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The Weston System®

The World’s Only One-Session Patented System

NOTE:  No outside trainee applicants are accepted, only those whom wish to become a licensed Weston Center.  Persons with previous tattoo experience, permanent cosmetics and SMP-MS technicians from other companies are not eligible.

Mark Weston - Founder of Mark Weston Hair
Join the movement! You will be personally trained, mentored and apprenticed under Mark Weston with The Weston System.

My name is Mark Weston and I have been in the tattooing field since 1976 and I was the first in the USA in early 2009 to offer scalp micropigmentation as a full-time business. As you may or may not know, I am also the only provider in the world that has researched and developed a specific needle and application method for scalp micropigmentation that results in a one-session and permanent application. Because of this, I have patented my needle and application method and this remains the world’s only patent in this field. I never refer to my System as the generic term of "SMP;" but The Weston System which is exclusively different from the SMP-MS (scalp micropigmentation multi-session) methods.

All other training that is available today for scalp micropigmentation is exclusively the multi-session method. SMP-MS is the method that I have proven in my demonstration video that does not work and why. So why waste your time and money to learn a method that is increasingly becoming disfavored with a rapidly decreasing demand?

I receive dozens of emails and phone calls each month from customers relaying their frustrations to me regarding multi-session applications; setback after setback and application after re-application. Complaints of pigment fading, extended extra sessions and unanticipated costs for extra “sessions.” Customers complain of taking months to complete all their sessions, only to have the final result fade shortly thereafter in a few months. Potential recipients of scalp micropigmentation are now understanding that the SMP-MS method just doesn’t work and are recognizing The Weston System as the intelligent choice.


NOTE:  No outside trainee applicants are accepted, only those whom wish to become a licensed Weston Center.  Please request our Prospective Licensee Information Questionnaire.  You will be trained in and licensed to use the Weston patented system and SMART Pigments®. Other “licensing” opportunities offer no intellectual property. See more in Join Our Team.

Geographical Protection

Geographical locations are protected by determination based on location and population. All Weston Centers will be in or in close proximity of major cities, and each Center has the option to accommodate numerous artists.

If one Center cannot accommodate all the business, these centers will be given the first right of refusal to either expand their present location or open an additional location, keeping the locations the same licensed owner. If they prefer not to, corporate will open either a company-owned center or license to another applicant. However, geographical location will always be a high priority so that it does not infringe on an existing location. Unlike other providers, there will not be numerous locations competing with each other within a short proximity.

Applicant Selection Process

The selection of new M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Center licensees is an important decision involving an extensive interview/approval process. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each licensee possesses the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication that are required in the market of scalp micropigmentation and to represent The Weston System as a premier artist.

In The Weston System, the selection of the best people followed by a comprehensive training program, apprenticing and ongoing operational and marketing support will allow the Weston Centers to continue their individual expansion and become the preferred and leading scalp micropigmentation company in the world.

The acceptance of an application should not be construed as an approval or future guarantee of becoming an M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration licensee. Potential Licensees shall complete a detailed questionnaire and background check.

* All M. Weston Centers are required to be stand-alone businesses; not coupled with any other cosmetic treatments or offerings. Waiver of this requirement by special request for separate areas utilized exclusively for The Weston System will be considered.

Personal Training By Patent Developer/Owner Mark Weston

PHASE ONE - Personal Training

Accepted Licensees are required to personally attend the training course at the M. Weston Education Center in Fort Myers, Florida to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for eventually mastering The Weston System. Students will then be trained on Weston’s patented scalp pigmentation application method; to include proper hand and arm position, muscle control, angle of insertion on different areas of the scalp, proper needle depth, proximity of replicated follicular unit points (too sparse, too close), determining the natural hairline and other trade secrets.

PHASE TWO - Distance Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship training combines further practical skills development with levels of technical training. Students will be supplied with The Weston System’s own specialty-made surgical quality artificial Weston Scalp Skin. With little differences as compared to living scalp skin, Weston Scalp Skin permits the student to experience a close resemblance to the real thing in the form of a superior training aid.

This Weston artificial simulation skin help students master their technique, dexterity and confidence before they apply scalp pigmentation for the first time on an actual person.  Weston’s regular inspection of the student’s simulated skin will be graded on the student’s advancement in mastering Weston’s patented application. Distance apprenticeships are 2-6 months, depending on the advancement of the student’s skills. Students can complete the apprenticeship sooner if they are motivated.

A one-year probationary period is required for all new Licensees.  During this time, Licensee understands that M. Weston must pre-approve ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS as to judge the level of experience needed for a satisfactory outcome of The Weston System.  At no time, shall Licensee accept clients before consulting with M. Weston during the probationary period.

PHASE THREE - Hands-On Apprenticeship

Once completed, Licensees are required to return to the Corporate training center for an additional apprenticeship directly under Mr. Weston to complete actual hands-on on live clients.

On-Going Support

Mark Weston’s dual role is also the manager of business development (MBD). Weston will continue to be the direct link to our Licensees through frequent conference calls and on-site visits. In addition to Weston’s function of providing experienced and knowledgeable feedback and guidance, Weston also ensures that our standards of product quality, value and cleanliness of each Center and customer service are consistently met in all locations. Quality control and compliance are of utmost importance.

Initial Licensing Fee Includes:

  • Five day’s base training at the M. Weston Educational Center in Fort Myers, Florida
  • Two to six months of apprenticing under Mr. Weston
  • Supervision by Weston overseeing trainees applying The Weston System on live clients
  • Equipment required for The Weston System:
  • Procedure Chair
  • Artist’s Chair
  • Weston System machine, needles and SMART Pigments

Additional Equipment/Materials:

  • Signage (interior and window/door)
  • Promotional materials
  • The Weston System Instruction/Operations Manual
  • Operational Forms
  • Right to use registered trademarks
  • Right to use The Weston System patent
  • Right to use copywritten photos and videos
  • Support from corporate office/Mark Weston
  • Monthly professional SEO
  • Continued promotion to include press releases and social media
  • Corporate website and social media sites
  • Corporate phone number for sales and pricing
  • Corporate email
  • Assisting of establishment and setup of Center with Corporate office
  • Assistance with Center location, local zoning and health department licensing


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