Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation Guarantees

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To understand scalp micropigmentation guarantees, choosing a company based on their guarantees alone can be deceiving and and can be a circle of confusion.  Most of the multi-session companies offer a 12 month guarantee , while others offer lifetime guarantees.  So let’s read between the lines of these “guarantees.”



Make sure you read the fine print or disclaimer about lifetime guarantees.  It is not possible to realistically offer a lifetime guarantee for multi-session methods.  Does your dentist offer a lifetime guarantee on your crown, for instance?  No, there are too many variables.  So don’t get sucked into the promise of this guarantee.  I have had at least a dozen clients whom had multi-session methods performed who in fact chose a particular company because of their “lifetime guarantees.”  When they attempted to make an appointment for a reapplication because of premature fading, they were told that they had a poor immune system which caused the fading.  But the big factor was that some of these companies were not even in business anymore!

Another company calls their touchups/reapplications “enhancements” at a cost of $295.  But what they don’t tell you, is that one “enhancement” will most likely not suffice and you will need to return numerous times at the cost of $295 each time.


Read this guarantee, there are a lot of buts, not covered, outside of the normal, etc.  Again, a roundabout circle so you don't know what they really offer.   Here is an overview of one well-known company’s 12 month guarantee:

One additional session is included in the 12 month guarantee.  Apparently, this covers “flaw protection” and longer term fading and these are both offered at no cost.  However, they further state that “If this course of action fails to resolve the matter, they may offer to remove the treatment.”  The key here is “may offer” which gives them an out.  And what exactly is “flaw protection?”  Assuming that “flaw protection” covers errors made on the part of the technician that cannot be corrected, so they offer free laser removal.  Why would they have technicians that cannot properly perform the treatment in the first place working on paying clients?

They offer no guarantee for a touchup.  They claim this is a paid session that is not covered caused by uneven fading/density outside of the normal 12 month guarantee.  With all the problems now known for constant fading with multi-session applications, it is common for patrons to return many times past a year for a “touchup,” which in fact is a paid session each time.

     Cost Guarantee:    These clients are provided a “fixed cost estimate,” which translates to how many sessions they think you will need.  A fixed cost estimate, this is a play on words.  A fixed cost is a fixed cost, an estimate is an estimate.  Now, of course, every scalp is different, agreed.  But to be required to pay for unnecessary additional sessions because of an inexperienced technician, should not fall on you.  This company is also becoming known for blaming the clients' immune systems for the constant fading.



This company’s guarantee is almost identical to the one above and most other multi-session providers.  However, they claim any additional session after the initial 12-month guarantee is at half off the cost.  Half off of what cost; the cost of your initial treatment?  There have been reports of these clients being charged twice as much as their original application because of prices increases, thereby the provider covering their costs with just charging for a completely new application.  Many of these clients have tried to make appointments numerous times and eventually their calls were blocked or the location no longer existed.


So what exactly does this mean?  By who's satisfaction; yours or the provider's?  If it is the provider's guarantee, then rest assured that they are satisfied when you leave form your final multi-session.  If it is your 100% satisfaction guarantee, then luck to you trying to get another appointment.



This is the simplest of all guarantees.  The Weston System is a permanent procedure and does not fade like the SMP-MS (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) applications, therefore does not require routine touch ups or reapplications.  A lengthy guarantee is not needed as The Weston System cures to its’ final color and density at the end of 45 days, permanently.  At the end of forty-five days, your scalp pigmentation will look like it will for a lifetime without change, touch ups or reapplications under proper care.  If at 45 days a touch up is warranted, there is no charge.  Our guarantee has remained the same and unchallenged since 2011.

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