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Michael met Weston as a client while having his own scalp micropigmentation performed in 2017. He began experiencing hair loss in his mid-twenties and found that oral and topical applications were not effective, in addition to having many side effects.

“I did extensive research into treatments for hair loss. I was discouraged by the multi-session methods which were quite costly and time-consuming. With Mark Weston’s patented one time session and realistic looking results, I knew it was the solution for me. I was so impressed with my results and with the desire to help others in my situation, I pursued joining Mark Weston.”

Michael enjoys riding his custom chopper, breeding exotic bulldogs, and spending time with his family. He has previously owned businesses dealing with materials transportation and interior home maintenance.

Michael’s business partner is his wife, Christina, who will assist with daily operations. Christina has experience as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and currently acts as a case manager for disabled workers. She also enjoys breeding exotic hairless cats in her free time. Michael’s daughter, Marilyn, will be apprenticing under Weston to join her father as a Weston artist to expand the Southern California location in the near future.  She is currently raising her young daughter but previously excelled as a phlebotomist while working for a prestigious and exclusive medical practice to the stars.

The Pichintes look forward to making your M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Loss Restoration a reality and servicing this busy California location.

You are welcome to come in for a personal consultation, but we must first receive your photos to determine if you are a candidate.  We will then refer you to Mr. Pichinte at the Southern California Center.


M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

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