Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Services in Naples & Fort Myers

Permanent eyebrow makeup services are for both women and men. For some, it is a matter of convenience, while for many it is a necessity. due to very thin or complete loss of eyebrows. Regardless of the reason, the client should know a few important facts about permanent eyebrows before making an appointment for this permanent facial alteration.

Know Your Artist

First, know your permanent makeup artist and their qualifications. We have artists at The Weston Center who have been in the tattoo and art field for close to 50 years now, we can safely say the most important aspect of finding a permanent makeup or eyebrow artist is to research and know what certifications they have obtained to qualify them to create and perform your new permanent look. Remember, this service is permanent, it will be life-changing for many. Let's do it with an experienced and qualified permanent makeup artist to make it an amazingly positive experience, not a dreadful disaster.

Are Permanent Eyebrows Really Permanent?

After researching your artist it is imperative to educate yourself on the different types of pigments. Semi-permanent and permanent pigments are "permanent", but probably not as you would expect them to be. Both types of pigments fade away over time. Depending on the pigment, an undesirable color may emerge, pink or green, leaving you disappointed and in need of a corrective or touch up procedure. Although a corrective procedure will fix the immediate issue, there will be long lasting effects. The second application will last for a couple of years and then the fading will again occur. This cycle will continue until the undesirable tint is no longer able to be corrected or covered.  There is a risk that even laser permanent makeup removal will not be able to remove that tint and bring you a successful result or the natural brow you desire.

Another aspect of this procedure to be aware of is the possibility of scarring. Anytime you have tattooing done; you are scarring tissue. If this is done too many times, your skin will no longer accept pigment in a way that will look natural or like the original time it was done.

While you are continuing to research and educate yourself about the procedure, process, and artist it is important for you to know that not all artists want the best option for you. Many artists view return customers needing corrective treatments or touch up treatments as a way to make additional revenue, regardless of the well being of the client. This is not how we view and treat our clients a The Weston Center. Your well-being is our #1 concern.

The Weston Center

In order to be able to give our clients a professional permanent result the very first time we formulated pigments that would be truly permanent, and not change to undesirable colors over time. What we have created is a state of the art line of pigments that gradually turn from the original color to gray. Meaning that your eyebrows will always match your original hair color with no need to have corrective treatments or touch up procedures. It is our main objective to create for you a natural-looking set of eyebrows that will be with you for the rest of your life.

When you come to The Weston Center for your procedure, you will get the knowledge of Mark Weston, with almost 30 years of experience creating eyebrows, we will give you the professional positive experience you deserve.


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