Jonathan Shockley

Jul 2018

Jonathan Shockley

I got the micropigmentation done with Mark and Mike Pichinte, (new center owner in Southern California) about 6 weeks ago. The experience and results are very good. None of my friends can even tell - that's how natural it looks. I'd gotten a FUE hair transplant a year ago, and I needed to hide some of the many scars in the back, as well as add density to the rest of my scalp. The micropigmentation did just that. And it was remarkably painless. Mike did most of the work (which got me a discount from Mark), but the results were excellent. Both Mark and Mike showed an ability to make the kind of micro adjustments on the fly that are characteristic of those with a good aesthetic sense. After we drew the hairline where I wanted it, Mark made some slight adjustments during the tattooing that added to the naturalness of the hairline. Similarly, Mike did a remarkable job with the blending in different areas of the scalp by making some adjustments (to the point placement/density) that actually added some subtlety to Mark's general guidelines.

Mark's center in Florida is very comfy and everyone was very friendly. The part of town where Mark's center is located is beautiful, right by the beach. I'd like to have stayed a few more days to enjoy it, but it's also a very wealthy town and the hotel (or "rental unit") is $220/night (at least in June), so I limited my stay to 2 days. All in all, happy with the results. I picked The Weston System because of the permanent results of his patented needle, and because of his unequaled experience and longevity in the business. He also has integrity, which is currently a rare quality in the business of scalp micropigmentation. Mike is the licensed owner of the Weston Center in Southern California, so he is an excellent choice for those living on the west coast.


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