Lloyd Lee

May 2018

In a world riveted by greed and self-aggrandizement it is imperative that one takes the initiative to fully research and understand any method or procedure that if acted upon would ultimately be life changing. As a sufferer of male pattern baldness and finally deciding it was now time to combat the problem I began a six month journey to find the best solution. In my studies I found everything from hair transplants, sprays, and hair pieces for men - none of which I was happy with after further investigation. As I continued my research, I happened to come across a procedure known as SMP or scalp micropigmentation. The more I learned the more I realized this was the type of solution I'd been looking for. However, I discovered there were many companies to choose from, all of which boasted of being the originators of the procedure and the best. This is where the journey really began to unfold. I soon found myself on the phone for weeks at a time talking to just about every single SMP company representative about their method, watching hours and hours of YouTube videos, and reading article after article. I finally made a consultation with HIS Hair Clinic in San Francisco, CA. During the consultation interview I decided they would perform my SMP procedure. During the two hour trip back home I began to question whether or not I'd made the right decision, not to have the treatment done, but if in fact I'd chosen the right company to perform it. In order to be absolutely sure I did a few more hours of research on the Internet.

This is when I stumbled upon Mark Weston. At first, I thought to myself, "Another person and another company claiming to be the best, etc..." However, I've always had critical thinking skills, and being in the medical field it did not take me long to figure out what made this man and his treatment method far more superior than anything else I'd come across. Now, it is extremely important to note that every SMP company stated there would be a multi-season treatment plan. Mark's website insisted only one treatment was necessary - that's a no brainer! Especially, when needless are involved. I had to find out how he could claim such a bold statement when literally no other could accomplish this. I mentioned earlier I'm in the medical field, so when I learned how Mark used his very own patent three point needle system which holds the ink in place and replicates a truly natural looking hair follicle verses the competitors one point needle that cannot hold enough ink, therefore causing multiple sessions it hit me like a pile of bricks, this guy is a genius! No wonder he could claim a one time treatment rather than those consisting of multi- sessions. I've always believed it is easier to do something right the first time than to keep repeating it over and over wrong.

Long story short, I contacted the company and spoke with Mark Weston personally, another point I must mention. Generally speaking, in today's world, one can rarely reach the owner of a company let alone speak to them directly. Speaking with Mark was like talking to an old friend whom you haven't spoken to in years. He was kind, caring and, concerned. He wasn't pushy, nor did he come off as only wanting to depart me away from my green pieces of fiat currency. Furthermore, he answered all my questions in depth and helped me with hotel accommodations. I made the long flight from California to Longboat Key, Florida where I personally met with Mark and the lovely Gale Hartvigsen, both who are as kind as can be. After, the procedure I couldn't have been happier with the results and I have the pictures to prove it. If you're looking for the best in the industry you need not look any further than Mark Weston and The Weston System. Thank you again for restoring both my hair line and my self-confidence.

NOTE:  After this client received the Weston System, he wrote to HIS Hair Clinic to request the return of his deposit.  This is HIS's very unprofessional response to him:

"The industry did not exist until our directors developed it. Mark Weston of The Weston System has deceitfully and fraudulently tried on numerous occasions to take responsibility for being the true originator of SMP. The industry knows him for the dishonest person he truly is, please beware and stay away from his practice at all cost! We have had numerous clients of his come to us for SMP corrections due to his inability to perform the procedure correctly. Also, be aware that his method is tremendously PAINFUL and can damage the scalp."

It's a shame that HIS Hair Clinic has to rely on slander and libel to get business instead of improving their own inferior system.


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