Sam Diaz

Nov 2017

My nightmare started by my late 20s when my hairline started receding. I was always proud of the way i looked specially my hair. I have an outgoing personality and I have always been popular among my friends and specially among women. I assume due to my charm and good looks. By my late 30s, the volume of my hair decreased considerably. I tried concealers, Rogaine, Minoxidil, thickening shampoos, Toppik fibers, visiting doctors, taking vitamins, applying solutions to my scalp, massages…you name it! Unfortunately, nothing worked and as time went by the loss of hair was more noticeable. I wore a hat for the next years and my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I am one of the biggest hat collectors in this country! all kind of shapes, colors, brands etc. None of the products in the market helped me solve the problem of hair loss. For me to lose my hair implied losing part of my freedom, my personality, my self-esteem. During my research (I never quit looking for alternatives, I thought with technology good things will come!) I came across with 2 solutions that apparently were leading in the market: FUE & micropigmentation. I started looking for PROS & CONS. None of the results I have seen with FUE gave me the confidence to do it and the results were not guaranteed at all. I didn't want to take chances of getting my hair full of scars either. So, I rejected it right away. Then I started I started researching micropigmentation looking at results, pics, reviews. Found mixed opinions. I came to the conclusion that results will depend on the service provider, I found good, bad and fair results in my research. I also checked at the risks with this treatment. Next, I started narrowing down providers. Some of them require several treatments which means additional time, expenses, etc. in order to get a final result. I found a review on Mark Weston (ONE TIME PROCEDURE!). I reviewed his YouTube channel, saw pictures, testimonials. Noticed he had good reviews and he seemed to be a dedicated investigator and practitioner in this area. I looked at his videos and explanations. No secrets hidden. I checked some companies trashing him, I asked myself why? That challenged me. I decided to give him a call for an initial consultation. He asked some questions and requested pics. He answered my questions and I felt really comfortable. I decided to end my nightmare right there! I made an appointment and travelled to the location. I have read that Mr. Weston's facilities were not convenient for the kind of treatment and some other negative remarks regarding his work. He advised me about staying at a local hotel the night before close to his office. The hotel was located a mile away. It was a nice, relaxing resort. When I got there, I noticed his office is well maintained, clean, quiet, with open spaces, well lite. His wife Gale greeted us and took us to the prep area/consult room. When I got there, I felt I made the right choice. Once there Mr. Weston checked my hair and scalp and gave me the ok for the treatment. (I followed the instructions provided before the treatment and everything looked good.) He drew the front line where it should be. He marked the area and started working on my hair.

I noticed he used some special NEEDLES and lots of pigments he had developed (all that explained in his videos) I was curious since all was new to me. I didn’t even have a tattoo before! He had some soft music while working. He is a patient guy, he takes his time. He talks about different topics while working...made the whole procedure go by fast! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He worked for hours and always with patience, taking breaks every 15 minutes to see how the work was going and seeing how your life was changing! It started around 9 am and about 3pm we were done. In less than a 20-year nightmare was over! Once done, I received instructions to take care for the first weeks. Basically, you can do all normal stuff. My advice to people looking to have the treatment done and have doubts about Mr. Weston or his treatment, go there with no doubts. It’s been 3 months since my treatment. I am very pleased with the results. Should have done it sooner! I am a socially active person again...back to being myself again. I am enjoying life more. like to go out, buy new clothes, be out and around…thanks to Mr. Weston! I thank Mr. Weston for everything he has done for me. His impeccable work, attention to detail. He is a man of his word. If you are considering this treatment and has a doubt, do not hesitate to contact me to clarify anything as a recipient of this great treatment. Thanks to all!


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