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Scalp Micropigmentation Reviews

Our scalp micropigmentation reviews are all written by actual clients accompanied with their after photo. These clients are not paid endorsers, nor were they offered a complimentary procedure in exchange for their review. Please enjoy reading through our clients’ numerous stories and their path to The Weston Centers.  You are sure to find someone’s story that will identify with your own hair loss situation.

The archived reviews date back to 2009 and all these clients have received Weston’s one appointment, one session and one-time only application.  The Weston System® (previously the ACHM2®) is in fact a one-session, permanent procedure and these reviews prove that Weston’s method stands the test of time.  Say NO to multi-sessions!

A month ago, Mark Weston performed his magic on my head. I could not be more pleased with his work. His patented system is the only way to go for scalp micropigmentation. It’s a one time procedure and is permanent. I researched scalp micropigmentation for months to find the best, I found it! Other scalp […]

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It has been a full year since I got scalp micropigmentation from Mark Weston. Still looking good as the day it was done! His skill is top notch and the process and outcomes were exactly as he described during our counseling discussions prior to starting the work. I investigated and did a lot of research […]

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Weston System - World's Best!  Really if you ever have a need for scalp micropigmentation, don’t doubt for a second to call Mark Weston, he is for sure the best by far, plus he takes what he does really seriously and you can tell he loves what he does.  He is not just any guying […]

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