Oct 2017


Just a note to say again, thanks so much for your great service! I’m at Ft Bliss now, shipping out tomorrow for the Middle East. When my wife came home from her Florida trip with her girlfriends, she said, “Wow, it really just looks like you buzzed your hair!” So, happy to be done with concealers (but probably not as happy as she is — she hated the way it was all over everything – bedding, sinks, floors, tubs, etc., even when I thought I cleaned it up pretty well).

I’ve been doing everything you said – limiting activity the first 10 days, baby shampoo, and now moisturizing and using sunblock. That was really important this week, as on equipment day, we were out in the El Paso sun a lot. Anyway, just wanted to give you a progress report and again thank you so much for this valuable service!


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