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When You Arrive for Your Weston System® Hair Loss Treatment

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Unlike the multi-session methods, it’s important to know that The Weston System is a one-appointment application only. Upon arrival at any of our Weston Centers, you will be welcomed into a friendly and highly relaxing environment, even though it is a medical clinic setting. You will consult directly with the artist and owner of that Weston Center location. You will then complete a client questionnaire and disclosure that will be thoroughly reviewed with you. As we service many high profile clients, confidentiality, discretion and privacy is mandatory and The Weston System scalp micropigmentation procedure is performed in confidential, private and sterilized procedure rooms.

The Weston System requires that you buzz your hair (not blade shave) to a length of not more than 1/16th of an inch for the application. There is no deviation from this requirement. This is to assure the most professional application possible without having to work through hair. This patented system was developed to be applied in this fashion as a one-time, one appointment only, permanent application. In some cases, the client may be able to re-grow their hair out.

The Weston System Process

The Weston Center artist will locate and define your original hairline which will be re-established with an “age adjustment” (recommended). By taking into consideration your natural skin tone and hair color, our own specially-formulated SMART Pigments™ will be chosen and mixed to match your natural hair color for your individual and personal look. Each client receives a custom color mix derived from the base SMART Pigments color compounds.

By placing follicle-sized points into the skin on the scalp with Weston’s patented needles, your remaining natural growth density will be accurately and naturally matched. This will also create a much softer hairline by graduating replicated density and non-symmetry along the frontal hairline. The replicated follicular units will be blended down into your existing hair (not the entire scalp unless you have Alopecia) to complete a finished and natural look. We are always compassionate and concerned about how you will look now, as well as in the future, as you age.

The Weston System’s hair loss treatment requires you to keep your hair closely buzzed and is designed to look its best with a day or two’s hair growth, like a five o’clock shadow.

The Weston System Healing Process

Since The Weston System is a one session only application, the below photos show the progression of the curing of the pigment to its final color and blending. As you will notice, the pigment seems particularly dark and the hairline very sharp and defined. It is only after six weeks that the pigment cures to its final color to match the client’s natural hair. The hairline also dramatically softens in this time frame. To see healed and cured results from as far back as seven years, please visit our Long-Term Results Gallery.

man's scalp with correction of another company's faded scalp micropigmentation
man's scalp before weston system
Man immedaitely after Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation
The hairline appears sharp and defined Immediately after the application.
Man after three days Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation
After as little as three days, the SMART Pigments are already softening to match his natural hair and eyebrow color.
Man after three weeks Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation
Reaching its full curing and blending after three weeks, The Weston System has now mellowed and the hairline has reached its natural soft effect.
Man before and after Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation
It is nearly impossible to detect the re-created areas unless examined by touch.

The Weston System Scalp Pigmentation Duration

On average, the application procedure will take from two to six hours, depending on the actual hair loss, skin type/texture and the area to be blended. Most procedures are completed in one full day, with the exception for some clients with extreme hair loss or extensive hair transplant scarring. These clients that require additional work will return the following day for several hours of completion. Upon completion, The Weston System requires no routine or mandatory touchups.

This hair restoration system is a complex and delicate procedure. You will be advised of the time frame needed for your particular case at the time of your reservation.

Scalp Micropigmentation Post Procedure

Because of the micron size of the Weston needles, the healing process is about a week, with some clients healing in just a few days. Any redness from irritation will subside within 24 to 48 hours. The application areas will look darker and/or possibly blotchy until the full SMART Pigments curing process is complete (varying per person from 2 to 4 weeks), and the color is designed to cure (not to be confused with fading) a few shades lighter than initially applied. The hairline will appear more pronounced immediately post procedure, but will soften to expose its natural subtleness in a week or two. You will normally be able to return to your regular schedule the next day, as there is no down time.

The Weston System lasts a lifetime and you will not have to bear the financial burden of repeated monthly or annually scheduled reapplications or touchups. The only upkeep is that you keep your own hair tightly buzzed, so a natural-looking transition is made from replicated follicles to your natural remaining hair. Also refraining from repeated sunburns will keep your application fresh-looking for years to come.

HAIR TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS: Depending on the severity of scarring, it is not possible to undo what a surgeon has already done. Recipient and donor areas can be camouflaged, but the actual scarring cannot be completely concealed in some cases.  Cosmetic surgery is the only solution to completely remove scarring. Unfortunately, scalp micropigmentation or head tattooing cannot help these cases.

Man before and after Weston System Scalp Micropigmentation
The Weston System enlarged many times shown immediately after. Points appear larger because of excess pigment lying on the scalp before shampooing.
Pictures of razors

Never use a foil, rotary or “Bic” type razor on your scalp with The Weston System.

man with lost hair
This is an example of not keeping hair cut
down to match the pigmentation.

Aftercare Specific To The Weston System

It is very important that you do not follow generic instructions associated with multi-session applications that might be found on the Internet. The Weston System requires very different aftercare as there is no danger of washing away the SMART Pigments. You may take your normal shower and shampoo your scalp immediately the evening of the application, then once per day for 5 days while showering.

After 5 days, you can then return to your routine showering schedule and you are safe to re-buzz your hair in about a week. The Weston System requires you keep your hair cut to a length of 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch with balding clippers. It can take from two to four weeks for the pigment to cure to its final color.


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