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Mark Weston – The First Scalp Micropigmentation Innovator In USA

Mark Weston

Coupled with his desire and compassion to help people, no other person or company can claim more experience and contributions to the field of scalp micropigmentation, i.e. head tattooing, than Mark Weston. Much of his research and findings have been published, some of which you may view in the Blog Collection. With his devotion to the industry, his desire for research and development, as well as his quest for innovation, Weston is the leading educator in this field and is the foremost pioneer in the scalp micropigmentation field. Please read Who Started Scalp Micropigmentation in the USA?

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1961, Mark has always had a love for art. At age 13, Weston was being paid for custom pinstriping work. Soon, he added to his resume with murals, airbrushing, sign painting & lettering, carved wood, glass and stone.

Providing custom pinstriping for Queen Elizabeth’s Rolls Royce in the mid 1980’s, artwork for cast members of M.A.S.H. and other celebrities, Mark’s skills became highly desired. Weston’s custom etched glasswork also appeared on the National Geographic Channel as it adorns the entryway to the Peterbilt Truck Factory in Denton, Texas.

Mark Weston Certificate of Membership
Weston is the first scalp micropigmentation artist to be approved for membership in the American Hair Loss Council.
Weston is also a gold certification member of the International Board of Medicine and Surgery since 2010.

Mark’s Experience

While in the Navy in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Mark Weston learned cosmetic and fine art tattooing from Asian tattoo master, Pinkey Lee, in Hong Kong. Weston apprenticed under Mr. Lee where he was taught the art of custom needle making, the science of organic pigments and tattoo machine building. For decades, Mark Weston had perfected this art and he has owned and operated several fine art tattoo studios before founding Artistry Concepts, LLC in 2006.

Mark Weston navy tattoos
Weston was introduced to tattooing while in the Navy at port in Hong Kong. He received his first tattoos while on shore leave in the 1970’s at the age of sixteen.

His wide range of experience, commencing in 1996 in the medical tattooing field, included areola repigmentation for breast cancer survivors, vitiglio repigmentation and scar camouflage. Later he concentrated on micropigmentation (permanent cosmetics) and scalp pigmentation. Weston was one of the first in the United States to tattoo the universal diabetic symbol on the wrist of a diabetic client. For more history and Weston’s artwork, please visit Early History.

Mark Weston is now a world-renowned expert in the scalp micropigmentation field, researching and developing a specialized medical tattoo method, equipment, supplies and pigments to replicate hair follicles. Weston developed and holds a patent for scalp micropigmentation needles and application method.

Mark Weston Next to a CarHong Kong
Mark Weston at Age 5


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