M. D.

Oct 2017

Since I was a teenager I have been worried about getting bald. Was enough just to see my 4 older brothers getting bald when they turned 25 for me to think that will be a nightmare I had to face. I started using many products to prevent the baldness as shampoos, medicines, homemade recipes, laser comb, etc. I can’t even remember how much money I dumped to the garbage because none of those things worked. For those who suffer of baldness I am completely sure that you understand how I feel. Yeah, it can be only hair, but when you are losing it, you feel insecure, old, that something is missing from you. Other people will tell you, “you look great being bald”, “It’s not that terrible”, “bald guys are sexy” and many more things just to try to be nice with you and because they are not suffering of baldness. lt started 3 years ago doing my research about a solution for this issue that was driving me crazy. Follicular Unit Implant (FUI) was my first choice. The procedure is very expensive, you have to wait approximately one year for hair to start growing, your head will look terrible until then and you might need to wear a hat until you see a bit of hair growing. If you are missing some hair in a small spot on your head, this procedure can be a solution, when your baldness is on 50% of your scalp, this won’t be a good answer. A friend told me about pigmentation hair. I went online to look what was this about.

I got in touch with 2 of the biggest companies who claimed to be the best in the world. I don’t want to mention any names, but one of them based in Minneapolis asked for $4500 without even seeing my pictures and what procedure I needed; of course they made it clear if I needed an extra appointment will cost $800 or more. I told them I was going to think about it. I kept receiving phone calls every single week for 2 months from that company pushing me to decide, this kind a gave me a wrong message from this specific company, if you are that great you shouldn’t go after customers to get business. The second one based in UK with offices in Miami, NY and Houston was very hard to reach. After sending the pictures you have to wait until somebody that’s not even going to be the one to perform the procedure, will tell you what do you need and how much it will be. Another person will call you for an appointment on Facebook or Skype to give you a simulation and how many sessions will you require, at least 2 sessions from $3600 and any extras you need will cost $850 per session. Once you decide then you will have an appointment in the city that you choose to get in touch with their staff there. I didn’t keep following their steps because was too much and you don’t even know who is going to take care of your scalp.

I wanted to give up with this procedure as well until I found The Weston System. I read about the owner’s experience, knowledge, that he was actually who developed the technique and the ink that doesn’t fade and change the color with the time on your scalp. Then I called to their main office in Florida. Gale answered the phone, she was extremely nice and helpful, she answered all my questions, she was quick answering my emails and following up with my procedure. I told her I was going to think about and I will get in touch.

It took me almost 2 years to get back to them, while I was wondering if I should do this. I never felt pushed by them with phone calls every week or trying to convince me to do the procedure with them because they are the best. Finally I was ready to go, in my opinion and based on my research they are definitely the best. I couldn’t feel any better. Mark was wonderful, he made me feel very comfortable through the session. What an amazing job the one that he did on me. I look probably 10 years younger. Nobody, absolutely nobody can tell that what I have is pigmentation hair. I honestly look like I shaved my head and have all my natural hairline. I get many compliments about the way it looks and how well done the work was done. The Weston System prices are the most reasonable and I can testify that The Weston Centers will do the best to make you feel secure about your looks again.


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