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What is The Weston System®?

The Weston System is the most technologically-advanced hybrid medical tattooing and patented scalp micropigmentation method on the market. The system mimics lost follicular hair units on the scalp for men suffering from male pattern baldness. It is comprised of patented needles, proprietary equipment and pigments, as well as a specific methodology for application. The Weston System meticulously replicates frontal hairlines (forelock), the mid-scalp, the vertex and crown. A soft frontal hairline is enabled by graduation of replicated density and non-symmetrical patterns. This is a one-appointment only, permanent application, unlike the multi-session methods that can require up to as many as nine sessions.

A Superior and Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

  • Non-Surgical
  • One Time Permanent Application
  • Immediate Results
  • Virtually Pain-Free
  • No Recuperation Time
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Less Expensive than Hair Transplants

Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

The Weston System (formerly the ACHM2®) was researched and developed in 2009 as a premium application that naturally blends with any hair color and skin tone. It is applied on the client with a close buzz cut, blending the replicated follicles into the client’s remaining hair. Weston’s unique system was the world’s first one-time, one-appointment only application, and remains superior to any system in the marketplace.

This natural look is accomplished by specific varying placement of replicated follicular hair units with several shades of color, creating an illusion of 3D hair growth. These exclusive shades of pigments are applied in a patented application technique to mimic the natural light and darker areas of naturally buzzed hair. You may see some examples of these pigments on the Weston Difference page. The Weston System’s scalp micropigmentation method (also known as scalp tattooing or head tattooing) transitions what essentially is two dimensional into what the human eye depicts as three-dimensional.

While some companies claim that numerous sessions are mandatory in order to achieve a 3-D effect by adding different shades in each session, The Weston System accomplishes in one session only, with exceptional results.

Man Before Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
Man after Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation
weston system needles

Our Patented Needles

Because the size of these patented needles are many times smaller than those used by other applications, the pigment is applied deeper into the scalp creating permanency. The replicated hair follicular pigmentation follicles remain true to their original size in later years.

man's scalp with Weston System Patented Scalp Micropigmentation

Follicle Replication

The follicle replication is undetectable from that of actual real follicles.


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