Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Transplant Repair

The Weston System® Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Transplant Repair Gallery

Both adding density to an existing hair transplant and camouflaging donor scars, The Weston System is a one-session appointment only.  As with our other galleries, all these photos were taken immediately after the completion of the pigmentation.  All photos are before shampooing of the scalp to remove excess pigment.  Redness occurs and dissipates within 24 to 48 hours.  The final blending and curing of the color can be seen as early as one week to 4 weeks depending on the man’s individual skin type, condition and severity of scarring.  To view final results, please see our long-term results gallery.*”Results may vary from person to person.”

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One Session Only Permanent Application,  No Multi-Sessions!  
The World’s Only Patented Scalp Micropigmentation System
No Required Touchups Or Mandatory Reapplications
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