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The Weston System helps women boost their self-confidence and self-esteem by giving their face a youthful, glowing appearance of natural, flawless, fuller looking brows. This is a perfect procedure for those who are allergic to makeup products, cancer survivors or those who just have a busy and hectic lifestyle. If you reside in Naples or Fort Myers, read on to see why Mark Weston is the clear choice for all your permanent makeup needs.

Say goodbye once and for all to pencils and thickeners and finally say hello to naturally-looking full eyebrows. Micropigmentation for eyebrows, sometimes called microblading, provides the appearance of thickness to eyebrows that are over-waxed, over-plucked or thinning. Scalp micropigmentation is a medical tattooing procedure that recreates the natural look of your eyebrows, one individual follicle at a time, by pigmenting into the skin a visual illusion of full eyebrows. A non-surgical approach to permanent eyebrows, this amazing hair restoration process resembles individual follicles when properly and expertly applied.

Is it Worth It to Have Permanent Eyebrows?

Eyebrows frame and define the face. When applied correctly, this procedure will restore the appearance of thick, full eyebrows. Although scalp micropigmentation is most often thought of as a procedure for men, women can also enjoy the benefits of this procedure for hair as well as for eyebrows and other permanent makeup services. However, all scalp micropigmentation and microblading treatments are not the same, and making an informed decision on which provider to choose will have long-lasting implications. So please, read on before you decide which hair replication procedure to go with.

What Other Permanent Makeup Services Do You Offer?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning without the hassle of applying makeup? Mark Weston allows his clients to choose from permanent eyeliner, medical tattooing (scar camouflage), areola pigmentation and permanent lipstick. All services are performed by Mark Weston, the #1 micropigmentation artist in the world.

Aren’t All Micropigmentation Companies the Same?

Unfortunately, many micropigmentation procedures can leave the client with unnatural looking eyebrows, and the results can be more embarrassing than just thinning brows. Most companies use a single needle system that doesn’t have the ability to retain enough pigment to make a lasting replicated follicle in the implanted skin. This is why other providers require multiple treatments.

Most technicians don’t fully understand the method of micropigmentation or microblading. The only way to achieve life-like results are through proper hand and arm position, muscle control, angle of insertion on the brow area, proper needle depth and meticulous pace to permit complete control of the application depth.

What’s more, many providers have not completed many micropigmentation procedures on the eyebrows. It is not the same process whatsoever! Another mistake that many companies make is using off-the-shelf tattoo pigments. These were never designed to be used for micropigmentation treatments, and the results are unnatural and many fade and enlarge over time.

What is The Weston System?

The Weston System is the most technologically-advanced hybrid medical tattooing and patented scalp micropigmentation method on the market. The system mimics lost follicular hair units. It is comprised of patented needles, proprietary equipment and pigments, as well as a specific methodology for application.

The Weston System meticulously replicates density and non-symmetrical patterns on a female’s brow area. This is a one-appointment only, permanent application.

The Weston System is the superior and permanent solution for natural looking eyebrows.

  • Non-Surgical
  • One Time Permanent Application
  • Immediate Results
  • Virtually Pain-Free
  • No Recuperation Time
  • Maintenance-Free

The Weston System utilizes patented needles are many times smaller than those used by other applications. The pigment is applied deeper into the brow area creating permanency. The replicated hair follicular pigmentation follicles remain true to their original size in later years.

The Weston System also uses SMART Pigments which can be mixed into over 200 shades so everyone can get a perfect match with their hair color. Completely organic, one-hundred percent vegan with no heavy metals, SMART Pigments are only available at licensed Weston Centers.

The Most Accomplishments in the Field

Since 2009, Mark Weston has devoted himself and his research to advancing the hair restoration and medical tattooing industry with his work on scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup. No other company or individual can claim more accomplishments in this field than Mark Weston. Thousands of satisfied men and women have trusted Weston’s skill and expertise when it comes scalp micopigmentation, medical tattooing and permanent makeup.

If you would like to know more about micropigmentation for eyebrows or other permanent makeup services, or know someone that does, contact The Weston System today and experience fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows in just one application.

Located in Fort Myers, the M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration location is just a short drive from Naples.


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