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We are proud that the following professionals have chosen to endorse both The Weston System® and the licensing and training for the M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Centers. We thank them for their foresight, support and trust in The Center’s success and expansion.

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Michael Thomas, M. D.

“Considering a career in scalp micropigmentation? There is only one option, Mark Weston’s Mastership Training Program, and licensing opportunity.  I have followed Mark’s pioneering progress in the area of scalp micropigmentation for many years and have personally observed his dedication to aesthetics and technique.

Mark stands alone as an inventor and innovator as he has created and patented specialized needles, pigments and a method for application specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation. These innovations combined with Mark’s artistic skills rightly qualify him as the expert and master practitioner in hair follicle replication with gratifying results to thousands of clients. The standards Mark has created have earned endorsements from the International Board of Medicine and Surgery.  He is now recognized on two doctor’s websites for his achievements, RealSelf and HairSite.  He is also the first and only practitioner in this field to be accepted into the American Hair Loss Council.

As the industry of scalp micropigmentation has grown, Mark realized the need for quality training that has led to his latest endeavor, a first-class training program. At the corporate headquarters of the M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Center, approved licensee applicants will learn the art and skill of becoming a professional practitioner in the patented Weston System hair follicle replication.  Licensees will also learn valuable business ethics and principles in the industry of scalp micro pigmentation to become the leaders in this field through the ownership of a Weston Center.

I can personally attest to Mark’s expertise, integrity, and skill. For the prospective licensee, the training program for a licensed Center is the Gold Standard.”

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C. R. Weerasooriya, D.M.D.

“I have known Mark Weston since 2008.  As a Dental Professional specializing in complex and esthetic dentistry, I know the dedication and time it takes to create a vision and philosophy of practice that puts a patient’s best interests first and fuses it with a commitment to clinical excellence.  I have seen these traits and more in Mark Weston.

The foundation of any esthetically driven profession is first to be an artist.  Mark’s artistic talents are founded in classical art mediums like sculpture and painting.  He has translated these innate artistic talents to the field of hair follicle replication.  The end result of what I do and what Mark does is to mimic nature as closely as possible, and his results certainly showcase this.  The technological advancements in dentistry over the past ten years with equipment and materials have greatly improved our chances of recreating nature.  Mark has been a leader in research and development in the scalp pigmentation field.  His creation and patenting of the tattoo needle for replicating the size of a hair follicle has revolutionized what is possible for natural duplication of the human hair follicle.

I consulted with him for assistance in the creation of a tool for dentistry that was needed to improve the quality of life for my patients.  In a very short period of time, he researched and created a tool, which has been successfully implemented in my practice.  This just further highlights that Mark is not only an artist and practitioner but an innovator as well.

In any profession, there are leaders that evolve.  These leaders are typically at the top of their profession and eventually, this leads to them evolving into educators.  They find in themselves the passion to help others see and achieve the highest levels of mastery that are possible.  Mark Weston is one such individual.  His creation of the licensing program to expand the M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Centers throughout the country is a breakthrough for his profession.  I know that I would not have achieved what I have in dentistry without the mentors/educators that inspired me to raise the level of my clinical dentistry.

Mark Weston will be a mentor for an entire generation of his profession.  His knowledge, integrity, and genuine passion for his craft are a true inspiration for not only the practitioners of today but set the stage for the creation of standards for the future of scalp pigmentation and hair follicle replication.

Vernon L. Strickland, Attorney at Law

“Choosing training and licensing for a M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Center for scalp pigmentation is one of the best decisions a future professional in this field can make.  While accreditation procedures exist for many types of educational facilities, the scalp pigmentation industry is largely unsupervised. The decision must be made upon the experience of and background of the instructor and mentor.  Mark Weston is the best pigmentation provider in the country. He is an original pioneer in scalp micropigmentation and has worked on thousands of clients in his private studio, including fixing the botched work done by pigmentation technicians without the proper training.

I have known Mark since 2013.  Mark is the only instructor at The Center, is the developer and patent holder of The Weston System, and knows all the ins and outs of working in and owning and operating a successful facility in this field.  Marks teaches both technique and how an ethical properly licensed scalp pigmentation provider operates in the industry. Like Harvard, you chose a Weston Center because it provides a better learning and licensing opportunity.


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