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Early History Of Scalp Micropigmentation Pigments

In 1984, Weston created a line of natural colored pigments containing all vegan (no animal by-products) ingredients for permanent cosmetics for women. After utilizing commercially-made semi-permanent cosmetic pigments and seeing that they changed color to blues and greens over time, he was always trying to correct the colors. Weston took what he learned from apprenticing under a master tattoo artist in Hong Kong while in the Navy in the late 1970’s. He applied his “old school” knowledge to developing shades of colors derived from all vegan-based powders and vegan carriers that would not turn to the blues and greens as cosmetic pigments and regular tattoo inks.  None of Weston’s pigments contain any carcinogens.


Weston Smart Pigments

Arrival Of SMART Pigments® January 2010

These same colored pigments that were developed by Weston for his permanent cosmetic line turned out to be almost perfect for scalp and hairline tattoos.  Weston had seen the results and longevity of these vegan pigments since 1984, and with a few minor additions and changes, these colored pigments were further enhanced for use on the scalp only.  An important addition was the anti-shine component that results in a natural-looking matte finish without scalp shine.

SMART Pigments® are a composite blend and individually mixed from base colors to match your own existing hair color and to compliment your natural skin undertone. These unique scalp micropigmentation pigments are permanent lasting a lifetime, but were engineered to continually naturally blend should your own hair start to gray in later years. In addition, should your skin tone change in years to come, the SMART Pigments® will always compliment your skin tone.

Other scalp micropigmentation providers claim that their pigments/inks are natural, organic, hypo-allergenic, specially made, etc.  But the truth is that these companies don’t really have a clue what is in the pigments they are putting under your scalp skin.  Please read What is Really in That Scalp Micropigmentation Pigment?

Leopard and Dog tattoos
These tattoos were done by Weston in 1996 utilizing the same base pigment formula that is now used in our colored SMART Pigments®. The leopard proudly displays herself on the arm of Weston’s own brother, while the Rottie remains on the lower back of a family friend. The colors have been retained with little fading or aging for almost 20 years.

Advantages Of SMART PigmentsSM

Tattooing a color into living tissue that has color of its own will ultimately produce a different end version of the pigment color used when healed. Proper identification of skin undertones is a crucial factor required for a long-term natural color effect. These pigments go beyond organic, all ingredients are vegan (no animal by-products), so these color pigments do not contain any heavy metals nor do they contain blue and other off-color additives that will turn color as standard commercial tattoo inks and cosmetic pigments do. In addition, the scalp skin is entirely different than any other place on the body and accepts pigment differently.

Some other providers’ methods require that you blade shave your head daily for upkeep with no consideration of the amount of natural hair you have left, or its’ natural color. Your head is then pigmented exclusively with a gray shade only to mimic the look of a blade shaven scalp. You may also be required to have your entire scalp pigmented. With the SMART Pigments®, you retain your individuality with own hair and its’ color is custom matched for a buzz-cut look.  You may see samples of these natural colors by visiting  The Weston Difference.  These base twenty colors are custom mixed into over 200 shades.

  • Specifically developed for use on scalp only
  • Individually mixed for your hair color and skin undertone
  • Permanent lasting a lifetime with no touchups nor reapplications
  • Engineered to naturally age with you
  • Complimentary with gray hair
  • All vegan ingredients
  • No blade shaving required
  • Anti-shine agents
FDA Logo

Mark Weston has been working with the FDA to voluntarily register these pigments in order to become the standard for future federal regulations. Our goal is to set the standard by which all other pigments used for scalp micro-pigmentation must legally comply. However, the FDA moves very slowly and we are into our seventh year communicating with the FDA.


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