented needle and application method and his own pigments. We knew at that point Mark was the guy who we wanted to learn from and start our new and improved journey being part of the best scalp micropigmentation technique!  We have a commitment with any person that comes to us looking for a solution for their hair loss, and are now able to offer the very best in the world.”   


M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Mexico Weston Center

Mexicali 73, Col. Condesa

Mexico City, MX 06100


Phone:  55-45-06-68-81

Email:  Info@Bioregenesis.Com.Mx

CORPORATE (USA)  (941) 217-5103

EMAIL:  Info@Markwestonhair.Com


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