Field Accomplishments & History

M. Weston’s Scalp Pigmentation Field Accomplishments & History

Mark Weston has been contributing to the field of scalp pigmentation since early 2009. No other company or individual can claim more accomplishments to this field than Weston. Weston’s decades of extensive experience contributes to his professional level of knowledge in this field.

The First Hair Micropigmentation – Early 2009

Weston performed his first hair micropigmentation in the United States in 1989 when a friend approached him with the request of tattooing hair stubble on his balding head. Utilizing the conventional tattoo equipment available at that time, the hair stubble look was created. Before long, he had more requests for that same stubble look. Weston realized the need to help men with their thinning hair was important to their image and self-confidence. In 2007, while owning and operating his third fine art tattoo studio (Artistry Concepts), Weston began the formal pioneering work in the field of scalp micropgmentation, or head tattooing.

The industry was in its infancy, but Weston realized that there was much that could be improved. Ceasing any further micropigmentation procedures, Weston took the lead by researching and engineering the next level of quality and precision instruments.

Weston was the first in the United States to offer scalp micropigmentation as a full-time business in early 2009. While some other companies claim they were the first, please visit this blog article to read more about the actual timeline.


The First Generation ACHMTM – October 2009

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Hair Tattoo

Mark Weston created a needle that was even smaller than what was available from tattoo and permanent cosmetic supply houses. Weston became the first and only person to research and develop a specific needle for scalp pigmentation, and still remains so to this date.

Weston proceeded to develop proprietary equipment to accommodate this new, smaller needle size. Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method (ACHMTM) was born. The ACHM results were astonishing and this first generation ACHM remained in application until November of 2009

Arrival Of The ACHM2®– December 2009 – Needle And Method Filed For Patenting

Never resting on his laurels, Weston perfected his application technique with greatly refined equipment in order to replicate the most realistic hair follicles possible for hair micropigmentation. Engineering an even tinier needle, he also developed a unique application method and equipment that resulted in the ACHM2® in December of 2009. This unique application method created a much softer hairline by graduating replicated density and non-symmetry along the frontal hairline, which results in a superior, natural look.

To protect his research and refinement, the ACHM2® was filed for patenting and trademarking. After six long years, the USPTO patent for the ACHM2® needle was formally issued in July of 2015. This system is now known as The Weston System®.


Arrival Of SMART Pigments® With Anti-Shine – January 2010

Mark Weston Signature Series Ink

In 1984, Weston created a line of women’s permanent cosmetics, consisting of natural, organic colored pigments. After utilizing commercially-made semi-permanent cosmetic pigments and seeing that they changed color to blues and greens over time, he spent countless hours trying to correct the colors.

His inspiration came from his past experience, when he apprenticed under a master tattoo artist from Hong Kong when Weston served in the Navy in the late 1970s. He soon developed shades of colors derived from an organically-based powder that would not turn to the blues and greens as did cosmetic pigments and regular tattoo inks. These colored pigments were developed by Weston for his permanent cosmetic line and turned out to be almost perfect for hair micropigmentation. Weston had seen the results and longevity of these pigments since 1984, and with a few minor additions and changes, these pigments were further engineered for use on the scalp only. An important addition was the anti-shine component that results in a natural-looking matte finish without the unwanted scalp shine.

SMART Pigments® are a composite blend and individually mixed to match each client’s own existing hair color, as well as complimenting their natural skin undertone. These unique scalp micropigmentation pigments are permanent, lasting 20 years or more, but were engineered to continually naturally blend should a client’s own hair start to gray in later years. In addition, the SMART Pigments® will always compliment the skin tone, even if one’s natural skin tone changes in the future.

International Board Of Medicine And Surgery Accreditation – November 2010

Because of his extensive research and development in the scalp pigmentation field, Weston became the first tattoo artist to be accepted into the prestigious International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS). He was personally invited by Dr. David P. Kalin, the founder and CEO of IBMS to be listed under Medical Professional.


FDA Approval

Weston has been working with the FDA for a number of years to formally register these pigments in order to become the standard for future federal regulations. His goal is to set the standard by which all other pigments used for scalp micro-pigmentation must legally comply.


Patent Issued For Tattoo Needle For Replication Of Hair Follicular Units & Method For Using Same – JULY 2015

Scalp Micropigmentation Patented Needles

The ACHM2® needle and application method was filed for patenting in December 2009, and the patent was issued on July 7, 2015. Weston is the only scalp pigmentation artist in the world that holds a patent for a needle specifically engineered for hair follicular replication for scalp pigmentation as well as the method for using same for application to the scalp. You may read the specific findings of the USPTO on these patented needles. This patent now trades under the name of The Weston System.

Regulation Spearheading – July 2015 To Present

Weston continues to lead the field by prompting and initiating regulations for scalp pigmentation. The rapid evolving and popularity of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss throughout the world has resulted in the emergence of many improperly trained individuals administering these procedures. Due to the high financial return for practitioners, some are seducing customers through false and misleading claims without the necessary training.

The future purpose should be to empower scalp pigmentation consumers through education, truthful and accurate information, awareness and compensation. Unethical companies who practice false claims must disclose their research, scientific findings based on experience and research and backed by clear demonstration of same. Regulations need to be instigated to protect consumers.

The argument that scalp pigmentation does not require specialized equipment or training should be examined closely as a regulated industry and should support approved and mandated training facilities. The technician performing scalp pigmentation must have completed a governmental approved training course. In the alternative, the future technician must obtain specific apprenticeship training or experience at the table (hands on) under the supervision of an appropriately trained or experienced scalp pigmentation artist for a minimum period. Training must include required instruction in local health laws and sterilization practices. Other areas would relate to approved and regulated scalp-only pigments by various country’s governmental agencies.

M. Weston Educational Center – November 2015 – Mastership Training In Scalp Pigmentation

Hair Micropigmentation

Late in 2015, Weston’s company took its first steps toward expansion with the introduction of the M. Weston Educational Center for hair micropigmentation training. Physically unable to accomodate the thousands of clients requesting his services, Weston decided to extend his knowledge and experience to potential technicians requesting to learn The Weston System. Now, this patented system and training is available only to those persons whom are approved as team leaders under the Weston Licensing Agreement.

Membership In The American Hair Loss Council – 2017

Mark Weston has been approved for membership by the AHLC Board due to his high profile in the scalp micropigmentation field, integrity and reputation, as well as the developer and holder of a patent in this field. Weston remains the only provider in this field that has been approved for membership.



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