Nov 2016


In October 2016 I traveled to Florida to undergo a scalp micropigmentation procedure known as “The Weston System” from the M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Center. Upon my arrival, I met with Mark Weston, whom developed and patented this unique procedure  Both Mark and Gale were very professional and understanding in reference to the type of questions that one would ask having a procedure such as this one and genuinely treated myself and my wife warmly like we were family

Afterwards, I was off to the studio to sit down and start the procedure. Finally, after thirty eight years, the scars from a hair transplant were going to be taken away by Mark using his patented procedure. After a period of time we took a break from the process. As I arose from the chair and looked into the mirror I was elated to see who was staring back at me! Instead of a bald man to look at, I was gazing upon my head beginning to take form of a man with a buzz cut! I was shocked to see after years of bad decisions that I made starting with my initial hair transplant, hair Fusions and hair Systems that I was liberated in a matter of several hours by Mark utilizing his talent and his patented system. I recommend this procedure and Mark highly to anyone who is experiencing any form of male pattern baldness! Save yourself a lot of frustration, time and money and do it right the first time! Mark & Gale, thank you!


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