Jun 2017


Anytime a person has something done to improve their personal appearance it should be done to promote confidence and to give them a better overall view on life. This is how I feel about the Weston System experience that I had completed nine month ago.

After multiple hair transplant procedures and several scalp reductions done in my 30’s, I was unfortunately left with a bunch of scars all over the top of my head and underneath my hair in the back. By the time I reached my 50’s I found myself having to grow my hair out longer and wear a topical concealer to create the look that I wanted. This was not an easy combination to achieve as I found it hard to participate in things that I enjoyed doing, like swimming, going to the beach and being able to get out of the shower and go quickly like I had done as a young man. On top of all of that I never really felt like the overall appearance was natural, thus I simply wore my hat most of the time. After all of the work I had done, and even having tried hairpieces for a period I still was unhappy about the results.

I decided to research the idea of permanently adding pigment to my scalp to fill in the scar lines from the hair transplants and to allow me to fill in between the grafted hair to give me the appearance of a simple buzz cut. This is exactly what I wanted and I found that result with The Weston System. I did my research and after looking at tons of photos and videos decided to consult with Mark Weston. I found him not only knowledgeable, but also very empathetic about my personal situation. Mark is an artist and told me that he had seen hundreds of guys like me that were unhappy with their hair transplant results. His vote of confidence, along with all of the video evidence made him the right choice for me.

My procedure took a little longer than the average client. Mark was upfront with me about this beforehand. He assured me that the overall result would be spectacular, but that it would take longer to fill in the scars. He was correct, and did the initial work over a weekend where Mark meticulously completed the work. It has now been over 9 months since the original work was done, and I can honestly say this has been life changing for me.

I now feel comfortable in situations where I need to dress up. I feel great about being able to get ready to go somewhere in 10 minutes without wearing long hair and a concealer. Most importantly, the finished result looks completely natural.

I have friends in the hair transplant industry and the hair replacement industry who have verified that for me and told me how great everything looks. I can honestly say, I have never been more confident and I wanted to express my gratitude personally to Mark and his company. “Mark, thank you for being such a great guy and pioneering this procedure into something that finally has become a solution to a 25 year struggle I have had with hair loss.”

I now look forward to checking all kinds of things off of my bucket list as I enter into the golden years. Thanks again.


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