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Angela Davis is a registered nurse and has worked in the medical aesthetics field for twelve years administering such services as Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments.  She discovered The Weston System® while searching online for a training course to learn how to perform scalp micropigmentation, but she only came across the multi-session methods.  As Angie wanted to provide the best possible outcome for her clients, she extended her research and discovered the patented Weston System.  It was obvious to her that this one-session method was far superior to the multi-session methods.

With her previous related experience and natural aesthetic abilities, Angie completed her training and extensive apprenticeship effortlessly and successfully and is looking forward to offering The Weston System to help men and women with all types of hair loss feel great about themselves.

Angie enjoys spending time with her husband, Jay and their two dogs, Cooper (a 9 year-old Dachshund) and Lillo (a 3 year-old Chiweenie).  Angie has a true love for people and looks forward to offering The Weston System.

You are welcome to come in for a personal consultation, but we must first receive your photos to determine if you are a candidate.  We will then refer you to Ms. Davis at the Tennessee  Center.

Weston System Tennessee location

M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Tennessee Weston Center

Shelby Street

Bristol, Tennessee   30328

Telephone:  (941) 217-5103

Email:  Info@Markwestonhair.Com


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